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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


As soon as Halo: Reach came I phoned my buddy Paul (represented by the white Spartan on the far right) and we got so excited. Paul was bummed because his hadn't come but it's a fricking awesome game the graphics are stunning, forge world is immense and the customizable Spartans are a god send. Who hasn't wanted to design a fricking Spartan since playing Halo!?
 So you have me in the green, Maccers orange and Paul white as always. Addz, Mack & Wolf if you follow the service tags, now I'm loving Reach so far and I haven't even played that much but what's getting to me is how hard the fricking game actually is! It's so damn hard! Like MAJOR HARD! Legendary is impossible in some scenarios and there's parts of you that want to scream and die and in the words of the great Maccers himself scream "OOOOOH YEEEEEAH!" at the top of your voice cause as soon as you respawn, facing A.I. So, the games frustrating awesome but frustrating and now I can't get my limited edition content because Halo: Waypoint crashed on me and now I can't get my elite armour or my Falcon Avatar accessory what a douche. 
 However, I'm not slating the game it's epic and with a bit of training (and less lag cause everyone in the world's playing) I think me and my two good friends are going to OWN on this game. Like the ultimate team of Yipeekaiyay! Me the rookie; Maccers spraying and praying; and Paul's lone wolf crazy stuff. I think it's going to be a gaming experience to remember!

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