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Friday, 31 December 2010


Ok, so I'm a day late but come on; are you going to be so picky?
So the Hiatus is over and now it's coming to a new time, the new year is upon us and stuff has gotta change. Ok, I get it but let's make a check list because if we don't I'm sorry I won't remember...

  1. More Views
  2. More Comments
  3. More sick stories! 
So, seems like a good old list. I know what my New Years Resolution is this year and it is:


 Well, now you know I'm back and ready for action...

Saturday, 25 December 2010


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Okay, so Hiatus is off as it's christmas day and I know some people will get bored during the day and check the computers, here I am dishing you a dose of Christmas-y Spartans... So, okay, festive chaos. Anyway, the glassing of Reach happens before Christmas so this is a non-canon part of POR. However, see if you can guess what's going on...)

Reach Time: 00:01
Date: 25th December 2552 - Christmas Day
Location: UNSC Storm Control; Warrant Officer Orso's Quarters

 I hadn't been asleep that long with all the noise from the lower decks, I'd stayed up thinking to myself instead. The racket would have made it impossible to sleep anyway but I thought to myself about the lights and the trees and the cheer that was going on around Storm Control. I couldn't help but feel warm about the fact such an ancient archaic holiday could actually bring everyone together; I mean, we sat to eat with ODST troopers and Cyph3r behaved. A rare occasion.

 Once my train of thoughts had stopped though and I'd cleared my mind I tried to make my way to sleep, not long after finding my way though; Cyph3r on the dot of 1 minute past midnight stormed into my room and screamed at the top of his lungs: "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
 After the initial shock of the surreal image of Cyph3r in his boxer shorts screaming in my room, my eyes adjusted to the dark and I could see the others were all in the door way: Rodriguez stacked high with presents; Johnathon trying to act cool and pretend he wasn't excited; Cyph3r still dancing about half naked; and two others stood at the door way...

Xiang stared intently...

 The two others Renuku and Turner stood back, estranged not sure as to what to say really but nonetheless looking merry Renuku rubbing his bald head and Turner beaming a stupid grin. "SANTA'S CAME TO TOWN BOYS AND GIRLS!" yelled Cyph3r a bottle of Jack in one hand and somehow six glasses in the other "Dish out the presents big boy and let's get the drink flowing!" I'd never seen Cyph3r so excited for anything as much as he was for this, he helped Rodders put out piles of presents although small but piles all the same neatly by alphabetical order even. So he was first, of course.

And Xiang soon let out a tear of joy as she watched the childish antics of her lover unfold...

 "Ok, everyone, one at a time..." said Cyph3r explaining the rules " Renuku get over here!" he yelled pulling the dark skinned individual to the circle. "C'mon!" Renuku watched his commander and sat beside inbetween him and Rodriguez an intimidating place but he saw nothing of it and looked around, seeming unsure. "I don't know if I should do this y'know..." he murmured anxiously "But I don't-"
"Oh be quiet, hippy, they're presents open them.!"

 Xiang laughed to herself watching it unfold as Renuku had present upon present shoved on him by all of us, laughing and joking.

We'd been sensitive, we'd got him things we knew he'd like, things that would remind him of his home; native art, music and even a strange instrument which none of us could figure how to play. He seemed overjoyed and I felt warm just watching, looking at one of the presents Cyph3r had gotten me. "Ok," I gulped opening the top of the lid with great excitement...
 My face was black with soot as the parcel exploded but left a huge weight in my hands, Cyph3r was laughing repeating "I got you Bear!" over and over and I examined what i had in hand. A smile crept across my face; it was a picture of all of us, armour on but helmets off smiling and me squirming as Turner continously pinched my bum to make me ruin the photo. I giggled. And then Muse company arrived.

 Even Xiang raised an eyebrow...

"Anybody know somebody who'd like to kiss a girl under the mistletoe?" Tanja purred seductively to a chorus of responses but I sat quiet. The rest of Muse Company followed all wearing the same skimpy Santa's little helper garbs; red, revealing, white trim and most of all probably one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen and as she swayed towards me holding the mistletoe over our heads. I felt my heart in my throat. Thumping away to pump blood to certain areas; one not being my brain as I couldn't even put a sentence together...

She kissed me and Xiang wolf whistled as I lingered for a second, both of us smiling at one and other "Good stuff poo-head." laughed Tanja as the rest of the girls came in "Pick a boy ladies they're on me!" Flocking in they each chose but Cyph3r, with all his will and might resisted temptation and got up. "We'll open more presents later guys, but now there's a  very naughty girl upstairs waiting for a visit from Santa..."

 We all got the sexual undertone and we all looked blankly at him; appauled and myself a little bit nauseous form what he just said. He shrugged and simply replied: "What, you're telling me you've never fantasised about doing a girl dressed as St. Nick...?"

"No..." was the reply, form everyone else but he shrugged again.
"Fuck you, I mean... Uh."
"Not great choice, ey, Cy?" Said Tanja, watching him walk out laughing to himself ; Xiang in hysterics on the floor. I laughed as well and Tanja sat on my lap caressed my face. I'd seen why Christmas was so special...

<simulation #555.6/1 terminated - christmas end>
<files: TARTARUS + MUSE Psych closed, christmas engine closed, TARTARUS images: 6636323O; 668329; 686213876; 53; 32321; 1 closed; closed >
<powering down>
<Goodnight General Xiang>

Date: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Location: Unknown VR Simulator.

 She took her disk, in a tear stained hand, wiped away the sever flowing damp with her sleeve and lit herself a cigarette. She was sad and happy and angry and confused all at the same time. She found it hard to express all at the same time. All she could do was sigh as she looked back in the now empty room of black panels and snivel to herself alone in the dark and cold. 

 It wasn't the young feisty Xiang remembered on Reach; her hair was greying and wrinkles now dotted her once flawless complexion . A man wearing a white coat entered saluting quite quickly as he did and looking towards the disc in the general's hand sighed. "I'm sorry ma'am," he said knowing he'd interrupted her "But a new batch just came in and they need-"
"Don't worry Doc, I understand fully." she gasped, trying to appear strong in front of the scientist. He however being a smart man in people as well as science saw through the mask the ageing lady was trying to wear and put a comforting hand on the old veteran's shoulder "May I ask what you were looking at ma'am?"
"S...*sob*...S...Something..." she stuttered "I'll never get for Christmas..."
She walked out, past the new bunch of Spartan soldiers the Doctor had mentioned still wiping fresh tears from her pale, wrinkled cheeks "You ain't my boys and you will never replace them."

Sunday, 19 December 2010

BLOG: Christmas Time!

Well hello everyone, all the cool cats who have advent calendars would be able to tell you it's now only six days till Christmas and now it'd time to get busy busy as the climatic day approaches.

I have some big tasks set before me during this holiday and will probably in all senses of the word be; "Shattered" after this holiday but there's one thing about this Christmas that's very very special to me. It's the fact I'm actual legal to drink this Christmas and that oit's the first Christmas with my girlfriend. Which always makes things very exciting.

 Anway, to you though Christamas also means that things will be going into hibernation for a while; football clubs, other activities etc. I'm afraid the same's to be said of the Authorial after this post I'll be on Hiatus till DECEMBER 30th to recover from my Christmas Holiday wounds (in the forms of a hangover and other stupid things) as well as just to have a slight rest.

 I wish you all a very merry Christmas.


Friday, 17 December 2010

BLOG: Grease was the word and signals an end of an era...

