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Thursday, 30 September 2010

BLOG: The first ever delay, so soon...

Due to the extensive work I had to do yesterday with the Halo project, Drawn Together 3 will be published tomorrow morning ahead of Real Game 3 tomorrow night. I'm sorry guys but I'm just wasted :(


P.S: If your on Reach I'm THERE!

BLOG: Yesterday...

Man... yesterday was tough boys, all the stuff for that Pilot of Halo: POR. I mean that was some work I had to do and just as my timer went off *phew* I would've screwed! However, today's all for homework and stuff; Drawn Together 3 should be up too. Can't forget serials, even though I'm really excited for Halo it's all good and stuff but I can't neglect the other stuff. Other Serials are really important must keep to schedules and stuff. Now...
Woah, I'm sooooo tired.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010


(Author's Notes: Dudes IT'S FINALLY HERE! We may not be going straight into it but finally all the creative blue printing is about to be unleashed on the screens of people and dude I hope people are going to love it as much as I'm oing to. So the story follows my Spartan Orso and the journey of Team Tartarus, it's first person so hope you're ready!)

Time: 17:52
Date: January 12th 2552 (4 months and 5 days before Reach falls)
Location: Aboard the UNSC Frigate U.S.S Orchestral, Field Commander Xiang's Office

 I looked at the office door, my huge shadow cast upon it and hand sreached for the intercom. The door opened before I even hit it and Field Commander Xiang was sat in her huge chair, her lips pursed and her eyes transfixed on me. She put her hands together as I came in and saluted. "Helmet off Spartan," she ordered signalling me to put it down on the glass table "I want to look into your eyes as I tell you this." She was Chinese, obvious from the name but her features were sharp and she radiated authority. I thought it best not to try my luck. So, I removed my helmet and watched it glow in the office's limelight a sea foam green hue. "Ma'am." I said proudly as she rose from her desk.

 "So you are the infamous Orso?" she asked me, circling like a tigress gauging her prey. I scoffed the "infamous" she had aded, I wasn't that bad. Well...
"I don't know about infamous Ma'am but I am Bear."
She looked up and down "At ease Spartan." she yelled and I followed the directive. She continued to circle me twice before returning to her desk and beginning her presentation an unfamiliar logo projected infront of her from her desk. "Spartan AH92 Orso, your skills are needed on a mission of grave importance, you're one of the best communication techs ever seen in the UNSC, so, we are re-assigning you." The slide changed slightly as the name 'Team Tartarus' appeared beneath the strange emblem "To Team Tartarus as Tartarus 4." I nodded my head and ran a hand through my long brown shabby hair, which was an uncommon trait for a Spartan. "May I have...some more details Ma'am?" I asked hesitantly, wishing not to over stretch myself into the predatory hands of Xiang "About both the Team and the mission?"

 She smiled, she could see there was sweat on my olive complexion. She was truly terrifying even for a Spartan "Tartarus, itself, is a classified team of specialists or 'renegades' whom handle black ops and U.R.Os: Under the Radar Operations." she changed the slide to a map of a valley on Reach, a small complex located at the western edge which thanks to x-ray now rendering on the image was shown to extend underground to almost the whole valley "at 27:50 hours Reach time a week a go, radios went black with Tartarus. This is not good." I nodded, a lost team of Spartans was never good, especially if her 'renegade' description was accurate "They'd been sent to this ONI facility to relieve it from a local militia coalition; a holy fanatic cult against Human Bio engineering and anti UNSC raided the facility a month before Tartarus went in."

 I coughed "Sounds hot." I replied as she took a sip of water. The slide again changed and she stood up, picked up my heavy helmet with a vast amount of tension in her upper-arms and handed it to me. "Tomorrow at Reach time 01:00, you and ODST troop will drop into the North end of the Valley and enter the facility via this secret hanger..." she pointed out the location now highlighted on the hologram and Tartarus' last known co-ordinates were also displayed "I want you to find Tartarus and re-establish comms with them as well as join the team. Are we understood?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said taking the helmet and putting it back on my green eyes now covered by my visor "Not meaning to be rude but..." I paused "What makes you think they're still alive?" The commander smiled and I looked shocked "Those boys are either skilled, stubborn or just lucky." she stopped and the presentation shut down "They're alive, I know it." she signalled me to leave and I was quick in doing so. I shook my head, I loved orbital dropping in. Just not into Suicide situations...

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #4 Sergeant Orso A.K.A Bear

Name: Orso A.K.A Bear
D.O.B: 3rd September 2531
Age: 21 
Ethnicity: British-Italian
Service Tag: AH92
Rank: Sergeant
Ability: Armour Lock-up
Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: DMR
Grenade Type: Fragmentation
Specialism: Communications Technology & Tech Support

Orso was sold to the Spartan III project by his desperate Mother whom was secretly dying of cancer incurable due to late diagnosis. On November 7th 2531 at two months old, Orso (which translates to “Bear” in Italian) was taken by ONI scientists out of the women’s care and to a secret laboratory.

 Years later, “Bear” as he became commonly known for his kind nature outside of battle and his grizzly nature in combat, showed great aptitude when privately tutored. His specialism became communications after he self taught himself the UNSC standard course in less then three weeks (standard course completion time 2 years) and corrected many mistakes enhancing it and then using his skills to spy on almost the whole of the base but most importantly the female populace including a video link in their showers. By the age of 9, as well as showing great prowess in active combat and having his communication talent discovered; Orso was set into the private tutelage of UNSC Black-ops communication specialists in order to enhance his skills. His abilities grew exponentially. Subjected to the pain-staking modifications now perfected by almost limitless ONI funds at 11, Orso was one of the youngest surviving Spartan III candidates…

 With continuous training and working as a consultant for all UNSC branches in Communications Technology. Bear was ready for active service by 16, the enhancements augmented further due to his body under-going puberty and still not even complete. Thanks to this Bear grew to be huge, even for a Spartan. He was in the field as soon as possible doing covert Black-ops work such as sabotage, setting up communication lines and quietly dealing with insurgent dens.

