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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

BLOG: Blogging and Journalism (& a wee bit about keyboard warriors)

So, I'm currently in a discusion with someone which started off as Blogger vs. Wordpress which now turned into Blogging Vs. Journalism. Ok... but one question, if I may? How are they really so different?  Cause they aren't you write something, you publish it, you want people to red it to be informed of something, someone. Ok, so the papers are looking to sell so are a lot more selective then we are but the thing is and yes, I'm going to throw it out there; aren't we all? Historians, lawyers, journalists, bloggers we all grasp onto our opinion and gather any sort of evidence that supports it rather then disregards. We ignore that.

 Now the person said that Bloggers don't shock (ok, some bloggers are shocking...) but we do we shock people everyday with what we write about, sex, violence... and so do newspapers! It sells people love it! He also said they are more "twisted" fact then expressions of  opinion: watch this.

 Now I could if I was a newspaper and wanted to twist the facts on Wayne Rooney's affair and headline it:
or infact voice my opinion via my headline and my writing style like, all smart writers should you know pen is mightier then the sword they say so in theory it hurts more:
there, no twisting of facts just my words and we do that in blogs! Some kid writes about space marines becoming some staple of western society (i.e if you live in Mordor and never come out your room cause you play world of warcraft) which no one cares about! We scream, we yell over the internet like Newspapers and magazines do.

 Now I'm not telling you to believe everything you read in the paper as if it's the gospel of Paul and all but y'know I just want you to think about it next time and go "aaaahh, there's an element of truth in this" and look around shop around for new ideas. We bloggers are no different in the fact we want to inform you about something and get you to think about it, go on give it a try.

 The difference between Journalists and Bloggers isn't a chasm to leap, it's a step to take.
Ciassou! x

P.S Kids, don't be keyboard warriors, it's not safe cause there are people on the internet who will gladly find out where you live take a photo of your house and post it to you just so you know that they know where you live. Lesson to survive this cruel wicked world: Don't take on someone on the Internet you couldn't take on in real life.FACT! (Unless sea or land border seperate you! xD lol)

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