Ok, so you meet me in the street and look at me?
What's the last thing that goes through your mind?
That I do musicals, dancing and singing; I doubt you'd be the first to think that as I am probably not the stereotypical person whom would do such an event. Yet, I auditioned for Grease got the part of Vince Fontaine (Who seems to be paedophile extrordinaire, is this a comment on me?) anyway and I practised and practised until the three shows we had to do (four if you count the one to year 6's which in my eyes was probably the worst idea ever.) The end of Grease signals more then the end of what seemed to be a great show but an end to an era, us Year 13's, this was our last chance and seems as if now; it's time for us to take the final bow.

 I hadn't realised till now the impact of this showing being my last at the Rushden Community College; 7 years in the same place seeing it grow and evolve are also coming to an end. Scary, huh?

 Us Year 13's have had our last chance to do something great on that School's stage and next year it seems that we'll all be going are separate ways and giving our old hats to the newer up and comers of Year 12; we've become a bygone era/ generation already...

 And although it's sad to think that way, but not untrue at all. I've done my part sung my last song and had my last curtain call and what fine ones they were. The end isn't really the end but the start of something new and exciting I suppose; new place, new people, new face. University isn't as far off as I thought it was and that realisation isn't just coming to me now I believe, I think that evidence of that spawned tonight when we realised like Michael Jackson before us that THIS IS IT! This is us, this is our swan song and personally you're going to bloody hear it, every fibre, every sweat drop poured into something spectacular spectacular!

 Like, I said; It's sad to think that I'm now old news and that someone else will soon fill the hole I'm going to leave but I'm not going to complain because at least I've left a hole and I'm going to leave whole myself.

All I gotta say really...


Sunday, 12 December 2010

BLOG: Portfolio over Christmas

 Well, I need to start on my creative writing Portfolio, seems like it should be alright I have lots of work to show; there's no drought of the stuff so all I need to do now is plan, plan heavily into what I'm actually going to have IN my portfolio! GAAAAAAH!

 I was thinking of dividing it into forms of writing and just having multiple examples of each, seems fair enough when I think about it but I'm not sure. What do you guys think...?

  • Prose x 3
  • Poetry x 3
  • Play x 3
  • Academic Essay x 3
  • Review x 3
  • Letter? (Not sure on this)
Three's the magic number and it'd be easy to do it this way but I need you the public to submit ideas to the authorial, so...

Leave a comment on this post with your ideas of how to set up my Portfolio because I wonna make a good impression and anything that gets me ahead of the game in the form of advice or hints will be very useful!

Much love CIASSOU! x

ADDERSON'S VERDICT: How To Train Your Dragon (Film)

Name: How To Train Your Dragon
Platform: DVD
Publisher: Dreamworks
Release Date: 15th Novemeber 2010
Certificate: PG

 A kid's film I just decided to watch with my girlfriend one day and am so glad that I did really. Everyone had been raving about it but I'd never got round to it and I said it'd be one of the first films I reviewed and here it is right now about to get on to The Authorial.

 How To Train Your Dragon follows the story of outcast Viking Hiccup the chief's hopeless son whom is desperate to be like the other vikings; in doing so he builds inventions because of his small physique to take out the things that allow a Viking to prove themselves: Dragons.

It's with one of his many machine's that Hiccup takes down a Night Fury one of the rarest and powerful Dragons in existence and it's this Dragon you see on the cover and whom becomes Toothless. Hiccup's fateful friend. We map out both of their growth through the film, Hiccup helping his crippled Dragon (it's tail fin gets damaged) and in doing so, then go on to save the Vikings by taking out the huge "boss dragon" at the end of the film.

 Although the plot is good and the characters even including the voiceless Toothless and the minor characters are good; the thing that I loved about How To Train Your Dragon is an underlying parallel to probably most teenagers in modern day society. Those who are different, who feel out of place and like they don't belong who then find someone who is just as scared and lost as they are and growing with them. We see this in Toothless and Hiccup's relationship when they meet for the first time, they are both as scared as one and other and it takes them to start something great. It took two frightened outsiders to change a way of life set in stone for generations and this is what can happen in real life really when you think about it, okay, I'm not about to go ride a Dragon but it takes the youth of today to shape tomorrow...

However, I think the most lovely thing about the film is the ending, not only being filled with Viking and Dragon peaceful coexistence but how Hiccup (be careful there's a spoiler ahead) is maimed and loses his leg on a parallel to Toothless' tail fin and the Dragon repays it's friend through helping him cope as the boy had once helped him. Although this image caused controversy I like the thousand's of parents at the test screening thought that this image was iconic and beautiful in itself . This was a lovely thing to see that the two friends were united in all aspects and that a hero was not invincible...

Although this film is cute and makes me wish to invest in a pet Dragon (especially Toothless whom is like the cutest thing ever!) with a 10 year old Brother who is a fanatic on the books, He tells me that the film itself was mostly artistic license that the book was totally different and although I must admit from what he's described to me the film has a better plot; I think films should remain true to books just so you don't get fooled into reading them and not having the same experiences. The film is sweet, good and entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

POETRY: We kids move on pretty quick.

Don't say you miss me
If you don't make the effort
Because we kids aren't waiting around
We're onto the next thrill pretty quickly
Not waiting for you to come to your senses
And me, oh me, am hurt the most by your betrayal

 Cause we're growing up
In all different ways
And If you're missing it
I'm sorry but remember
You crowbarred us apart
And you're missing the best bits

So when you see us again
And You don't recognise us
Through old eyes and reminiscence
You'll be sorry
Because we weren't going to wait around
And I'm sorry

We missed you,
Then we lost you,
All our promises mean little now
I smile now because of one thing
I'm moving on now
And I soon realised.

We kids move on pretty quick.

Friday, 10 December 2010

BLOG: Sheffield Hallam Offer, work and seeking new writing opportunities.

Well, well, just a normal blog today you see thought I'd slow the pace down a little maybe or maybe do some new stuff. not sure yet, I have a pilot I want you guys to look at but I'm not sure. We'll see...


 I got an offer back from Sheffield Hallam of 280 UCAS points which is roughly about two Bs and a C; which ain't bad at all really only thing is that I have to get at least a B in English Literature now, fortune favours the brave and all. So, I think that if I try hard enough I can get in definitely and then it's straight into uni life getting drunk and writing for a living! Nothing sounds better to me then a future of alcoholic delights and putting pen to paper with my imagination as my guide.

 Something not so exciting though is the work front, man. STILL NOT EMPLOYED! I get the occasional call from the boss at the pub to Glass Collect and I work hard but I'm eighteen now dude, I'm not part of the Mickey Mouse Club any more promote me to the big leagues. Need to seriously get my Job seek on once Christmas is over! Like SERIOUSLY! I just want some money to go out, it'd be nice. Sucks not being able to get out there because I don't have the money. It's even turned me to going towards other writing opportunities in order to improve my CV...

 And that's the third thing on today's blog, I may not be as active as I once was because I've been seeking other writing opportunities on sites that have mass public support; I'll never quit the authorial don't get me wrong or anything; you who read this are important but spreading your wings isn't a bad thing at all and don't see this as something bad.

 So that's today's thing done, I may upload a review of a few things and maybe another poem. I dunno, I'm thinking about some stuff. Finished the Black-Ops story, that was messed up...


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

HALO: FANGS OF RACH: Meet COURIER Mike "Spyderman" Mitchell

Name: Mike Mitchell A.k.a Sypderman
D.O.B: 13th October 2522
Age: 30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Service Tag: SPY1
Rank: Sergeant
Ability: Jet Pack
Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun
Grenade: Fragmentation 
Specialism: Couriering

Mike Mitchell was a prime candidate for the SPARTAN programme; he excelled in almost all the fields in training but in actual combat he seemed unimpressed and soon became bored. He refused to fight and demanded something more trying to his talents of free-running and speed which earned him his nickname Spyderman.