  Even with this impressive record, Bear soon became a liability. Chauvinistic, loud and with confidence mostly taken for arrogance Orso found himself being transferred to a Team called Tartarus which even with his skills was nothing but a void…

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #3 Lieutenant Johnathon Corbet

Name: Johnathan “John” Corbet
D.O.B: 10/07/2512
Age: 40
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Service Tag: H463
Rank: Lieutenant
Ability: Hologram
Primary Weapon: DMR 
Secondary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Grenade Type: Frag
Specialism: Marksman, Pilot, Covenant Tech Support

Karen Corbet (Johnathan's Mother) died at child birth. Johnathan's Father was a UNSC officer who was KIA (Sgt. Erik Corbet). Sgt. Corbet's Best friend Sgt. Keyes was with Karen at the birth as Erik Could not be there. Keyes then decided rather then make the boy another war orphan to take him to Catherine Halsey. Halsey let John be taken aged 5 to be part of the SPARTAN II Program.

 Johnathan (now H463) excelled greatly in the training exercise Capture The Flag against Tango Company, Despite that fact he was quickly exiled by most other Spartans as his efforts would have cost the team many casualties had that not been a training exercise. Now Exiled by most of the others, Johnathan was only interested in being the most revered marksman in the squad.

Johnathan was one of the 33 to survive the SPARTAN enhancements and now with 30 Spartans dead; Johnathan had lost nearly all of his few friends and after that he went off the rails making him near impossible to work with from then on.

After disciplinary action for “dissent” Johnathon was moved to the Underground team called Tartarus; John became their new marksman and his suicidal tendencies fit in well on their covert missions. He was automatically instated as second in command because of his rank but this is not a task he actually enjoys nor indulges in. 

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #2 Sergeant Rodriguez

Name: Rodriguez (A.K.A Rod)
D.O.B: Unknown
Age: Mid to Late 20’s Unknown
Service Tag: M24
Rank: Sergeant
Ability: Jet Pack
Primary Weapon: Portable Chain Turret
Secondary Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Grenade Type: Standard Fragmentation
Specialism: Heavy Weaponry 

Rodriguez has grown up on Reach, his parents were scientists involved in the Spartan project and submitted their own son to become a Spartan. It was pride that drove them, the prospect to be proud of both their son and their own work. So Rod aged five was subjected to the pain of the Human Genetic Modification that came with becoming a Spartan. 

 In training Rod's preferences always lay within something big and what did lots of damage so he was put into the Spartan: Heavy Armour Unit and trained to wield heavy weapons and demolitions with proficiency. He was a natural and he became a leader within the Unit sought on for both personal and strategic advice. He was respected and he himself respectful. He had become the perfect heavy armour soldier...

 However, while Heavy Armour Unit (H.A.U) was out on patrol after chat over the comms indicated a large, anti-Spartan militia gathering at the beachhead; Rod would see true horror unfold before his very eyes. The chat was a trap, H.A.U had been fooled into going on patrol and by the time they came back Heavy Base was gone and Rad's parents whom were also at the station to not only monitor him but the rest of the H.A.U Spartans were found among the blaze almost burnt beyond recognition. Rod snapped. He became a renegade lone wolf psychopath bent on revenge. He began modifying his own armour and weaponry and was soon out on the field sporting a brand new motto "If I start spraying you better start preying that I don't hit you." And that was to his allies!

 Rodriguez's suicidal and reckless tendencies earned him a one way ticket to top secret Black-Ops outfit Team Tartarus and is now the longest serving member in the "cursed" team as well as becoming the teams Heavy Weapons specialist thanks to his old experience at H.A.U.

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #1Captain Cyph3r

Name: Cyph3r
D.O.B: Unknown
Age: Late 30’s to Early 40’s Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Service Tag: WOLF
Rank: Specialist Captain
Ability: Active Camoflauge
Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun & Machete

Grenade Type: Fragmentation
Specialism: Close Quarter combat

Abandoned as a child, Cyph3r never knew his parents and grew up on Reach alone on Swordbase. It wasn't until a local militia attacked the base and they found the boy. The rebels trained him and gave him the name Wolf for his ability to work both alone and as a team member. He became the militia's secret weapon: The ultimate boy soldier. However, it wasn't destined to last as the UNSC was sent to intervene in the militia's activities and Cyph3r was taken as a prisoner of war...

 Now Wolf didn't care much for authority but after losing a huge amount of friends and calculating that all he'd ever done was fought, he couldn't handle civilian life. So he defected and was put into the Spartan Project and was genetically modified to become one of the best Spartans to ever exist. With a lofty battle record: including serving alongside the infamous Master Chief.

 In combat though, Wolf was still a militia man with no respect for rules, authority and a want to get the job done no matter what. Wolf was soon in military prison for disobedience. He thought personally, that he was never going to get out. It was in this prison that Wolf was visited by top brass and handed the captaincy of a new top secret team for "psychos and misfits" like himself as they said. 

 Apart from this vague description of his life not much else is known about Captain Cyph3r/ Wolf...

BLOG: Spartan Conscription has ended! It's time to get busy!

