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Monday, 20 September 2010

BLOG: A Modern Day Miracle

A little epiphany, a small tiny realisation as I'm sat here on. A miracle happens everyday... y'know? Now, I'm not talking about the whole feed the 5000 thing or the parting of some river. I'm talking about something, something huge. Something that happens possibly everyday...

 It's the fact that people have massive things happen in their life and some of it isn't really that great, it's rubbish and it could be so easy for them to just give up and just die inside, turn cold towards the world, be bitter and never move on. Yet, they don't. That's amazing don't you think?

 The fact that someone can drop all the rubbish that's happened in their life, sit there and not let that sort of stuff weigh them down, when that is so easy to do. The thing is if there is a God; she's (it's going to be a woman guys so all those sexist jokes are going to come full circle) not going to just let us be angry at the world and get away with it. You can't pray to God, the spirit or the whatever's up there to give you what you want; if you could it'd mean nothing but a quick prayer to get our way.

 It's like they say in Evan Almighty "If we pray to god for courage, will he give us courage or give us the opportunity to be brave?" That makes sense, it's probable and if you're like me and don't believe you know what... that's realistic, isn't it? To not ask or expect what you want, but to take the chance to get it. So in the end you can't blame the thing in the sky for what you've done, it's your fault. So it's not God punishing you. It's you missing your chance.

 So just remember everyday, somewhere the modern day miracle happens; someone, somewhere, forgets the problems that come with their past and moves on. Stands on their own two feet and dives back into life. Instead of dying like it's so easy to do.

Drawn  Together's out tomorrow. It's Add, Ciassou! xx

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  1. I always used to linger in the past, but I've taken on a 'C'est La Vie' attitude as of late. It's all about the future, not the past.

    In the words of The Ramones: 'I don't care about history, 'cause that's not where I wanna be'