 It was then he became a courier and with his natural humour and drive he never gets bored of his job. Although he gets to meet new people and see new places Mike is still ready for the fight if needs be and even though he doesn’t have MJOLONIR armour his other nickname “The Invincible Spyderman” is a reminder of his rough and ready nature. Although some say he may just be lucky…

Spyder carriers very sensitive materials and is trusted by many.

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - An Appointment with the Doctor

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, after yesterday's failure to write this chapter it's time to turn it in! It's time to get this under way a new, new saga starts in Halo as Reach is about to become a battleground but first... a small cameo.)

Reach Time: 5:00
Date: January 20th 2552 (3 Months and 25 Days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC Storm Control; Training Forge

 It'd been a couple of days since the ODST memorial and the confrontation with Mrs. Peterson, another widow thanks to the armed forces and now my number one enemy. She'd been running an anti-Spartan campaign on the base post her husbands funeral but that's not why I'd had trouble sleeping recently; it'd been nightmares. Nightmares that I'd had before but had left me for a while, until my outburst. Some would call it Karma I think that after being so mean I'd been plagued as I had. However, my lack of sleep wasn't showing and that was a good thing.

 I'd been spending my time at the Training Forge, Cyph3r keeping me company as he also suffered from insomnia although his was more permanent then mine and we set about training with scoped weapons. Me shooting, Cyph3r setting the targets. He seemed intentive, positive something was bothering me and he was all ears.

"So, you going to tell me what's wrong Orso?" he asked setting the target up; my eyes thinning as I concentrated on the target. My only reply was: "I'm fine." but he saw right through that and suddenly disappeared using his active camouflage. "Cy...?" I asked my communicator receiving no reply and decoy dots now filling my motion sensor to the brim. "Cyph3r...?"

There still was no reply.

 With that I rose up in the air, Cyph3r materializing behind me and locking me stiff into place as he growled in my area against my struggle: "Don't lie Bear!" he yelled at me as I still tried fruitlessly to escape his lock. "I don't like liars, you've been up for four days now your not like me..." he said "You're not okay dude, c'mon." He let me go and spun me so I was facing him and I just shrugged "Alright you got me..." I joked "I ate some bad meat at the mess..."

I felt a massive force on my head as Cyph3r hit me round the noggin. I followed the force, staring now at the floor. He stood looking at me, an unimpressed aura coming from behind his visor "You'll tell me in time..."

"Will Team Tartarus please report to the Base Commander's Office!"

"Hang on, what?" replied Cyph3r to the voice that was now echoing around the base; The two of us looked at each other "We better go." was all I could muster, already half way out the door. Cyph3r caught up and we walked towards Xiang's office. The door already open with the huge orange figure of Rodriguez visible in the limelight; Xiang's face stern and Corbett tapping awkwardly on the the surface he was leaning on "Commander," he said seeing us in the doorway "Orso, not shy are you?" We both walked in and Xiang followed Cyph3r intently with her eyes. Another Spartan stood beside her whistling who I didn't even recognize. The Spartan looked at all of us. "Y'all right?"

 It was then that we turned around, Xiang ready to start with the new Spartan seemingly agitated by being in the same place for too long. "Tartarus, this is Spartan Courier Mike Mitchell."
"Call me Spyderman." He added to Xiang's disgust.
"Well, he's brought us some news today after us chasing the leads on the Brown Spartan. Renuku." I suddenly remembered the Spartan whom had once buried a crossbow bolt in my shoulder, it was infuriating. I gripped hard Xiang watching my every move. "Well, well, something bothering you Orso?"

 I shook my head and the Spartan although not in MJOLINIR armour, was obviously tough. He looked at me and shook his head, Xiang now leavin the rest of the explanation to him; "Oni sent me here because you're not yet on the grid. Seems as though this Renuku is on none of their records, so..." he paused leaving Xiang to finish his sentence "Seems as though WE are going to have to talk to the only person whom apart from ONI can manufacture Spartans." The tension grew more and more as pauses came and went. 

"We need to talk to Catherine Halsey."

There was a sudden smash as Corbett knocked something over as Xiang said the name, he pretended as if nothing had happened but a real fear was radiating from him behind his helmet. "A falcon is waiting for Johnathon to take Tartarus to Sword Base." Xiang stated completing what she had to say, Spyderman (as he wished to be referred sniggered to himself) "He he, better get going team..." and we did, we didn't need his permission. We were off.

 To the armoury we went first, picking up our normal weapon sets and armour packs. Johnathon shuffled nervously towards the Pelican, getting in the cockpit and allowing us to get into the back, me and Rod on the guns with Cyph3r kicking back to relax. I seemed to be the only curious one of the group as the engines rumbled dramatically "Um,  John..."
"You have flown one of these before right?"
"In VR training yeah."
"Alright let me the hell-!"
The Falcon though was already off the floor and I couldn't have my wish, a nervous flyer anyway. I watched in horror as I was suspended over a vast valley outside the hangar. "Shit the bed, shit the bed." I repeated to myself.

Cyph3r kicked back though, music screaming from his helmet and John's voice over the tannoy annoyingly telling us the status of our journey "Estimated time of arrival sits on the Noon side without strong headwind that's in an hour's time. So just kick back and relax on air Corbett." I gritted my teeth to stop myself from calling him names but Cyph3r took a less peaceful root, ripping the PA system out of the hull and groaning to himself "Peaceful at last, I'll explain it to the maintenance team."

 And that's how we spent the rest of the journey; me and Rod frosty on the guns with John quiet in the cockpit and Cyph3r kicking back, it wasn't too bad, but it was tense and all I could think of was my odd dreams. Dreams of a woman taking money as she handed over a small child. It took the force of the landing to wake me from my somehow alert day-dream. Cyph3r stepping off first and simply looking around "Home..." he whispered.

 Johnathon simply gulped. Shuffling along again rifle in hand as Scientists, Staff and Soldiers alike stopped and looked at us; one being brave enough to mention that we couldn't land where we had earning a prompt "Fuck off!" from Johnathon. I looked around the place. It was so busy and Cyph3r ever eager grabbed the nearest person; this one being a small engineer quaking in his boots "Where's Halsey?"
"In her...L..L...L..Lab." replied the man terrified
"Oh man up pussy," replied Cyph3r "What you got to be scared of me for? Actually, don't answer that." He signalled for us to follow and we followed him around; not sure how he knew his way but he got us where we need to go. The door flew open and everyone entered but something unexpected stopped my progress, I'd ended up behind Corbett who decided to freeze in the doorway. I tried nudging him and called to him but nothing moved him: "John! Corbett?"

"Is that you Johnathon?" came a stern voice from the room...

"Yes ma'am..." he replied shocking us all as he took off his helmet, his coiffed hair, blonde shining in the twilight as the woman whom coaxed him out hid behind a shield "Doctor."
 The first time I'd ever seen Corbett pay respect was at a moment I thought it impossible and Cyph3r even took off his helmet and rubbed his own head a confused look on his face. "So it's you as well..." said the woman "I don't recognize the other two, aren't you going to introduce me Johnathon?"

 Johnathon shakily snapped his attention which had been at the floor to the woman and I laughed to myself taking off my helmet and Rod did the same; "This is Team Tartarus," Johnathon whimpered "Commander Cyph3r, Warrant Officers Orso and Rodriguez." The woman nodded at the two of us at the back, Rod whom had fallen back with me looked at me confused. We didn't know her. "None of them are mine, save you Johnathon, I'm still quite surprised you haven't killed them yet..."