Hola, well it's time to say this now: SPARTAN CONSCRIPTION HAS ENDED!
Dude, man, holmes that's so relieving and quite exciting at the same time, it means I can start right now with a lot of posts tonight. Revised profiles, plot over view and the pilot chapter are bound to be up tonight; it's now REACH DAY! So much work to be done, I'm well up for it man!
 So, to start this is just the heads up then the profiles are up with an awesome pilot chapter man!
Anyway.... that's all I have to say out of Halo: Prisoners of Reach context just now to do one thing:

  • Paulio
  • Michael (Biomag)
  • Maccers
  • Leeroy
  • Tommy
  • Brookers
  • David
Alright mateys! TIME TO DANCE, I'M ON IT! CIASSOU x

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

BLOG: Spartan Roll Call Ends Wednesday

Due to everything else I've got on, the search fir new Spartans will end TOMORROW! So, I need you all to fill out the profile requirements on my old post and send them to me if you want to be in it to win it. Ha Ha!
We have two takers on cameos:

  • Turner (Tommy Turner)
  • Jonesy (Jack Brooksby)

A pilot Chapter will be released on the Wednesday for Halo: Prisoners of Reach, (with the team being called Tartarus which is the Greek prison in the underworld, the title only makes sense) a small little briefing on everything that's going to happen within my new project. I'm quite excited really and I'm quite excited thanks to the help I'm getting of people like my Xbox buddy Michael Heath, who's going to do a lot of artwork for the whole thing (I owe him a drink, if I'm honest the boy volunteered and everything) so if you see Michael give him a pat on the back.

 OK! Now, Let's talk serials! The release dates for this weeks serials are Thursday 30th for Drawn Together  and Fridat 1st October for Real Game; sweet, huh? I'm going to start putting the next issues date on the bottom of the current issue just to remind everyone and so it's more presentable. Hmmmmm, now anything else dear friends?
AH! Yes! Also as well quick question to you Reach players as well does the Grenadier Helmet have a camera attatchment?? Comment this with your answers, please it's important for the story... Thanks! CIASSOU X!

Monday, 27 September 2010

BLOG: Being ill is boring...

So I've been all this weekend and still am today, admittedly I feel better today then the previous days of infliction and I had a nice time with my girlfriend Jenni nursing me back to health. One thing about illness though, it's boring. I bloody hate being cooped up in bed all day, I can sleep all day (I don't choose to though) but sitting up in bed with all the blockages, the aches and stuff is not my definition of fun and you know it's gone bad if in such a state you can't play Halo: Reach on the Xbox and withdraw to doing your homework. 
 Oh how I've missed blogging these past couple of days been busy, then fell ill and my illness resulted in a late serial which is bad. Bad Adderson, I'll punish myself later. 

 So, I'm still bored, been going over my Halo Fan-Fic though with my friends who are getting involved too, seems we're gunna try and push this one further then any other before it. I already have the first two missions for our fictional team "Tartarus" planned.
 Oh yeah!
We renamed the team Tartarus after the Greek mythological prison for wicked souls; considering all these Spartans in particular are failed team-players or have some sort of problem it fitted and the teams almost done just need Leeroy to hurry, and then I'll post mine.

 The deadline for profiles is this Wednesday so if you still want to be involved get on my previous blog "Calling all Spartans" and fill out the profile we have two takers so far: a Jack Brooksby and Tommy Turner now making cameos so, just a few more should do. 

Anyway, I suppose the boredom I felt from being ill has fuelled alot of productivity. I've done a few bits of homework too as well as blogging stuff. Meh, I'm not coming down with anything any time soon though; Ciassou! x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

SERIAL STORY: Real Game Level 2 - Tutorial Level

(Author's Notes: Dudes sorry it's late, I know it was due out yesterday but I'm ill, still am ill. It's horrible, there was orange snot involved and my head is pounding so if you don't like this chapter or think qualities gone down please forgive me. I love you all and don't mean to upset anyone.)

 Corey's head spun rapidly still as he began to wake, he could feel the cold embrace of metal against his skin and the roar of some sort of engine all around him. His eyes took a while to even open and then they began to adapt to the black, he looked at the frame which surrounded him; it was some sort of cage and he could not find evidence of anyone else within the strange room. "Hello...?" was the only word he could muster his body still lead thanks to the tranquillizer, he tried to move but the frame kept him in check. He was trapped.

 However, Corey could now hear whirring of sorts coming from the darkness. The big mechanical sounds got louder and louder, making Corey feel more and more on edge until he realised that the floor was actually moving. It had split in half and was separating let light fill the chamber and blinding the boy. When he once again opened his eyes, his heart began to race as he realised he was flying through the air! He screamed, cried for help but nothing came to him. He quietened down. It was here that Corey Larrs' life seemed as if it was going to end trapped in some metal framework after being dropped out of some sort of flying vehicle after being abducted from his home after being made to wet himself. "How lame..." he said to himself with a blank look in his eyes "Still a virgin too..." He began to make peace with himself, no prayers just a small recap of everything he'd ever done.
"Welcome to System Test 5.0"
Corey's head rose to meet the voice "What?"
"Corey Larrs' A.K.A Xbox Live Gamertag Collarus, Gamerscore 90,000 now candidate 7654231 apart of System Test 5.0. You have been chosen to test the most advanced weapon on the planet called the system; you've been injected with 3 highly concentrated doses of A.I capable Nano-bots which are now synchronizing with your body," the voice was coming from all around the room and had a robotic feel to it. Corey tried to free himself but the voice continued "Please do not struggle you are a precious commodity the F11 Corporation, the system will allow you to download abilities once out of your reach and allow you to construct things out in the field. These features will only be available once your Nano-bots have enough experience..."
"So like, once they've levelled up?"
"Yes, very much so 7654231. You will soon be shock dropped onto F11 Corp's testing facility were your primary objective is to kill the other 21 testers."
"Yes, kill Mr.Larrs."
"and if I don't?"
"You'll be trapped on the Island forever or the nano-bots will kill you themselves. It is the only way to earn your freedom."
Corey looked down at the jungle that was sailing by his feet, it was taking him a while to process what was happening around him, he gulped and continued to think on it. Although, the more he did, the more he realised he'd been dragged into a real life Xbox live player match. "Mr. Larrs are you ready?" asked the computer rather politely as the cage began to lower itself obviously preparing for "Shock-Drop" Corey closed his eyes, took a breathe and sighed "I believe so."
 The cage shook violently and then there was the sound of clamps being removed and before he himself knew it, COrey LArrs was hurtling through the air down towards the ground...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

SERIAL STORY: Drawn Together II - Virgilio

(Author's Notes: Well the first Serial to actually be serialised, I'm having an awesome day today man. Like, seriously. Applied for NYT, A good day's teaching, Yashin Tomorrow! You may see more creative writing today then just this next chapter! SO MANY IDEAS ARE SWIRLING ROUND MY HEAD, IT'S UNREAL! Ha ha ha ha, Well here goes...)

