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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

SERIAL STORY: Drawn Together II - Virgilio

(Author's Notes: Well the first Serial to actually be serialised, I'm having an awesome day today man. Like, seriously. Applied for NYT, A good day's teaching, Yashin Tomorrow! You may see more creative writing today then just this next chapter! SO MANY IDEAS ARE SWIRLING ROUND MY HEAD, IT'S UNREAL! Ha ha ha ha, Well here goes...)

  Love sat alone in her loft apartment, she called it "her's" but it did belong to her artist Mother. Love's Mother was always off somewhere else; gallivanting across Europe from exhibition to exhibition and not sparing a thought to her teenage daughter at home, alone once again. Except for the cheque sent monthly between destinations, Love's mother really didn't exist and she wasn't actually going to moan about it.
 So there she was, in the apartment, canvas ready and paint brush in hand. All she could do was stare at it and mumble the odd word to herself "Perfect...Hmmm...Perfect?" She continued to pace in front of the canvas and aisle. Still muttering and fluttering her eye lashes over her thick green eyes.
She yelled toppling the canvas with her hand and throwing her brush at the wall and collapsing on her sofa, sighing and looking at her Mother's picture. "Don't look at me like that," she ordered the picture "Don't look at me as if you'd have it done! As if it's easy! It's not, I'm struggling and you're never here!" Love sat up and folded the picture down, so she couldn't see it. She didn't want to, it was annoying her greatly on top of her inability to map out perfection on the canvas. Her eyes just thinned at the picture which now lay on it's face. "You'd just sit here laughing, appalled I could do nothing and the make you're snippy bitchy comments." Love adopted a pose her mother would often take when ridiculing her, wine glass in hand twirling the contents and staring at the canvas with pursed lips. Love had even mastered the tone her Mother would take when finding sick pleasure within mocking her only daughter "Well, what do you expect? You're favourite poet is Virgil... Perfection is yours to command but you just don't have the reach, the scope to make it yours. Silly girl if you cannot push yourself then hang up your brush."
 A tear rolled down from Love's eye. "Virgil... always her stupid obsession with me and..." she picked up her brush suddenly and got her canvas back up once again. "Virgil, my bigest inspiration and Dante's guide through the inferno...pure light, the guide through the darkness. Perfection surrounded by chaos and distortion. His name shall be that of my perfection." She was drawing now, just drawing the paint flowing from the brush, the newest addition to her own body that danced across the canvas. The shape of a boy taking form. She looked at him, her boy on the page "Virgilio..." She began to colour, detail & plan all the characteristics of her very own guide through the darkness. "The perfect...companion..." she murmured to herself.  Music blared in the background. Her eyes all a light as she stepped back from the finished article...

She smiled at the canvas full of pride and vigour as she circled around it, observing it all. Taking it all in, enjoying it all as the imaginary figure of her Mother wandered off into the kitchen, muttering in disgust that she'd been proven wrong.  Love's smile almost cracked her face it was so wide and radiated her love for her piece. She looked at the clock. "OH IT'S 5AM!?" she yelled frantically making her way to her bedroom and getting ready for bed, cursing under her breathe as she lay her head down to rest and fell asleep almost instantly due to the exhaustion of having painted for so long...

 When her alarm clock went offf (at 7.30am) it was not a very welcome sound, Love threw it across her room and disgruntled got out of bed walking across the apartment towards the bathroom, the smell of bacon in the air, toast and a boy standing over the stove in her kitchen. She paused and walked backwards. She rubbed her eyes just in case but there was a boy in her kitchen cooking, a very familiar boy that lead her to check her canvas... empty. "OH MY GOD!" she screamed running around the apartment "YOU'RE VIRGILIO? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY KITCHEN! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!" she bumped into the boy and looked up to him...

"Well it's nice to meet you too," laughed Virgilio "I'm Virgilio Romano." he held her up as her breathe and heart began to race, her face pale and her eyes wide with surprise. "I KNOW I DREW YOU!" she yelled in his face, spitting all over him; he wiped himself down and laughed again at her "Yeah, I know." Silence...

 "How do you like you're eggs, Love?" he asked, a quick peck on the head to accompany it.
"Sunny side up." she replied...

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