"Are you still angry about that Doc?" asked Johnathon "I've grown up now, please..." 
"No. I haven't"
"I hate to break up this bitch fight and everything," said Cyph3r stroking his ginger beard and now rocking on a chair "But we're hear for a reason, maybe you know of our plight dear Doctor, I have a rash I want you to check out...HA HA HA!" He rocked back further on his chair as he laughed and the woman looked unimpressed at his jests "You're going to fall off that." was her only reply
"No I won- WOAH WOAH!" The next thing was a huge crash and Cyph3r as predicted fell to the ground. Halsey coughed, Johnathon shuffled back and I looked on. "You there, the green one!"
"Yes, you!"
"Yes Doc?"
"Why have you four come hear?" she looked at me with an intense stare, I flicked my hair out of my eyes and met it, she seemed as though she was actually scanning me and I wasn't going to give the game away: "We're not you but there's a Spartan out there running about who isn't our Catherine (I added some venom to the fact I used her first name) care to explain?"

 The Doctor at first said nothing but looked horrified and glad at the same time "Renuku, he lives?" she asked. Cyph3r pulled himself up from the floor and Johnathon like a mouse squeaked "Yes." The Doctor then errupted into a flurry as she paced quickly, bursting out random facts like "they could still save the project" and "that al wasn't lost." Cyph3r though growled and in his temper picked up the desk that his chair was situated with and threw it into the back wall causing a commotion that made security rush in guns ready to fire at us. "Now that I have your attention," laughed the Commander "Will someone mind telling me what the fuck is going on...?"

The security dropped their weapons once they realised they didn't stand a chance and Halsey stood mesmerized by us all "You're not... conditioned?" she groaned curiously "Well, well... I'll tell you everything. if you promise one thing Captain WOLF."
"What would that be Doc?"
"You," she said pointing at him "Will come to me again."
"To be studied."
The commander took a fraction of a second to think the proposal over and agreed and Halsey began her tale as to the creation of Renuku and another whom was his ally.

 "Top brass wanted to seperate ONI from the military," she told us "So we were set to if possible create the Spartan IV more then two times the power of a Spartan III; which involved augmenting already exceptional adult subjects and Renuku was one of the only ones to survive. He was better then we ever hoped for, maybe actually too good, before we could finish the program and collect the final data he stole a proto-type MJOLNIR armour and escaped."

"Ha ha, sounds like you fucked up Doc."
"Watch your mouth Johnathon."
Like a beaten dog the sniper retreated. Halsey though was not done "Another Spartan assigned to be part of my research team; Chetan Wooton also escaped. he has been Renuku's ally since their escape... actually." The doctor disappeared for two minutes and re-emerged with two discs in her hand posting them through the field in a special box designed to keep her safe. Cyph3r grew all the more agitated; "What the hell are these?" he roared his anger getting the best of him "Stop speaking in riddles dammit!"

"Take these to Xiang, one has all you need to know about Renuku and Chetan; the other is valuable intel, very valuable she'll want to see it. Now, leave!"

 Johnathon was first out the door but she called him back while we all waited outside, when he re-emerged he was white as a sheet and sweat profusely "Oh my god," he whined "Why, why? WHY CAN'T SHE JUST LET IT GO!?"
"I heard that!"
"WOAH!" we all yelled, jumpy at the ghostly Johnathon. In the confusion though, Cyph3r had somehow snuck off. "I'll take John back, you can track Cy, go get him." ordered Rod.

 Cyph3r appeared on my motion ensor quite quickly thanks to his communicator I could easily track him thanks to my skills but I found him in an odd place, helmet still off and crouching in a corridor. I was unsure of whether to approach him or not but out of nowhere he beckoned me closer. "We ready already?" he asked. I simply nodded and I smiled under my helmet almost completely forgetting my nightmares, the Commander stood up put on his helmet and walked by me putting and arm on my shoulder "This is where it all began for me," he laughed "I was found here after living here on the orphanage by a man whom was attacking this base to get food. Without this place I'd of never become what I am today and met you and my friends."

 I felt awkward and shuffled.

"Orso," he said "It's time to let go I think; if what happened had never happened think where you'd be now."

He left me to my thoughts...

"Just think about it."

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

POETRY: It's Funny, huh?

(NOTES: Ok, so I was thinking of doing a little bit of soul searching in order to get HALO moving along and with my friend PAULIO and I's discussion yesterday it could be said it was hard not to but it seems, being ill and all, I'm not up for the task today and instead now I did a bit of poetry to kick start December on the authorial. For Jenni)

It's funny, huh?
That two cups not one,
Sit on my bedside table
But I sleep alone tonight
I guess it's alright for some

It's funny, huh?
How time flies by
Not one sign of slowing
Yet, I want to remember
Every bit of you and I

It's funny, huh?
That you're the only person,
Who hasn't wrote me off
And that in the grand lottery of life
I could say that I've won

It's funny, huh?
That love's done this,
Unclipped our wings
And that in all we've realised
How beautiful it is.

It's funny, huh?
That I've somehow got you
That I'm the lucky one
That you love me deeply
And I love you wholly too.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

BLOG: See. Read. Believe.

 The Authorial has a new Maxim which I thought of recently while contemplating my writing as a whole. How I see my writing is very strange, I think I see it almost like the paper is in fact a stage and every story is a performance, every single piece is me on the line.

 So I needed to think of something meaningful; something serious almost but not unlike myself. I wanted to show people what writing means to me in a meaningful but non-alienating way and this is what I came up with:

I want people to SEE my work, hence why I post it and leave it in the firing lines for criticism, ridicule and even the odd bit of praise. A writer doesn't just have success overnight they have to put their work out there. If they don't nothing will ever become of what they do...

 It also needs people to READ it, without people reading my work, my work is in fact obsolete and meaningless. No artist, writer or musician wants their work ignored, they want it to be read, seen or heard. I want people to read through my work and enjoy it as much as I do writing it.

 Finally, I want people to BELIEVE as I believe that my work is worth the effort and that my efforts will one day see me somewhere I want to be; People who believe in you can be your greatest motivators and soon become very special in your life; whether it be in you as a writer, or in the project you're doing. It doesn't matter belief is a huge part of life and belief is the only thing that actually separates what happens from what doesn't.

And that's now my motto, my "Way of Writing" if you like. Like the Ninjas and Samurai's of old I can coin it as a code, live my creative life by it...

 I want to design a banner or header for the Authorial with The blog name and my new Maxim. I think it'd be nice and it would add that little thing that's missing.


Monday, 29 November 2010


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, it's been a bit of a X box session, I've been enjoying partying up with the chums. It's these lot that give me my inspiration and all. So, why not? Let's get it on.)

Reach Time: 08:30
Date: January 16th 2552 (4 Months and 1 Day before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC Storm Control Warrant Officer Orso's Quarters

  My alarm woke me suddenly, my eyes blinking as they adjusted to the darkness. I gulped. I remembered what day it was and looked at my neatly pressed formal uniform. Getting up wasn't hard at all but my shoulder throbbed as I put my feet on the cool tiled floor and now I was making my way towards the dress uniform slowly slipping it on thinking to myself about today.

 The ceremony for the ODSTs that had lost their lives in order to reclaim the very building I was standing in was today and not only that but they'd been under my command. Although I could not have foreseen the events that occured and ended in their demise; I still felt guilty and no amont of convincing would sway that from me. In fact, it had proven almost impossible for anyone to sway the guilt from my spirit at all. No matter how much people said it wasn't, it was totally my fault.

