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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

BLOG: Spartan Conscription has ended! It's time to get busy!

Hola, well it's time to say this now: SPARTAN CONSCRIPTION HAS ENDED!
Dude, man, holmes that's so relieving and quite exciting at the same time, it means I can start right now with a lot of posts tonight. Revised profiles, plot over view and the pilot chapter are bound to be up tonight; it's now REACH DAY! So much work to be done, I'm well up for it man!
 So, to start this is just the heads up then the profiles are up with an awesome pilot chapter man!
Anyway.... that's all I have to say out of Halo: Prisoners of Reach context just now to do one thing:

  • Paulio
  • Michael (Biomag)
  • Maccers
  • Leeroy
  • Tommy
  • Brookers
  • David
Alright mateys! TIME TO DANCE, I'M ON IT! CIASSOU x

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