  Love sat alone in her loft apartment, she called it "her's" but it did belong to her artist Mother. Love's Mother was always off somewhere else; gallivanting across Europe from exhibition to exhibition and not sparing a thought to her teenage daughter at home, alone once again. Except for the cheque sent monthly between destinations, Love's mother really didn't exist and she wasn't actually going to moan about it.
 So there she was, in the apartment, canvas ready and paint brush in hand. All she could do was stare at it and mumble the odd word to herself "Perfect...Hmmm...Perfect?" She continued to pace in front of the canvas and aisle. Still muttering and fluttering her eye lashes over her thick green eyes.
She yelled toppling the canvas with her hand and throwing her brush at the wall and collapsing on her sofa, sighing and looking at her Mother's picture. "Don't look at me like that," she ordered the picture "Don't look at me as if you'd have it done! As if it's easy! It's not, I'm struggling and you're never here!" Love sat up and folded the picture down, so she couldn't see it. She didn't want to, it was annoying her greatly on top of her inability to map out perfection on the canvas. Her eyes just thinned at the picture which now lay on it's face. "You'd just sit here laughing, appalled I could do nothing and the make you're snippy bitchy comments." Love adopted a pose her mother would often take when ridiculing her, wine glass in hand twirling the contents and staring at the canvas with pursed lips. Love had even mastered the tone her Mother would take when finding sick pleasure within mocking her only daughter "Well, what do you expect? You're favourite poet is Virgil... Perfection is yours to command but you just don't have the reach, the scope to make it yours. Silly girl if you cannot push yourself then hang up your brush."
 A tear rolled down from Love's eye. "Virgil... always her stupid obsession with me and..." she picked up her brush suddenly and got her canvas back up once again. "Virgil, my bigest inspiration and Dante's guide through the inferno...pure light, the guide through the darkness. Perfection surrounded by chaos and distortion. His name shall be that of my perfection." She was drawing now, just drawing the paint flowing from the brush, the newest addition to her own body that danced across the canvas. The shape of a boy taking form. She looked at him, her boy on the page "Virgilio..." She began to colour, detail & plan all the characteristics of her very own guide through the darkness. "The perfect...companion..." she murmured to herself.  Music blared in the background. Her eyes all a light as she stepped back from the finished article...

She smiled at the canvas full of pride and vigour as she circled around it, observing it all. Taking it all in, enjoying it all as the imaginary figure of her Mother wandered off into the kitchen, muttering in disgust that she'd been proven wrong.  Love's smile almost cracked her face it was so wide and radiated her love for her piece. She looked at the clock. "OH IT'S 5AM!?" she yelled frantically making her way to her bedroom and getting ready for bed, cursing under her breathe as she lay her head down to rest and fell asleep almost instantly due to the exhaustion of having painted for so long...

 When her alarm clock went offf (at 7.30am) it was not a very welcome sound, Love threw it across her room and disgruntled got out of bed walking across the apartment towards the bathroom, the smell of bacon in the air, toast and a boy standing over the stove in her kitchen. She paused and walked backwards. She rubbed her eyes just in case but there was a boy in her kitchen cooking, a very familiar boy that lead her to check her canvas... empty. "OH MY GOD!" she screamed running around the apartment "YOU'RE VIRGILIO? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY KITCHEN! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!" she bumped into the boy and looked up to him...

"Well it's nice to meet you too," laughed Virgilio "I'm Virgilio Romano." he held her up as her breathe and heart began to race, her face pale and her eyes wide with surprise. "I KNOW I DREW YOU!" she yelled in his face, spitting all over him; he wiped himself down and laughed again at her "Yeah, I know." Silence...

 "How do you like you're eggs, Love?" he asked, a quick peck on the head to accompany it.
"Sunny side up." she replied...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

BLOG: CALLING ALL SPARTANS (I.e Reach playing wannabes)

Well, well, well another blog in such a short space of time? Madness I say! Nay, it is a ploy, a ploy, a ploy! No, it's just me sending out a shout actually to all the Halo: Reach players out there whom have taken a liking to my fan ficiton idea, I know you're out there...

The thing is a team of four or five Spartan's isn't going to be enough for my fan-fiction we're going to have to see more Spartans (or Spartan IIs) within the fan fiction with cameos from Noble Team, Keyes, Halsey and many other special guests. We need some more Spartans, it's fair enough to say. So all you Halo: reach players now have the opportunity to become a cameo character in my fan ficition.

 Here's all you have to do friends, fill in this form & leave it as a comment on the blog with your Spartan's picture (available from or send me the form and picture as a Facebook Message:
Service Tag:
Rank: (Can be any Rank or Live rank not too fussed)
Ability: (I.e jet pack etc. Sprint and Dodge are universal and do not count)
Primary Weapon: (Only one rule: can't be covenant weapons)
Secondary Weapon: (Only one rule: can't be covenant weapons)Grenade Type:
Specialism: (e.g: Communications, Recon, Close Quaters. You get it?)
Biography: (Totally up to you guys)

BLOG: Well, Well...

Hmmmmm, well it looks as though I got my dates wrong once again dearies; I got all excited for releasing a Serial and now... it's not till tomorrow nevermind, nothing to do tomorrow. Excited for tomorrow though, not only do I teach almost all day and especially with my gifted and talented year 10s on this awesome Drama piece but it also marks one day till I go see Yashin with my best friend Paul and my girlfriend Jenni. Good times.

Hmmmmm, well well and apologies dear people for not being around on Sunday, was very busy busy getting back from Paul's, Paper-round and the like y'know how it is nowadays. Places to go, people to see and life being ever so fast that one can never slow down.