  With the dress uniform on, I walked out into the corridor dark and cold as it was with the sound of continuous rain from the outside echoing throughout. It was a quiet morning in the base, unnaturally so with not a soul around. It was good for me to think. Until thunder cracked down from the sky and shocked me out of my trance, a new figure also in dress uniform staring at me. I couldn't recognize who it was in the dark but even as my eyes adjusted I still didn't find the figure familiar. He whistled. "You look good," said the voice as the man walked towards me shuffling his sock hat in a familiar fashion "Come on Kiddo, it's Donny's day today."

 "Cyph3r?" I asked the darkness, the commander still walking towards me and patting me on the shoulder. I sighed. "Yeah," he replied "Are you going to be alright Orso?"
The commander slapped me on the shoulder once again, seeing through my facade and simply nodding in agreement to keep me appeased. "Do you know why there's always lightning here Orso?" he asked me randomly to lighten the mood and I did feel the tension ease but I shrugged because I didn't actually know the answer to his question at all. "It's Reach's volcanic activity, creating warm air pockets and in turn generating storms. All those storms congregate in this area. I admire the lightning."

"Admire the lightning?" I asked staring at the captain, notcing his long brown hair and almost ginger beard. He again shuffled his hat and smiled at me "It comes and goes in its glory, all that power. In a second. I wish I was like that..."

 Another large aura could be felt in the corridor as curly haired Rodriguez appeared in the dark corridor; Corbett behind him. They both stared at the two of us. "Ha ha, admiring lightning again there Cy..." smiled Rod even under the circumstances "We should press on to breakfast at least."  Corbett scoffed at the three of us, his blonde cropped hair shining in the limelight as we proceeded to the mess hall with heads down and hardly a word spoken.

 The mess was quiet, all the formal attired people in the world but none able to speak on such a sad occasion. There were wives with children, siblings, parents and us. The freaks sat in the corner. Not a word protruded as we ate the strange bars of food on our plates but Cyph3r continued to shuffle his hat as if to make up for the fact he wasn't wearing a helmet and Corbett still remained as hostile as ever. I didn't eat anything, I just let Rodriguez take it for himself and he was grateful but none of us said anything still. It was like we were already at the ceremony, all depressed.I couldn't hack it and it was driving Cyph3r mad. He couldn't take it and as he went to get up to protest a large voice sounded over the base PA system:

"All those attending the ODST remembrance service please proceed to the North hangar now."

 I saw the flood of people get up and march towards the hangar I'd once lead the ODSTs and met Corbett. We joined onto the back of the queue as they made their pilgrimage to the ceremony. It was droll, with melancholy people everywhere and seats set under a soundproof shield to stop the thunder interrupting. Then it began Xiang stepping out on the podium in her best wear, singing war praises and commending those who had died on the field for this base. For this "new beacon of hope" as she called it, I hardly paid attention and neither did Cyph3r but Corbett and Rod stood entranced at the back of the congregation with us. Xiang just continued on and on with her praises as if she knew the poor souls or what they must of been through; when she didn't and neither did I and that made me sad really. Really sad. As family members all took turns to speak and eventually the sound of music and gunfire drew the ceremony to a close with weeping widows and orphans also letting out their own chorus. I gulped hard. Guilt was a unbelievable torment.

The mess turned into a reception hall, the wake glum but the ale flowing, I wasn't happy, I'll admit that, who could be? And why was I so selfish at this time? Moping about my own guilt when there were widows; there were orphans. Cyph3r thought it'd be a good idea to drink away my sorrows. In fact that was a bad idea, the day began to become a blur and till this day I still couldn't remember all of it. One thing I did remember was quite poignant though and I probably would never forget for the rest of my life...

 Cyph3r sat opposite me at the bar talking to me about woman (including Xiang) and battle and what he aspired to do; he was telling me his dreams of one day becoming commander-in-chief and becoming the second MAster Chief his own great hero. I laughed at him. His brown eyes narrowed as he wondered what I found amusing and in my drunken stupor "That'd be so funny; yet so fun at the same time!" I had been yelling at the top of my voice; not noticing the horror on the faces of the congregation and the horror as a pale tear stained woman wrestled hair way towards me. Me and Cyph3r had continued to laugh to each other until she had come at us, a tongue of venom as her weapon. "WHO ARE YOU!?" she screamed angrily and upset at our behaviour. Cyph3r took off his hat "Commander Cyph3r ma'am SPARTAN WOLF." replied the commander bowing his head "I'm sorry for your loss."
"You certainly have a funny way of showing it," she retorted harshly "And you?"
"SPARTAN AH92 Warrant Officer Orso."
The whole room fell silent and the woman, grabbed me by the collar and pulled my face down to her level so as I didn't tower her. "So you led those boys?" she asked me. The whole room waited expectantly and all my instincts were telling me to lie, to say no but I told the truth. "Yes Ma'am."


My face stung but I shrugged it off, pulling her hand off and about to leave as she began her assault on me "IT'S YOUR FAULT!" she shrilled at the top of her lungs "Your fault my husband Donald Peterson is dead, his twins without a father-" the twins appeared, each a spitting image of their father whom had challenged us SPARTANs. They had the faces of brave men and I couldn't bring myself to look at the family as Cyph3r tried to defuse the situation: "I think you're being unfair there-"
"Unfair! What's unfair is I am now alone, my boys without a father and it's all freaks fault!" Corbett and Rod had joined in now, turning in their chair towards the woman as she shook a fist and waved a finger to all of TARTARUS "You made them feel uncomfortable, you made them feel unworthy so they pushed themselves. Look at you, YOU'RE INVINCIBLE BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NORMAL MEN YOU DRAG DOWN WITH YOU HEY, HEY!?" I still wasn't looking and Corbett smashed a glass in his grip "IF YOU'R SO FUCKING GOOD THEN WHY IS MY HUSBAND DEAD!?"

 We didn't answer but she went on fuming at us, my red cheek feeling the cool touch of a tear "IF YOU'RE SO GOOD THEN WHY, WHY ARE YOU ALL THEY WANT TO PROTECT WHAT ABOUT THOSE BOYS WHAT ABOUT-?"
"You're husband knew what he signed up for," I growled under my breathe.
"Excuse me?"
"Your husband and the rest of the ODSTs challenged us and we thought it would boost them on to win," I continued growling, a tone in my voice as tense as the rest of my body "He did his duty and now you have a home, a real home not floating about in the cold hands of space but here on Reach where there are trees. Did you ever think that, did you ever thank him for that? Because I did!" The crowd looked at me stunned not sure what to do with me the team also quite unsure as Xiang made her way through the crowd "I am also deeply sorry for every single one of them but do you know what... what makes me angry... what makes me really angry... IS THAT YOU THINK I ASKED FOR THIS!?"

 I smacked myself on the chest horrifying the crowd and roaring like the bear I was named after "I was sold, hardly a year old and prodded and tested and thrown into battle at 16!" Cyph3r nodded "FOR YOU, FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU!" I pointed back at the woman now "And I am called a freak, a murderer and blamed and I sit and take it." Xiang came forward and I saw Cy stop her and Rod do the same, I could hear them murmuring between themselves but I focused on Mrs. Peterson, so angry at her disregarded it "But if you are so ignorant as to say that I enjoy this... that I wanted this and that I'm a freak, then you are wrong. So fucking wrong."

 I left quite hastily, the crowd in awe and holding back tears of anger and guilt. The only person who followed me was Xiang "Halt, Orso, stop. Orso!"
She then proceeded to do something rather strange, she hugged me "It's going to be alright you know." she said backing away "You'll be fine." I had a hard time believing but didn't disagree, I looked lost. I then looked around for the rest of the team but they weren't there it was me and Xiang all alone. "I ordered them to their rooms, ease the tension, I'll talk to the people but I think you've said enough."
"Fuck off have I..."

