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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

BLOG: New Serial Idea & an Apology

So, I was playing Halo: Reach last night as you saw from my little blog about it. It was funny it was almost like a little review but... anyway, I came up with a small idea for a new serial and that was to base a Reach Fan-ficton on the Spartans of me and my friends. I think that sounds pretty cool. Some will say nerdy. Who cares?

 Anyway... today I'll probably post up the character profile's of the three Spartans and any of my mates whom join in the action will be added as the story goes along I think. I have the basic ideas and principles ready. Now all that's left to do is put it onto paper and make it look epic starting with the character profiles today which I shall send copies to Beans and Paulio today once I've created the template.

 Sounds fun.

This post also has another purpose though, I failed to do something last night (well I was there but not quick enough) and left Tanja in the lerch. This is a public apology like no other. Look, T I'm sorry. I should've been quicker and I should've been there because I promised you and I love talking to you and your bird (lol). So please forgive me and I'll try and catch you today if possible.
Thanks :)

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