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Thursday, 9 September 2010

BLOG: Welcome to The Authorial

Well hi there, I'm Adderson and this is my blog: "The Adderson Authorial."  I'm using half an hour before dinner to write this little snippet in order to... 'educate' you on how this is going to work (hopefully) and what I plan to actually achieve out of doing this. Y'know, right?

 So first things, first: what's this blog actually for? Well, the answer in short is this: PERSONAL STATEMENT. I love writing and I do write a lot and I mentioned this fact within the aforementioned document and my teacher jumped straight on that band wagon and said "include more even link it, it means you're hip blogging." So I thought "Yeah! Let's do it man! Woop Woop!" then came the sudden realisation that all my creative writing is in fact on Facebook. Bummer. Bearing in mind people are getting fired for what happens on Facebook, I would like the University to see my creative talents; not my projectile vomiting after a night out on the tiles. So hence I created this blog to try and 'show-case' my talent let's say...

So here's how this is going to work; the blog's going to be split into two categories of posts:
  1. STORIES:  This is what this blog is actually for and I will set myself a target (which I will later tell you) and then aim to meet that target: these are creative proses of my own making no plaguerism I swear. At the top they'll contain a small section of Author's Notes and then I'll crack on into the story. I may use different sources of inspiration  and may use somethings that don't belong to me i.e pictures and characters from games etc. If they do not belong to me I'll write a disclaimer at the end. Fair enough, hairy muff? Note also these will have "STORY:" actually in the title and there will be two different kinds of story: "SERIAL" which is a series of stories most probably enkeeping with the same plot and "One-off" stand alone stories.
  2. BLOGS: When I can't get any inspiration I'll just write a blog for you, it could be anything from a diary entry to an article about something or other. they maybe interesting they'll have "BLOG:" in the title like this very blog does, how sweet is that!?
Ok, so I'm hoping this was educational and you get me now and get a flavour of me in this; there's already lots in the making including my already in-development serial called "Drawn Together". A one-off called "When a tree falls in a forest" is also coming soon.

 So hope you've enjoyed this little introduction to the page, hoping to get this page vamped up alot better thanks to the help of my friend Paul and for now... Ciassou!

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