I looked down at my feet and began walking down the hall, undoing my tie and untucking my shirt "I'll be in my room." I called back to the base commander sinking my hands into my pockets and letting the brown hair cover my green eyes to mask the sadness that had been left within me.

 I had admitted something for the first time in my life; I cared for those around me and that SPARTANs were far from invincible...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

ADDERSON'S VERDICT: BEYBLADE the Video Game (Playstation)

Name: Beyblade
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: 22 Aug 2003

Well, something's been nagging at me recently with my little brother has been talking about BEYBLADEs; which were in fact not his generation but mine. I was just thinking about BEYBLADEs when I was a kid. They were like the biggest thing and we used to find places to battle almost anywhere and everywhere. It was like, the life I think not a care in the world as we were kids and some media endorsed violence; it was so much fun but you could basically take them anywhere, so they were very very easy to lose. I digress, reminiscing about my violent childhood with plastic and metal spinning tops who won being determined by strength.

This is you, if you're lucky...
 Then Atari and Namco brought the battle to the Playstation. Wow! As a kid I was buzzing two things I loved BEYBLADE and Playsation smashed together in a car crash to combine and actually bring us the first ever BEYBLADE game to hit our UK shores. It kind of took the form of an RPG with the player taking their own 2D form as a female or male Beyblader and fully customizable blades that had stats with every single piece. Attack Rings, Bases and all the other parts that were involved in the BEYBLADE made all the difference as you battled your way through tournament mode to earn enough "bey-points" to makes your ultimate BEYBLADE.

The Shops always useful... when you have the money.
 Bearing in mind we're talking about the Playstation and all the BEYBLADE games from then until now's newer ones have been panned by the press. I can see why, the game is basic and long winded only earning 10 bey points every time you win with prices starting at 50 bey points. You kind of feel like this is going to be an arduous task. And winning wasn't easy, not only did you have to get through all the 2D dialogue text and probably have to sacrifice stats to fix your crumbling Bey; the fact was winning didn't actually involve any skill, the control system was so erratic and unusable that you just had to leave it to fate.

 It wasn't just that though, the graphics were poor, 2D blurry images seemed to just rattle ones cage as those with big TVs would receive a rubbish quality picture but we are talking about the Playstation 1 in a HD world filled with vibrancy and definition beyond our wildest dreams. So, if we think back these graphics were cracking especially with spinning tops moving as fast as they were in that game, it's only now in our time with HD that they aren't up to scratch...

Meet D.J. He soon gets all too familiar and annoying...
The only other thing amusing about BEYBLADE is the multiplayer aspect, sure to divide households as you shout frantically at the telly for you spinning top to keep going and not give up. I remember playing with my brother and often getting passionate about the fact, almost making it a real battle with our cheering and jeering. It seems all too long ago now but the multiplayer was rather amusing in some ways.

Cheering on your bey is common with this game.
 BEYBLADE saw out the end of an era, bridging the gap form PS1 to PS2 and retro gamers won't have it in their collection now because most people only ever keep FINAL FANTASY from the PS1; however, rubbish BEYBLADE may appear it was actually quite a good game and playing it recently to do this review showed me its addictiveness and made me reminisce about the bringing together of two colossal things in my life. However, the game was repetitive and  lacked skill and was totally comprised of luck and half understanding. It had the potential to be a lot in the future but I see no signs of this happening. So, it gets a 3A rating, around average because not only these three things but in the world we live in now... it's just obsolete but cool to come back to every now and again if you want to be retro. 

Saturday, 27 November 2010

BLOG: The Return of the Almighty BEANS MACKENZIE!

 When you have a bunch of friends like ours, it's hard to point out a sane one. Especially when it comes to that time of the night when the boxes go on and the party chat begins. However, even with the variety we are lucky to have in our colourful group of gamers and drinking buddies; one has been missing a rather long time. We could blame him for not checking out his accommodation when he buggered off to Scotland to go to Uni to have the time of his life leaving us down here or you could blame his Uni for being a bit stupid to think that someone like him wouldn't want X box live in his room. I mean, really?

  So, there we are waiting for him to arrive, at first he says he cannot get connection so the mood in the party changes a bit the excitement disappears all except for mine because I've taken my internet timer off and for a little while feel like a hardcore rebel. We play the Split/second demo, which takes ages to load, ages to get into a game and is genuinely probably one of the few most frustrating things in this world (especially in my pent-up state).

 Then something happens, something you know means that a night of excitement is going to follow; the little grey panel appears on the screen and says one thing: "Beans Mackenzie is online."

 And so he was, he joined the party and his voice rang out like a chorus of angels to the ears (Ok, not really he was really quiet cause his Nan was asleep but let's not be picky) and with that we played on Black-ops a game you could just tell he'd been desperate to play online but because of his unonline state back at Aberdeen University has not been able to.

 It was so funny, a few matches and Tom was already "kicking ass and taking names" (yes that is a direct quote) and it seemed as if he hadn't actually been gone for as long as he had. We had such a good time playing betting matches and a bit of zombies which I must apologize for being on the phone to him and my friend Pezza (some may know him as Carl Perry).

 But in all fairness, it's hard not to miss Tom really because although the loudest voice in our collection he's also the most reasonable (except for a stoned Renuku) so it's good to have him back making us laugh and just being a genuinely lad again. He's coming back on the 18th of December, so my bags already packed. The beer maybe flowing (depending on my financial state) and I can't wait for my good friend to come back and have a laugh with us. It's going to be awesome.

Anyway, that's me done. Halo tomorrow.

p.s: Before you ask I do like using brackets (alot.)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

BLOG: Adderson's Verdict

Well, I've been talking about it for ages really and now it seems as if things are where they need to be. The puzzle is complete and now I can finally kick things off. If you (like many others) are confused, I have one word for you and that word is: REVIEWS.

 It's time for a non-fictional (but structured) element to the Authorial and I think reviews will be the right thing to fill that gap. Not only this but they'll also expand my writing ability and hopefully point you in the right direction by making those all important choices that you will have to make; whether to buy, download or to agree with what I've said.

 I honestly won't hold it against you if you don't agree with my reviews but don't just say: "That's crap!" because yeah, you have a great point there now back it up! No need to leave us hanging, if you have an opinion why not voice it?

 So these sections will be called Adderson's Verdict and as this blog has "BLOG:" in the title they shall have "ADDERSON'S VERDICT:" in the same manner. The post will contain a review of an album, game, film or book and it will be structured in a rather particular manner. The first section will be my perspective on whatever it is that I have decided to review and then it will receive a rating; this rating will be out of "5A's" so like this:

A = Poor
AAAAA = Awesome

Then again a small section underneath the rating talking about similar, better and worse things.  Maybe a little summary of points. Not quite sure yet. This structure isn't set in stone so don't hold me to it, however, do hold me to these dates!


  • Framing Hanley - A Promise To Burn (ALBUM)
  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (GAME)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (GAME)
  • How To Train Your Dragon (Film)
Right so, this is going to happen as well as something quite spectacular I've been planning for a while so, watch this space. I'm off to play the box.


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

BLOG: Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner and now comes the time where everything comes to begin rushing and panicking and the like as we need to start shopping for those all important Christmas presents that will make our loved ones happy...

