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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


(Author's Notes: Dudes IT'S FINALLY HERE! We may not be going straight into it but finally all the creative blue printing is about to be unleashed on the screens of people and dude I hope people are going to love it as much as I'm oing to. So the story follows my Spartan Orso and the journey of Team Tartarus, it's first person so hope you're ready!)

Time: 17:52
Date: January 12th 2552 (4 months and 5 days before Reach falls)
Location: Aboard the UNSC Frigate U.S.S Orchestral, Field Commander Xiang's Office

 I looked at the office door, my huge shadow cast upon it and hand sreached for the intercom. The door opened before I even hit it and Field Commander Xiang was sat in her huge chair, her lips pursed and her eyes transfixed on me. She put her hands together as I came in and saluted. "Helmet off Spartan," she ordered signalling me to put it down on the glass table "I want to look into your eyes as I tell you this." She was Chinese, obvious from the name but her features were sharp and she radiated authority. I thought it best not to try my luck. So, I removed my helmet and watched it glow in the office's limelight a sea foam green hue. "Ma'am." I said proudly as she rose from her desk.

 "So you are the infamous Orso?" she asked me, circling like a tigress gauging her prey. I scoffed the "infamous" she had aded, I wasn't that bad. Well...
"I don't know about infamous Ma'am but I am Bear."
She looked up and down "At ease Spartan." she yelled and I followed the directive. She continued to circle me twice before returning to her desk and beginning her presentation an unfamiliar logo projected infront of her from her desk. "Spartan AH92 Orso, your skills are needed on a mission of grave importance, you're one of the best communication techs ever seen in the UNSC, so, we are re-assigning you." The slide changed slightly as the name 'Team Tartarus' appeared beneath the strange emblem "To Team Tartarus as Tartarus 4." I nodded my head and ran a hand through my long brown shabby hair, which was an uncommon trait for a Spartan. "May I have...some more details Ma'am?" I asked hesitantly, wishing not to over stretch myself into the predatory hands of Xiang "About both the Team and the mission?"

 She smiled, she could see there was sweat on my olive complexion. She was truly terrifying even for a Spartan "Tartarus, itself, is a classified team of specialists or 'renegades' whom handle black ops and U.R.Os: Under the Radar Operations." she changed the slide to a map of a valley on Reach, a small complex located at the western edge which thanks to x-ray now rendering on the image was shown to extend underground to almost the whole valley "at 27:50 hours Reach time a week a go, radios went black with Tartarus. This is not good." I nodded, a lost team of Spartans was never good, especially if her 'renegade' description was accurate "They'd been sent to this ONI facility to relieve it from a local militia coalition; a holy fanatic cult against Human Bio engineering and anti UNSC raided the facility a month before Tartarus went in."

 I coughed "Sounds hot." I replied as she took a sip of water. The slide again changed and she stood up, picked up my heavy helmet with a vast amount of tension in her upper-arms and handed it to me. "Tomorrow at Reach time 01:00, you and ODST troop will drop into the North end of the Valley and enter the facility via this secret hanger..." she pointed out the location now highlighted on the hologram and Tartarus' last known co-ordinates were also displayed "I want you to find Tartarus and re-establish comms with them as well as join the team. Are we understood?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said taking the helmet and putting it back on my green eyes now covered by my visor "Not meaning to be rude but..." I paused "What makes you think they're still alive?" The commander smiled and I looked shocked "Those boys are either skilled, stubborn or just lucky." she stopped and the presentation shut down "They're alive, I know it." she signalled me to leave and I was quick in doing so. I shook my head, I loved orbital dropping in. Just not into Suicide situations...


  1. love the last paragraph :)

  2. LOVE IT!

    "Not meaning to be rude but..." I paused "What makes you think they're still alive?" The commander smiled and I looked shocked "Those boys are either skilled, stubborn or just lucky."

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