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Thursday, 16 September 2010

BLOG: New Serial! Halo: Fangs of Reach & Release Dates!

Well, I've had a new serial idea since getting Halo reach as all Spartan's are now customizable you could make so many characters for a story, Reach is so big that you could make so many stories. So my idea was a fan-fiction involving mine and my friends Spartans from Reach putting them into a fictional team and making their own adventure leading up to and during the events of Reach. So here it is:

On Reach there is a secret team which if you get posted to you are destined to die; this team is called Team Wolf, a secret black ops unit who do all the dirty little jobs the UNSC can't do and it falls into this group of misfits hands to get the job done. After a catastrophic mission the Wolves suffer heavy fatalities and a new man fresh of the bat is transferred to them. We follow him as he goes on adventures leading up to and during the events of the game Reach and takes on all sorts of enemies in a strong series of stories about bravery, comradeship and war.

  That's the summary for my new fan-fic of Halo, however though need to inform you of some important news; Next weeks release dates for all three serials!

Release Dates:
Drawn Together = Wednesday 22nd
Real Game = (Need to do today's really) should be around Saturday 25th
Halo: Fangs of Reach = Pending need the other character profiles, 1 down 3 to go!

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