 A good example is Paul actually the dude hardly sleeps, he's concerned he'll miss something (not that he's trying so hard to level up on Reach recently) which is fair enough but I'd die without my bed. Yum, bed.

 Anyway besides the point, well does this blog even have a point really? As in really? suppose I'm just wasting time, putting off work, reminding myself and you that this is here really. Need to network. May also write a story tonight as our own fictional ending to Measure For Measure by Shakespeare. Dave's taking the Zombie Apocalypse route. I'm thinking more Pokemon battle to the finish a bit of sex here and there (F'nah! F'nah! for you Drewster) and maybe the death of one or two people whom really annoy me (Isabella be ready villain!)

Anyway, Ciassou guys. Add's out until his works done! SKA-DOOOOOOSH!

Monday, 20 September 2010

BLOG: A Modern Day Miracle

A little epiphany, a small tiny realisation as I'm sat here on. A miracle happens everyday... y'know? Now, I'm not talking about the whole feed the 5000 thing or the parting of some river. I'm talking about something, something huge. Something that happens possibly everyday...

 It's the fact that people have massive things happen in their life and some of it isn't really that great, it's rubbish and it could be so easy for them to just give up and just die inside, turn cold towards the world, be bitter and never move on. Yet, they don't. That's amazing don't you think?

 The fact that someone can drop all the rubbish that's happened in their life, sit there and not let that sort of stuff weigh them down, when that is so easy to do. The thing is if there is a God; she's (it's going to be a woman guys so all those sexist jokes are going to come full circle) not going to just let us be angry at the world and get away with it. You can't pray to God, the spirit or the whatever's up there to give you what you want; if you could it'd mean nothing but a quick prayer to get our way.

 It's like they say in Evan Almighty "If we pray to god for courage, will he give us courage or give us the opportunity to be brave?" That makes sense, it's probable and if you're like me and don't believe you know what... that's realistic, isn't it? To not ask or expect what you want, but to take the chance to get it. So in the end you can't blame the thing in the sky for what you've done, it's your fault. So it's not God punishing you. It's you missing your chance.

 So just remember everyday, somewhere the modern day miracle happens; someone, somewhere, forgets the problems that come with their past and moves on. Stands on their own two feet and dives back into life. Instead of dying like it's so easy to do.

Drawn  Together's out tomorrow. It's Add, Ciassou! xx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

BLOG: Halo Fan-Fic & stuff

Well, well doing alright ain't I? 2 out of 4 character profiles for my Halo: Reach fan-fiction . Gotta love Reach and my serials seem to be getting some sort of response. So, I'm feeling good about myself at the moment! This blog isn't a waste of time and me and my mates are going to enjoy this Reach Fan-fic.

 Only thing is I don't want to call the Team within the story Wolf Team cause Paul's character is also known as Wolf, but changing the team name also means a need for a change in title; so I need some help. Yeah, that's right; from you.

 Now if you know me well, I'm not usually one to ask for help but I do really need it I've hit a block with the two aforementioned problems:

  • A new team name
  • A new story title
So what I need you guys to do is help me out by commenting this post (on blogger not on facebook) with your suggestions and I'll take the best ones and use them obviously; you never know you may even appear in the story? Who knows.

 Also! Before I forget (cue slipknot song, JOKES!) reminder of the release dates of everything:

Release Dates:
Drawn Together 2 - Virgilio  = Wednesday 22nd
Real Game Level Two - Tutorial =  Saturday 25th
Halo: Fangs of Reach = Waiting on Leeroy

Thursday, 16 September 2010

SERIAL STORY: Real Game Level 1 - New Game

(Author's Notes: Ok, so was reminiscing about the good old days of Metal Gear Solid and old Halo featuring Cortana who is in fact probably the most annoying thing ever but a big source of inspiration for this serial, as well as though, my Xbox and my friends. Well this is kind've a story who think cause they're good at COD they can join the army as well. This one has many sources of inspiration. So... here goes...)

 Corey Larrs believe it or not is a cool kid, he manages to juggle working at a local cafe, being star of his sports team and school all in one hand. He's the jock, the heart-throb but has never been the bully. He was never into that kind of thing and he himself is rather mature for his age at just 16 with all those hormones flying about. Even though he's the schools most sought after bachelor; the boy has never actually kissed ago let alone hit a home run. So brimming with confidence, academic as well there's not a lot going wrong for Corey at all. Or is there?

 Corey had a secret. A massive secret. So much so that if it got out, his school life would never be the same ever again. This secret was that Corey was actually a massive video game nerd. He was the legendary gamer Colarrus whom has actually reached the top three on the leaderboard of every top title release since he was 13; has an average kill to death ratio of 25:0 and then a collective achievement score of 75,000. Corey is actually the type of boy, who boys like him should beat up and that's why he is like he is because he could've been that little guy. That nerd that no one liked but he's not and what's about to happen to him now is totally out of this world...

 It was a normal day at East Beach High School; the sun was out and the boys were in their shorts with everyone talking about what was going to happen this weekend or what had happened the weekend before. One boy, stood waiting at the football field ready though he was scrawny a ball already at his feet and the rest of the team making their way towards him, not in their kit but making a racket about how shocked they were he was there.
"Don't you have a home to go to Larrs? Or maybe a girlfriend?" asked the ringleader at the head, smiling to himself as he tried to get that jealous little low blow into the conversation. "I practice Nick, that's why I run CIRCLES AROUND YOU!" yelled Corey dribbling the ball around the pack of boys laughing to himself "Maybe one day with ALOT of practice even YOU will be as good as ME!" The pack's laughter turned at Nick and the boy stormed off while the rest looked at Corey who was now walking towards them, ball under arm and beaming with a smile: "You guys don't have to stay, I'm about to leave anyway been at it since 4th period, I had study this afternoon."

 The boys obeyed him as if he had commanded them, they walked back towards the school with him parting ways with him at the dressing room where he showered, changed and leapt onto his BMX for a sprint home. He threw the bike down, ran upstairs and fired up his Xbox. "Shit, shit, shit!" he groaned to himself as he searched high and low for his controller before a voice rang out from his TV...