Unfortunately, for me there are two major shortfalls in my Christmas Shopping spirit;

  1. Lack of funds - Being unemployed and all makes it hard to cough up the cash to by your darlings that amazing and special present. I don't know what it is about me but I just can't seem to get a job and I won't get paid if I don't get a job this week so I need to somehow earn money in ways I could never imagine. I know I'm only 18 and all but I'm an adult now so Christmas has become my responsibility need to really sort this out if I'm going to get anywhere. I have just drawn a list of stuff out as well, people who I NEED to buy for and so far there's eight. Only thing that's going around my head is rated T for Teen at the moment.
  2. I'm a bloke - Let's face it fellas, we ain't the best at this shopping lark usually we leave it to the women (before you start I am not sexist, I don't mean groceries or kitchen utensils or anything like that I simply mean just pure shopping for entertainment.) We get bored, we don't know, we get scared and you know what? It just never seems to go our way with queues and miscommunication and all sorts. Shopping especially for others is a huge task to take on and us men, just cannot seem to handle it.
So thanks to unemployment and Gender I'm afraid to say that my pooch is screwed really, isn't it? I only know what to buy for about half the people I need to buy for. It sucks eggs. I can't do this. I love Christmas (or maybe used to when I wasn't footing the bill) but it's just so much hard work. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

 So I'm going to ask for a bit of audience participation in this blog; just some little things comment this blog with the following I think you'll like it:
  • Who are you christmas shopping for?
  • How hard are you finding it? 
  • Is Christmas your thing?
  • And what do you wants for Christmas?
Anyway, that's my rant for today done. CIASSOU! x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Recovery Day 2 Part 2 A Glorified Game Of Paintball

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Been excited for this for a long time and had Heathers creaming his little kegs for this one, so I'm on it now and I'm going to tell you something very special about this chapter. It's a winger! I'm just writing it as it comes to see who wins out of our three Spartan Teams. Scary, huh? Anyway here it is.)

Reach Time: 11:20
Date: January 15th 2552 (4 months and 2 days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC Stronghold Storm Control The Training Forge

 Jason suddenly looked anxious as two of the three teams of Spartans were now in conflict already and he stood slap bang in the middle with Cyph3r and me on one side pointing our new weapons towards Carter and the Skull Faced Spartan. He beckoned us to put our guns down, which we did but the tension never faded with the lowering of our weapons...

 Jason stood still in the middle looking at the lot of us in our MJOLONIR armour, something he was in fact jealous of but also quite content with the role he played within the UNSC, he cracked his knuckles and nodded: "Right, now we're all calm," he said in a patronizing tone shooting a glance towards me "Here are the rules." He pointed towards a large white board behind him with many random scribble on it from soldiers who had passed by it in it's travels. It didn't originate from Storm Control you could tell, it had been folded up many times and moved from place to place with Kelly as he went; the rules ever evovling as he took his little experiment on the road and the board gaining a few knocks and bumps on the way. 

 Jason though stood proudly by it "There isn't that many rules actually..." he assured us "It's simple, no melee or knife combat just paint please, anything you find on the field is usable such as ammo, armour abilities and even some special grenades." The Spartans around me all nodded and thought hard about the rules, some noticing something long before the others until a huge Spartan as big as Rod from NOBLE TEAM stepped forward in front of his commander: "What stops us from cheating then?" he asked, a question on the tip of everyone else's tongue but not thrown out there. Kelly smiled you could see his face unlike ours and he laughed quite evilly to himself as I imagined Corbett would, John had made a monster. "Your own honesty," he said "Not really, As well as paint the balls hold a tracker that can only be removed specially by us who designed the Paint ball program and..." 

 There a slight unease as he pointed his own gun at his hand and simply shot it into his own palm, this gave me the definite indication that John had trained him. After the initial shot he had continued to pull the trigger but nothing had come out the gun since the first shot. You could see some people stare in amazement. I, however, smiled inside my new silver visor as I mimed Jason's next words "A small EMP wave is emitted from the paint as it explodes and knocks the gun dead until it is recharged here, so you can't wipe yourself off and continue and we can see the guns status on this screen," he again pointed to another screen which had all our names on and our gun number with it's status in big green letters saying 'ACTIVE'. I smiled as the game appeared more complex then at first glance. There seemed to be no way to cheat the system, a new challenge for me to one day conquer...

 Three teleporters erupted with noise as they activated and Jason looked at us "MUSE COMPANY, first choice of teleporter, we're all gentlemen here." Tanja stepped forward and I stood hypnotised by her presence as she stood looking at the teleporters. She stepped through the one in the centre and disappeared. Her team followed and Kelly was left with the very hostile TARTARUS and NOBLE. Cyph3r moved forward with Carter and they both went for the same teleporter. The two bumped into one and other and looked at each other "Stand down Cyph3r..." growled Carter angrily trying to get past "No mate." replied Cyph3r "Get back, this is ours." The skull faced Spartan, fastly becoming my worst enemy was beginning to step forward and I blocked his path as Kelly himself split the two captains up, flipped a coin and silence once again fell. "Call it." 

"Heads!" yelled Cyph3r quickly
"Tails, then." said Carter reluctantly watching Kelly's hand uncover the coin and reveal a shiny head. TARTARUS let out a chorus of laughter pushing by NOBLE TEAM and standing with their leader, Cyph3r whom stared at Carter fiercely behind his black visor "See you out there Crapter>" he smiled disappearing through the left teleporter. I looked back at the skull faced Spartan and Carter whom both seemed to be growling unlike their other calm team mates. I smiled. "Orso?" asked Rod waiting by the teleporter "You coming?" I nodded and we bothed stepped into the light and were whisked far from the entrance of the Training Forge...

 My feet landed on an uneven but soft blanket of grass where Cyph3r and Corbett had obviously been waiting for me and Rod to arrive; the klaxon sounded and we now knew the game had gone live. We all ran to the nearest form of cover (a large pile of rocks) and ducked our heads in case of other team snipers. I looked at my team mates "So lads, what's the plan?" 

They all looked back at me and Cyph3r already tapping his helmet laughed and replied "Wing it?" in a more inquisitive then authoritative tone. I tapped away furiously at my TACTPAD until suddenly all of our helmets were filled with the unfamiliar voices of the others team calling on each other and speaking in riddle like codes as they tactically moved through the woodland expanse. Cyph3r again laughed "That's smart Bear." he cackled "This is pure entertainment, listen to those losers." Corbett laughed behind him but Rodriguez put a giant hand on his friends shoulder and I looked as Cyph3r lowered his head "I know, I know." He said flustered in reply to Rod's simple gesture. We all looke d at Cyph3r we were two men down compared to the others. Cyph3r had a hard job cut out for him but he looked at me and nodded. I gulped, he had a crazy aura, even more then normal. "Sweet, I have an idea!"

"Fuck me." Johnathon groaned sarcastically
"Fucky you!" replied Cyph3r
"That's what I said..."
"No you said Fuck me..."
"GUYS!" I yelled, trying to break up the little bitch fight the two seemed to be having "What are we going to do...?" Cyph3r looked around and nodded once again "Right, we're on a hill, so..." he pointed to the hill top "Corbett set up, up there and we'll act as a ground team provide support." Corbett nodded and I smiled as I realised that it was actually a good plan and Johnathon determined to have the last word in the two's argument vocalised his opinion: "That was good Cy, for you." Johnathon disappeared up the hill and Cyph3r was left swearing to him. The three of us setting of in the opposite direction, down the hill with our guns ready. "Stay frosty." Rod reminded me awkwardly trying to comfortably wield the tiny gun in his giant hands.

