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Thursday, 16 September 2010

SERIAL STORY: Real Game Level 1 - New Game

(Author's Notes: Ok, so was reminiscing about the good old days of Metal Gear Solid and old Halo featuring Cortana who is in fact probably the most annoying thing ever but a big source of inspiration for this serial, as well as though, my Xbox and my friends. Well this is kind've a story who think cause they're good at COD they can join the army as well. This one has many sources of inspiration. So... here goes...)

 Corey Larrs believe it or not is a cool kid, he manages to juggle working at a local cafe, being star of his sports team and school all in one hand. He's the jock, the heart-throb but has never been the bully. He was never into that kind of thing and he himself is rather mature for his age at just 16 with all those hormones flying about. Even though he's the schools most sought after bachelor; the boy has never actually kissed ago let alone hit a home run. So brimming with confidence, academic as well there's not a lot going wrong for Corey at all. Or is there?

 Corey had a secret. A massive secret. So much so that if it got out, his school life would never be the same ever again. This secret was that Corey was actually a massive video game nerd. He was the legendary gamer Colarrus whom has actually reached the top three on the leaderboard of every top title release since he was 13; has an average kill to death ratio of 25:0 and then a collective achievement score of 75,000. Corey is actually the type of boy, who boys like him should beat up and that's why he is like he is because he could've been that little guy. That nerd that no one liked but he's not and what's about to happen to him now is totally out of this world...

 It was a normal day at East Beach High School; the sun was out and the boys were in their shorts with everyone talking about what was going to happen this weekend or what had happened the weekend before. One boy, stood waiting at the football field ready though he was scrawny a ball already at his feet and the rest of the team making their way towards him, not in their kit but making a racket about how shocked they were he was there.
"Don't you have a home to go to Larrs? Or maybe a girlfriend?" asked the ringleader at the head, smiling to himself as he tried to get that jealous little low blow into the conversation. "I practice Nick, that's why I run CIRCLES AROUND YOU!" yelled Corey dribbling the ball around the pack of boys laughing to himself "Maybe one day with ALOT of practice even YOU will be as good as ME!" The pack's laughter turned at Nick and the boy stormed off while the rest looked at Corey who was now walking towards them, ball under arm and beaming with a smile: "You guys don't have to stay, I'm about to leave anyway been at it since 4th period, I had study this afternoon."

 The boys obeyed him as if he had commanded them, they walked back towards the school with him parting ways with him at the dressing room where he showered, changed and leapt onto his BMX for a sprint home. He threw the bike down, ran upstairs and fired up his Xbox. "Shit, shit, shit!" he groaned to himself as he searched high and low for his controller before a voice rang out from his TV...

"Colarrus! You there? Co? Co?" came the feminine voice searching for the boy still scavaging around his bedroom for his controller and headset, he let out a small shrill of delight as he found it under his bed and in his rush to get it out from there; there was a crash. Corey had hit his head. "AWWWWW! FUCK! I'm here..." he whimpered scratching his head as the girl in the headset laughed to herself at his misfortune.
"So, CoCo you ready?"
"Hell yeah!" yelled Corey to the Tv!

 It must've been hours before Corey checked the clock realising the time he panicked looking at the time once again to confirm it. "Oh Ivy, I have to jet!" He recieved no reply... just static. "I? Ivy?" he queried his friend still not responding to any sort of call. Corey then felt on edge, there was a chilly feeling now in the room. He looked around putting the controller down and surveying his room for the presence he could feel. "Mum? Is that you?" there was a noise! Corey darted his eyes to the window, and then from nowhere a man in all black hit him round the face. He went down, dizzy with the man holding a gun a gun at him. Corey panicked trying desperately to scramble to his feet. He tried to no avail. The gun went of and Corey all of a sudden felt sleepy, his shorts suddenly feeling warm as the tranquillizer ran through his blood stream.

 Corey could see another shadow creeping into his room "You get him? Oh, ha ha clean up on isle nerd..." the two shadows laughed "I love it when the tranqs make 'em do that."

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