"Colarrus! You there? Co? Co?" came the feminine voice searching for the boy still scavaging around his bedroom for his controller and headset, he let out a small shrill of delight as he found it under his bed and in his rush to get it out from there; there was a crash. Corey had hit his head. "AWWWWW! FUCK! I'm here..." he whimpered scratching his head as the girl in the headset laughed to herself at his misfortune.
"So, CoCo you ready?"
"Hell yeah!" yelled Corey to the Tv!

 It must've been hours before Corey checked the clock realising the time he panicked looking at the time once again to confirm it. "Oh Ivy, I have to jet!" He recieved no reply... just static. "I? Ivy?" he queried his friend still not responding to any sort of call. Corey then felt on edge, there was a chilly feeling now in the room. He looked around putting the controller down and surveying his room for the presence he could feel. "Mum? Is that you?" there was a noise! Corey darted his eyes to the window, and then from nowhere a man in all black hit him round the face. He went down, dizzy with the man holding a gun a gun at him. Corey panicked trying desperately to scramble to his feet. He tried to no avail. The gun went of and Corey all of a sudden felt sleepy, his shorts suddenly feeling warm as the tranquillizer ran through his blood stream.

 Corey could see another shadow creeping into his room "You get him? Oh, ha ha clean up on isle nerd..." the two shadows laughed "I love it when the tranqs make 'em do that."

BLOG: New Serial! Halo: Fangs of Reach & Release Dates!

Well, I've had a new serial idea since getting Halo reach as all Spartan's are now customizable you could make so many characters for a story, Reach is so big that you could make so many stories. So my idea was a fan-fiction involving mine and my friends Spartans from Reach putting them into a fictional team and making their own adventure leading up to and during the events of Reach. So here it is:

On Reach there is a secret team which if you get posted to you are destined to die; this team is called Team Wolf, a secret black ops unit who do all the dirty little jobs the UNSC can't do and it falls into this group of misfits hands to get the job done. After a catastrophic mission the Wolves suffer heavy fatalities and a new man fresh of the bat is transferred to them. We follow him as he goes on adventures leading up to and during the events of the game Reach and takes on all sorts of enemies in a strong series of stories about bravery, comradeship and war.

  That's the summary for my new fan-fic of Halo, however though need to inform you of some important news; Next weeks release dates for all three serials!

Release Dates:
Drawn Together = Wednesday 22nd
Real Game = (Need to do today's really) should be around Saturday 25th
Halo: Fangs of Reach = Pending need the other character profiles, 1 down 3 to go!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

BLOG: Blogging and Journalism (& a wee bit about keyboard warriors)

So, I'm currently in a discusion with someone which started off as Blogger vs. Wordpress which now turned into Blogging Vs. Journalism. Ok... but one question, if I may? How are they really so different?  Cause they aren't you write something, you publish it, you want people to red it to be informed of something, someone. Ok, so the papers are looking to sell so are a lot more selective then we are but the thing is and yes, I'm going to throw it out there; aren't we all? Historians, lawyers, journalists, bloggers we all grasp onto our opinion and gather any sort of evidence that supports it rather then disregards. We ignore that.

 Now the person said that Bloggers don't shock (ok, some bloggers are shocking...) but we do we shock people everyday with what we write about, sex, violence... and so do newspapers! It sells people love it! He also said they are more "twisted" fact then expressions of  opinion: watch this.

 Now I could if I was a newspaper and wanted to twist the facts on Wayne Rooney's affair and headline it:
or infact voice my opinion via my headline and my writing style like, all smart writers should you know pen is mightier then the sword they say so in theory it hurts more:
there, no twisting of facts just my words and we do that in blogs! Some kid writes about space marines becoming some staple of western society (i.e if you live in Mordor and never come out your room cause you play world of warcraft) which no one cares about! We scream, we yell over the internet like Newspapers and magazines do.

 Now I'm not telling you to believe everything you read in the paper as if it's the gospel of Paul and all but y'know I just want you to think about it next time and go "aaaahh, there's an element of truth in this" and look around shop around for new ideas. We bloggers are no different in the fact we want to inform you about something and get you to think about it, go on give it a try.

 The difference between Journalists and Bloggers isn't a chasm to leap, it's a step to take.
Ciassou! x

P.S Kids, don't be keyboard warriors, it's not safe cause there are people on the internet who will gladly find out where you live take a photo of your house and post it to you just so you know that they know where you live. Lesson to survive this cruel wicked world: Don't take on someone on the Internet you couldn't take on in real life.FACT! (Unless sea or land border seperate you! xD lol)

BLOG: New Serial Idea & an Apology

So, I was playing Halo: Reach last night as you saw from my little blog about it. It was funny it was almost like a little review but... anyway, I came up with a small idea for a new serial and that was to base a Reach Fan-ficton on the Spartans of me and my friends. I think that sounds pretty cool. Some will say nerdy. Who cares?

 Anyway... today I'll probably post up the character profile's of the three Spartans and any of my mates whom join in the action will be added as the story goes along I think. I have the basic ideas and principles ready. Now all that's left to do is put it onto paper and make it look epic starting with the character profiles today which I shall send copies to Beans and Paulio today once I've created the template.

 Sounds fun.

