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Saturday, 11 September 2010

BLOG: Habit & Summaries

Well, posting everyday is a beach however; gets me in the habit of things and reminds me this bad boy is here currently with Jenni and Paul about to have a film fest after last nights festivities. Should be very very fun. Although this is not why this blog is being blogged though, in fact... why is this blog being blogged at all really? The answer is simples; I have some plot summaries for the first two possible serials and I would love some feedback. So y'know here goes and all, that idea sharing lark...

'Drawn Together'
 Love is an average teenage girl, whom hits the wrong side of the social classing: she listens to rock music, loves allegorical poetry and prefers clothes that make her comfortable not cool. She intimidates the boys, is a genius and in the end has never been a relationship. Ever. So using her skills at art, she picks up the pencil and draws what in her minds eye is her perfect boyfriend; Virgilio.
 When she wakes up the next morning she is both shocked and surprised at the fact Virgilio is sat in her room waiting for her and very much a real person, not some lines on a page. A whirlwind adventure that all started with a feeling of isolation...

 The world's best gamers are abducted and put on an island to test out the newest innovation in gaming but also the worlds newest weapon; "the system." A system of nano robots that allow people to download abilities and create weapons or items the 'combatants' need.  The gamers are now forced to take on the lives of the other gamers also marooned on the island in order to win their own freedom
 We follow the story of Corey Larrs A.k.a the infamous gamer Colarrus as he battles with psychopathic nerds using downloaded abilities such as skateboarding, kendo and even sign language? A battle royal with infinite possibility ensues as the game becomes a harsh and deadly reality.

Still in the developing stages but I'm kind've happy with the small ideas I have. I want to develop them though, exciting huh?

 Comment with your own suggestions, ideas etc and I'll try to take the bad boys on board. Till later as I'm still watching youth gone wild! LOL! Well, laters... CIASSUO!

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