 It was eerily quiet moving through the forest canopy, Cyph3r at the head, Rod on point we moved slowly only hearing the occasional burst of air from other high-tech paint ball guns. With Johnathon's scope always on us, we felt strangely secure but still remained "frosty". We could hear the sound of a battle getting closer and closer, and the voices of the enemy radio indicated as much.
"Carter, it's Kat!" came one voice "Me, Six and Five are pinned down by a MUSE breakaway team, requesting assistance!"
"Negative Two, We're also under heavy sniper fire, EMILE GET DOWN!"
"Fucking A, Corbett." chuckled Cyph3r 
"Why thank you." Came Johnathon scaring all of us as we didn't expect him to reply "Careful, Emile and Carter have fallen back to your position, Ammo crate about ten clicks. Go get them, there's two of MUSE out thanks to your's truly so two are still wandering about somewhere."
"Thanks for the heads up." I croaked as Johnathon stopped. He instantly clicked off and his high powered sniper could be heard whizzing past us. We dived down on the floor, waiting for whatever it was he fired at to reveal itself. With my heart in my mouth, I simple waited Rod next to me looking mountainous still as he lay on his front. "Move slowly," said Cyph3r shimmying along on his belly silently "Quietly too."

 We all began to move forward again, me and Cyph3r were silent and nimble. However, Rod sounded like a fully revved warthog as he dragged himself along. Continuously apologizing as he went on. A twig snapped high above. We all froze, looking upwards. "Johnathon..." whispered Cypher "John, Johnny, John John, Corbett, Corby, Corman?" he just battered the radio with names until his sniper, busy himself answered the call "WHAT!?" We all let out a cry of pain as the sound fed back in all our helmets and that was when all hell broke loose. I hadn't noticed the quiet breathing on the enemy channels. It was a NOBLE signal, apparently coming NOBLE FOUR Spartan A329 Emile. I couldn't see him but I could hear his slow breathe creeping through my whole body. "My position's been over run... gotta move sending out hologram..." panicked John.

 Corbett then came running out the bushes, looking straight ahead. Odd, it was but then I remembered. Cyph3r did too but it was too late for poor Rodriguez who was already running towards his other team mate which in fact was not his team mate but a copy, a hologram. Paint balls flew towards the Hologram and Rod, skidded to a halt as the two MUSE COMPANY members stared at him guns ready, about to take the shot. "Shit." was all Cyph3r could muster as he took his gun to his eye, me following suit and pulled the trigger. A second was all we needed.

 With a splat the paint found its mark on Ellen (the medic of MUSE COMPANY) and another I did not recognize. They pulled the triggers of their own guns to find them unresponsive and us about ten feet away from Rod and the now disappearing Hologram let out a sigh of deep relief. Johnathon, came out of the bushes as well taking us back to full strength. "Bloody hell Rod," yelled the sniper "that was close!" The four of us, Johnathon low on ammo made our way towards the ammo crate he'd spotted, it took merely minute now we were off our stomachs and back on our feet. The forest once again fell silent. "I can't believe I only started with four bullets..." moaned John taking as much ammo as he could "That Kelly bitch has got a lot of explaining to do..." I had tuned out of the conversation the other three were having about Corbett's lack of ammo and how there was now only two MUSE left in the game Tanja and their own sniper. I looked toward a paint "rocket launcher" and grabbed it with the ammo. The twigs in the trees snapped again, cascading leaves down to the floor "For god sake..." yelled Cyph3r. There it was again, the same shallow breathing. It made me shiver. 

 Rod, though remained high spirited and began to move forward again. "NOBLE Leader this is four, I have TARTARUS in my sights, preparing to engage." All four of us suddenly grasped the weapons in our hands as a brown blur fell onto Rodriguez sending the man mountain rocketing to the floor and standing on top of him continued to shoot him continuously in the back of the neck where the armour was least, in order to inflict the most pain. I primed my launcher, aimed and Johnathon began to over towards Emile who was now just gloating over Rod whom he'd turned round and was now bullying on the floor. Rod was trying to get him off desperately but Emile had him pinned his knee tightly locked into the giants back and his whole weight pressed on the Giant Spartan. I fired, Emile moved slightly and Corbett soon became my paint missile's now target. It hit home.

 Two Tartarus down, two to go. One by accidental friendly fire. Corbett was lived he threw his gun on the floor and I looked up "Sorry, I missed."
"You think!?"
Emile though turned towards us now me and Cyph3r and The rest of NOBLE team had also arrived Jorge also taking a hit from my paint missile. It was now Carter, Kat, Emile and Thom versus me and Cyph3r. I gulped but all of a sudden two bullets found their marks on Thom and Kat; Tanja now emerged from the shadows with Jasmine her sniper at the other side. "Jun's gone carter."

 A mexican stand off three pairs but Emile still pinning Rod to the ground bullying the giant with physical blows now. I don't know what came over me. I just threw down my gun and charged straight at Emile, a sickening crunch as I wrapped around him and pllucked him off my friend and slammed his back into a tree. The rest stood in horror as I mimicked the blows to the face Emile had given Rod, continuously pounding him against the tree, hearing his helmet knock against the tree's bark and rumble the whole mighty oak. I felt paint hit me but I didn't care, I just continued, heard shouting behind me but didn't stop. Crater tried to pull me off with Cyph3r headbutting him in order to get to me first Tanja, screaming for me to stop and her sniper quickly picking off all the others left in the game. I just couldn't stop...

 Jason soon arrived and shot into the air with a 'real' shotgun, Xiang stood beside him. "Put him down Orso..." she growled as she saw me, she looked at Rod who;s helmet was slightly cracked and dented as he got up and removed it, revealing his brow slightly curly hair. "Ouch." he groaned watching Emile flop to the floor as I let him go and walked away. "THIS IS NO WAY-"
"Don't you dare lecture me about things Carter..." said Xiang quietly but all the more menacing "Your team member disobeyed the rules and took a SICK pleasure in torturing one of my team members, don't you dare lecture me about right, wrong or protocol soldier." I hadn't noticed that Cyh3r had his large machete to Carter's throat at all. Everyone was around now, all the "dead" players came back to our location looking towards the tree which now had a Emile's head sized dent in it and at Rod's helmet. They could see what was going on and Jun, NOBLE's sniper stood beside Corbett "Same as always, eh, Johnny?"
"Better believe it Jun."

 We were all marched from the Training Forge, into Xiangs office. and she sat us all down NOBLE on one side and TARTARUS on the other. A cold air swirled through the dark room. "I'm fed up of this," said the Base Commander lighting a cigarette "I cannot take this stupid rivalry anymore! do you understand." I didn't understand but nodded anyway but Cyph3r growled "Cyph3r, do you understand?" He shook his head and leaning back in his chair, not even looking at the Xiang now "Fuck this, he's an asshole, they're all assholes."
"Excuse me?" yelled NOBLE all rising from their seats.
At Xiangs word they did as commanded and I watched in amazement "We have a funeral tomorrow a massive memorial, you lot ruin it and I swear to God... I will have you all punished the harshest you have ever darn seen!" I gulped, Cyph3r shrugged it off and Carter got up. 

"We don't have to listen to this," he replied "These lot are rude, arrogant and obnoxious with no regards to rules. What Master Chief ever saw in you WOLF I have no idea?"
"Remind you of anyone you know?" I said gesturing towards Emile who's skull face was strange in the rooms twilight state. "You will listen, this is my house and my rules." squawked Xiang "Now all of you get the fuck out!" We all began to walk out single file, heads hung all except Cyph3r who seemed rather impressed with himself. "And Cyph3r..."
"Yes Ma'am?"
"Just because you're screwing me doesn't mean you can screw WITH me, I will cut off your testicles and make you eat them."
The rest of TARTARUS laughed as Cyph3r quickly sprinted out of the room and quickly took the lead on our retreat back to our quarters...