This post also has another purpose though, I failed to do something last night (well I was there but not quick enough) and left Tanja in the lerch. This is a public apology like no other. Look, T I'm sorry. I should've been quicker and I should've been there because I promised you and I love talking to you and your bird (lol). So please forgive me and I'll try and catch you today if possible.
Thanks :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


As soon as Halo: Reach came I phoned my buddy Paul (represented by the white Spartan on the far right) and we got so excited. Paul was bummed because his hadn't come but it's a fricking awesome game the graphics are stunning, forge world is immense and the customizable Spartans are a god send. Who hasn't wanted to design a fricking Spartan since playing Halo!?
 So you have me in the green, Maccers orange and Paul white as always. Addz, Mack & Wolf if you follow the service tags, now I'm loving Reach so far and I haven't even played that much but what's getting to me is how hard the fricking game actually is! It's so damn hard! Like MAJOR HARD! Legendary is impossible in some scenarios and there's parts of you that want to scream and die and in the words of the great Maccers himself scream "OOOOOH YEEEEEAH!" at the top of your voice cause as soon as you respawn, facing A.I. So, the games frustrating awesome but frustrating and now I can't get my limited edition content because Halo: Waypoint crashed on me and now I can't get my elite armour or my Falcon Avatar accessory what a douche. 
 However, I'm not slating the game it's epic and with a bit of training (and less lag cause everyone in the world's playing) I think me and my two good friends are going to OWN on this game. Like the ultimate team of Yipeekaiyay! Me the rookie; Maccers spraying and praying; and Paul's lone wolf crazy stuff. I think it's going to be a gaming experience to remember!

SERIAL STORY: Drawn Together I - Love

(Author's Notes: Wow, dude... this is big. If you haven't experience my writing style before you should be informed that I like to start out with a tiny passage called "Author's notes" just some explantions into where I get my ideas maybe a little anecdote or two but hey-ho! This is my FIRST story on the Authorial, not just any story but the DEBUT of one of my first serials Drawn Together, this story is a bit of a play on words really I just hope you enjoy reading it as much as I'm bound to enjoy writing it. :] Ciassou!)

 She sat down at the table, with her phone by her ear chatting away to whom ever was down the line. It was a bright, sunny day that day at school, the sun shone and it's rays tickled the bare skin of those who ventured out into it's embrace. However, the girl still sat poised, on the phone chatting away occasionally flicking the ginger fringe of her two-toned hair out the way of her eyes and laughed to the phone. She stared out across the landscape of the school, watching the other members of the student body and sighed to herself as she bade farewell to whoever was on the and put it in her pocket.

 She looked around, ruffled her hair and then stood up picking up her bag. She preferred solitude greatly to the jungle that was the school grounds and often found empty classrooms to seek comfort and asylum in but as she explored the school for a sanctuary, people cowered from her, hurled abuse at her and none ever came to stand by her side as her friend. The fact was, in plain terms the girl was a loner and she didn't really seem to care. she just flicked her hair at them and laughed in their face. For she feigned strength when lack of companionship was actually what upset her most in the world. She had no one to turn to, no one to love or love her. She was a pure lone-wolf in a school where loners were put down and abused for the fun of it.

 Her name, ironically was Love. She was against the social norm: strange coloured hair, clothes that made her comfy not cool; a lover of heavy music; a lover of allegorical poetry; and in fact a lover of video games and all manner of alternate things. She however, like her names sake was loving and kind and pretty but fear of the different motivates teenagers. Teenagers never like change. it also didn't help she was the new kid on the block, just fresh in from down south on the coast to the hustle and bustle of the big city. She sighed as she put her headphones in to drown out the abuse...

"You dirty greb!"
"Same old shit on a different day," she groaned barging her way past her tormentors, in a soft uncaring voice. She just wanted somewhere, somewhere to herself. Somewhere which was what she was used to before class started. So she could think, she turned into a room which by the looks of it was empty, creeping in to inspect it before finally crossing the boundary and becoming an intruder. There was a pause, nothing and then Love felt a large force crash into the back of her and send her forward past the boundary: "HEY! WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT YOU-?"
"Miss Erskiss! Ever so sorry!" came a young voice from behind the tall pile of books that somebody was suspending in mid-air "Very sorry, could you please give me aid?" Love took some books, so the poor man could see where he was going and Mr. Thurwell, Love's theatre studies teacher looked at her strangely "It's not often I get Upper Sixth girls bumping into me you know, are you alright?" Love laughed to her slightly, she looked around and the room was empty apart from the two "Please excuse me sir but I believe it was you who did the bumping." she shot him a cold stare and sat down.  The teacher laughed "Looking for a sanctuary are we?" and left Love to ponder the thought, she did and the bell rang. Time for art.

 Love sat alone in art, at the back, out of the way and just did as she did best, sketch, doodle you name it and the girl could do it a natural with creativity. she never listened just got on with her projects mostly based on her own poems or that of her favourite poets. She looked around as the music once again screeched in her ears and she smiled. She was enjoying herself ever so slightly, the end of the lesson was getting nearer and with every second her canvas became more and more her imagination. A step closer to completion. 

 The teacher had other plans though, she stopped the class of 10 and made them look towards the front SMART board. Written in huge letters was the word "PERFECT" Miss Gameandwatch smiled to her students and began in her usualhigh pitched dramatic manner: "Class can any of you tell me what 'Perfect' is?" No one put their hand up and Love not bothered with her teachers dramatics just carried on with her work, her and Miss Gameandwatch were not the best of friends "Miss Erskiss?" Love took one headphone out of her ear and looked toward the teacher paint brush in hand, she looked around for help but no one came to her aid "What's Perfect Miss Erskiss?" 
"Something without flaw or blemish, something lovable and never dislikeable."
"Very well explained Love, very poetic and this notion is going to be your independent project.-"
"All our projects are independent." sneered Love.
"Well Miss Erskiss, your new project is about PERFECTION! I WANT IT BY NEXT WEEK YOUR DEFINITION OF PERFECTION ON CANVAS!" Miss Gameandwatch danced out the classroom after that and Love pulled a face that could only spell confusion. She'd never thought about what could be perfect in her life, she'd like to not be alone. For her, that would be perfect...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

BLOG: Release Dates!

ALRIGHT! IT'S HERRRRRRRE! (Yeah, that's what I'm going to say tomorrow when Halo: Reach comes and then I realise I can;t play because I'm busy *sigh*)

 Anyway, just here to tell you that I've set the release dates for the first two chapters of each of my serials, I think these are going to be wicked so please, go grab your planner and a pen; note these dates down. Also, note how this is so unlike me, this is how serious this is getting ha ha.

