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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #3 Lieutenant Johnathon Corbet

Name: Johnathan “John” Corbet
D.O.B: 10/07/2512
Age: 40
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Service Tag: H463
Rank: Lieutenant
Ability: Hologram
Primary Weapon: DMR 
Secondary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Grenade Type: Frag
Specialism: Marksman, Pilot, Covenant Tech Support

Karen Corbet (Johnathan's Mother) died at child birth. Johnathan's Father was a UNSC officer who was KIA (Sgt. Erik Corbet). Sgt. Corbet's Best friend Sgt. Keyes was with Karen at the birth as Erik Could not be there. Keyes then decided rather then make the boy another war orphan to take him to Catherine Halsey. Halsey let John be taken aged 5 to be part of the SPARTAN II Program.

 Johnathan (now H463) excelled greatly in the training exercise Capture The Flag against Tango Company, Despite that fact he was quickly exiled by most other Spartans as his efforts would have cost the team many casualties had that not been a training exercise. Now Exiled by most of the others, Johnathan was only interested in being the most revered marksman in the squad.

Johnathan was one of the 33 to survive the SPARTAN enhancements and now with 30 Spartans dead; Johnathan had lost nearly all of his few friends and after that he went off the rails making him near impossible to work with from then on.

After disciplinary action for “dissent” Johnathon was moved to the Underground team called Tartarus; John became their new marksman and his suicidal tendencies fit in well on their covert missions. He was automatically instated as second in command because of his rank but this is not a task he actually enjoys nor indulges in. 

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