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Saturday, 18 September 2010

BLOG: Halo Fan-Fic & stuff

Well, well doing alright ain't I? 2 out of 4 character profiles for my Halo: Reach fan-fiction . Gotta love Reach and my serials seem to be getting some sort of response. So, I'm feeling good about myself at the moment! This blog isn't a waste of time and me and my mates are going to enjoy this Reach Fan-fic.

 Only thing is I don't want to call the Team within the story Wolf Team cause Paul's character is also known as Wolf, but changing the team name also means a need for a change in title; so I need some help. Yeah, that's right; from you.

 Now if you know me well, I'm not usually one to ask for help but I do really need it I've hit a block with the two aforementioned problems:

  • A new team name
  • A new story title
So what I need you guys to do is help me out by commenting this post (on blogger not on facebook) with your suggestions and I'll take the best ones and use them obviously; you never know you may even appear in the story? Who knows.

 Also! Before I forget (cue slipknot song, JOKES!) reminder of the release dates of everything:

Release Dates:
Drawn Together 2 - Virgilio  = Wednesday 22nd
Real Game Level Two - Tutorial =  Saturday 25th
Halo: Fangs of Reach = Waiting on Leeroy


  1. Team Name suggestions bud:
    B.O.B- Best Of Breed / The Lost Boys

    Story Title:
    Touch and Go
    hope this helps bud
    from cavus

  2. Team Name: MYTH (Slogan: Merc'in' Y'all To Hell ;D)

    Story Title: The Reach Mythos

    Also I'm gonna be really anal and say, there's no chance it'll fit into the canon, but I'll overlook that with some good writing. ;)

  3. it's not meant to fit in it's a parrallel story line