 Anyway, again straying off subject:

  • Chapter 1 of 'Drawn Together' (the one I have the more idea's for) is set for publishing on Tuesday 14th September
  • Chapter 2 of 'Real Game' (slight name change due to the lack of imagination in the previous I thought I'd go for abit of an oxymoron approach to the situation) is set for Thursday 16th September
Ok so, I'm abiding by those deadlines also toying with the idea of doing my own Journalism pieces as I'm now also toying with taking Journalism at Aberdeen in order to live with Beans. Ha ha. (my friend Mackenzie who we're seeing off tomorrow, I'm going to miss him) Check the last Blog 'Habit & Summaries' in order to have a look at the two serials rough summaries and make your minds up on them my chumly wums! Until those Serials then... CIASSOU!

Oh P.S; probably won't post tomorrow with Reach and Maccers' do tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

BLOG: Habit & Summaries

Well, posting everyday is a beach however; gets me in the habit of things and reminds me this bad boy is here currently with Jenni and Paul about to have a film fest after last nights festivities. Should be very very fun. Although this is not why this blog is being blogged though, in fact... why is this blog being blogged at all really? The answer is simples; I have some plot summaries for the first two possible serials and I would love some feedback. So y'know here goes and all, that idea sharing lark...

'Drawn Together'
 Love is an average teenage girl, whom hits the wrong side of the social classing: she listens to rock music, loves allegorical poetry and prefers clothes that make her comfortable not cool. She intimidates the boys, is a genius and in the end has never been a relationship. Ever. So using her skills at art, she picks up the pencil and draws what in her minds eye is her perfect boyfriend; Virgilio.
 When she wakes up the next morning she is both shocked and surprised at the fact Virgilio is sat in her room waiting for her and very much a real person, not some lines on a page. A whirlwind adventure that all started with a feeling of isolation...

 The world's best gamers are abducted and put on an island to test out the newest innovation in gaming but also the worlds newest weapon; "the system." A system of nano robots that allow people to download abilities and create weapons or items the 'combatants' need.  The gamers are now forced to take on the lives of the other gamers also marooned on the island in order to win their own freedom
 We follow the story of Corey Larrs A.k.a the infamous gamer Colarrus as he battles with psychopathic nerds using downloaded abilities such as skateboarding, kendo and even sign language? A battle royal with infinite possibility ensues as the game becomes a harsh and deadly reality.

Still in the developing stages but I'm kind've happy with the small ideas I have. I want to develop them though, exciting huh?

 Comment with your own suggestions, ideas etc and I'll try to take the bad boys on board. Till later as I'm still watching youth gone wild! LOL! Well, laters... CIASSUO!

Friday, 10 September 2010

BLOG: Knowing one's limit!

Hi, Adderson again no stories as of yet to post just all the set up stuff and information for you; the adoring public and so I can just nimble up my fingers (Te he) to the keyboard.
 So, I've been doing a lot of thinking concerning this blog like the stories, the layout, the post content and indeed about my self and my own limitations. You see with A level homework and the like I can't exactly post willy nilly now. I can only post when I can, as I also have Halo: Reach on pre-order! So, calculating all of this into the equation related to my blogging; I've taken a leaf out of my mate Maccers' book and decided that setting myself a target is probably the best option.
 Ok, so my blog is archived weekly so my target must also be weekly.
So... here goes, this is it; my promise to you is...

"I will try to post at least two parts of a serial story a week, with a proper release date (no pressure) and everything. One-off stories will be at least once a week due to the fact I'll be concentrating on the serial and I'll BLOG whenever I'm feeling it."

That fair enough chums??
Comment and stuff if you want to with any ideas and the like cause I'm really interested in your feedback :)
So, till next time my friends... CIASSOU!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

BLOG: Welcome to The Authorial

Well hi there, I'm Adderson and this is my blog: "The Adderson Authorial."  I'm using half an hour before dinner to write this little snippet in order to... 'educate' you on how this is going to work (hopefully) and what I plan to actually achieve out of doing this. Y'know, right?

 So first things, first: what's this blog actually for? Well, the answer in short is this: PERSONAL STATEMENT. I love writing and I do write a lot and I mentioned this fact within the aforementioned document and my teacher jumped straight on that band wagon and said "include more even link it, it means you're hip blogging." So I thought "Yeah! Let's do it man! Woop Woop!" then came the sudden realisation that all my creative writing is in fact on Facebook. Bummer. Bearing in mind people are getting fired for what happens on Facebook, I would like the University to see my creative talents; not my projectile vomiting after a night out on the tiles. So hence I created this blog to try and 'show-case' my talent let's say...

So here's how this is going to work; the blog's going to be split into two categories of posts:
  1. STORIES:  This is what this blog is actually for and I will set myself a target (which I will later tell you) and then aim to meet that target: these are creative proses of my own making no plaguerism I swear. At the top they'll contain a small section of Author's Notes and then I'll crack on into the story. I may use different sources of inspiration  and may use somethings that don't belong to me i.e pictures and characters from games etc. If they do not belong to me I'll write a disclaimer at the end. Fair enough, hairy muff? Note also these will have "STORY:" actually in the title and there will be two different kinds of story: "SERIAL" which is a series of stories most probably enkeeping with the same plot and "One-off" stand alone stories.
  2. BLOGS: When I can't get any inspiration I'll just write a blog for you, it could be anything from a diary entry to an article about something or other. they maybe interesting they'll have "BLOG:" in the title like this very blog does, how sweet is that!?
Ok, so I'm hoping this was educational and you get me now and get a flavour of me in this; there's already lots in the making including my already in-development serial called "Drawn Together". A one-off called "When a tree falls in a forest" is also coming soon.

 So hope you've enjoyed this little introduction to the page, hoping to get this page vamped up alot better thanks to the help of my friend Paul and for now... Ciassou!