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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #1Captain Cyph3r

Name: Cyph3r
D.O.B: Unknown
Age: Late 30’s to Early 40’s Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Service Tag: WOLF
Rank: Specialist Captain
Ability: Active Camoflauge
Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun & Machete

Grenade Type: Fragmentation
Specialism: Close Quarter combat

Abandoned as a child, Cyph3r never knew his parents and grew up on Reach alone on Swordbase. It wasn't until a local militia attacked the base and they found the boy. The rebels trained him and gave him the name Wolf for his ability to work both alone and as a team member. He became the militia's secret weapon: The ultimate boy soldier. However, it wasn't destined to last as the UNSC was sent to intervene in the militia's activities and Cyph3r was taken as a prisoner of war...

 Now Wolf didn't care much for authority but after losing a huge amount of friends and calculating that all he'd ever done was fought, he couldn't handle civilian life. So he defected and was put into the Spartan Project and was genetically modified to become one of the best Spartans to ever exist. With a lofty battle record: including serving alongside the infamous Master Chief.

 In combat though, Wolf was still a militia man with no respect for rules, authority and a want to get the job done no matter what. Wolf was soon in military prison for disobedience. He thought personally, that he was never going to get out. It was in this prison that Wolf was visited by top brass and handed the captaincy of a new top secret team for "psychos and misfits" like himself as they said. 

 Apart from this vague description of his life not much else is known about Captain Cyph3r/ Wolf...


  1. *Sigh* why does everybody keep going on about this game, it's just so average. :P

  2. It's not average, it's fun. :)