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Saturday, 30 October 2010

BLOG: Visual Inspiration

Alright, with Real Game gone, there's a huge void. I don't like it. It makes me sad. So, I've been thinking about something to replace it with; another story and I've been looking for things to inspire me. However, that's just a bit hard. Really hard.

 So, I've been looking at many things such as music, words and stuff but the thing is visual aids is my most influential thing. Stunning visuals inspire me massively and the most inspiring thing that I've been exposed to is the visuals in the game ENSLAVED: ODYSSEY TO THE WEST; they're are pretty darn amazing. The awesome post-apocalyptic world is huge and stunningly beautiful and the way to flow through it is something that I'm quite inspired by. The fact the great city of New York can lie in ruin around you and you don't even know what it is. As well as the fact it's become a massive jungle of vegetation and a landscape that one can only describe as "green". Everything New York isn't in present day.

 Then I got Fable 3...

 Again, the visuals are stunning bringing to life the Kingdom of Albion, from the very singular bricks of the castle to the trees of Snowy Mistpeak and so far (although, I've not completed the game) the story is awesome. Got to love swords, magic and muskets. That sort of fantasy story is always an awesome thing to do. Like Final Fantasy XIII.

So I'm pretty much toying with the idea of a post apocalyptic (inspired by the visuals in ENSLAVED) fantasy (inspired by the visuals and story in Fable 3) story. I'm going to look into it.

 So, what have we learned from this? I've learned that I take most my inspiration from images; things that I see inspire me massively, so I'm going to look out for that sort of stuff now. I'll also use music and stuff but visual stimuli are my thing I think.

Anyway, just throwing the idea out there, comment about it. CIASSOU!

Thursday, 28 October 2010


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, that was exciting, time to build up and get to know our characters better before the next mission, enjoy Ciassou!)

Reach Time: 12:21
Date: January 14th 2552 (4 months and 3 days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC Stronghold Storm Control (Formerly UNSC/ ONI Research Facility Outpost 4-Delta 5-0.5-Charlie) Medical Wing

 I opened my eyes slowly, groaning as they adjusted to the light. Ellen was standing over me; Tanja on one side and Rodriguez on the other. Looking down I saw I’d been stripped of my armour and groaned more as my body felt slow, sluggish and unresponsive. “Where…where am I?” I asked my mouth dry and jaw aching. I wasn’t sure what had happened and I felt slight dazed but Ellen ever looking over me placed a finger on my lips. “You shouldn’t rush yourself,” she whispered smiling at me “You lost a lot of blood; we had to sedate you in order to help the regeneration you’ve been out for over twenty-four hours Orso.”

 Ellen didn’t have her helmet on however her red and white armour almost like an ambulance assaulted my senses like a tank; her white hair and red eyes also freaking me out slightly in my slightly disorientated state. She laughed and Rodriguez slapped me on the chest: “Still alive Bear?” he asked mockingly “You should’ve heard yourself crying like a baby!” The three of them laughed together as I eased myself to a sitting position. “Whoa, really?” I said falling back down. It turned out the only one with their helmet still on was Tanja; Rod’s face was round with a slightly curly mop of hair and great big blue eyes. He laughed once again as I lay back, his whole aura was soothing though for a big guy he seemed to be the most gentle person in the world. Tanja though, looked solemn and didn’t even meet my gaze. “So, still, where am I?”

“Storm Control Medical Wing, silly!” yelled Ellen all excited “Welcome to our new home-!”
“Ouch, headache here.”
“Oh, sorry Orso.” Replied the little white haired girl as she checked my scans over once again; she nodded so I guessed they were okay but something was bothering me. Tanja still seemed on edge and as my huge green eyes opened fully I also noticed someone else was in the room. Asleep at the foot of my bed, helmet still on was Commander Cyph3r. I smiled, again moving myself into a sitting position. Only this time succeeding and startling the poor Commander awake. “WHAT!?” he yelled to the assembly randomly only to be met with a mass amount of laughter.  I laughed too although my shoulder throbbed. “So, this place is already functioning?” I queried “Already?” The four Spartans looked around and it was Ellen who broke the silence, I could already tell that the little bubbly lass was a large fan of her own voice: “Well, yeah, with almost the whole of the Orchestral moved in we were operational by midnight including Medical, Control and Communication wings. I’m pretty impressed myself!” She giggled and I nodded, I couldn’t deny it I was impressed but as I licked my own wounds; another more painful question nagged in the back of my head…

“And the ODSTs…?”
No one dared to answer me, they all looked to one and other for the answers. I looked eagerly but none of them spoke until Cyph3r interjected, as he often did, this time only rather sombre in his tone “All gone.”

 I began to sink, almost blame myself instantly; was it a bad call to split the group into two teams, or to even separate from the ODSTs at all? I didn’t know but I looked down, clutching at my blanket. “It wasn’t your fault Bear,” said Rod patting my hand “You made some good calls and did well Kiddo, remember that. We erected a memorial on the North Hanger for all of them, we found out every single name.” He waited for my nod of approval and with that continued to what else he knew I wanted “Their funerals are a couple of days away, no armour allowed so we have to suit up, been a while for me, hear you’re getting a medal as well,” he saw me not care about the medal and he sunk his own head to “Xiang’s also on that Brown Spartan’s trail him and Mallik won’t get far; I can’t believe we came into contact with a rogue Spartan…”

The whole room went quiet.

“Well believe it,” said Cyph3r “It happened. I’m glad you’re still with us Kid- I mean Bear.” I smiled as Cyph3r corrected himself “Anyway, we’ve got to report, they’ve gathered together a report of the mission; we have to go watch what a bummer…” He tapped the side of his helmet and Rod rose to his feet leaving me with the two women. It wasn’t long before Ellen had to leave to look at other patients to, she said I could bell her anytime I needed but I didn’t think I would. I was over the worst of it; it was just tense between me and this Tanja. I hardly knew her but she made me nervous and that was truly scary.

 “I never got to thank you-“
“No need.”
“Seriously though, you were-“
“Doing my job.”
I looked up at her rubbing my eyes and I just heard her sigh. My head sank again. She was obviously going to leave soon as well but the purple armoured female made no move to go. Instead she looked around, shut the door and she put her hands on either side of her helmet. She proceeded to remove it and from under it shook out long flowing brown hair and she just smiled beautifully at me. “Whoa.” I gasped.
“Shut up you.” She said laughing as she put the helmet down on my bedside table and sat down beside me once again. “You’re strong Orso, if you were a girl, I would have you on my team, not saying your very masculine or anything though.” She hit me in the bad arm and I let out a whimper. “Oh shit! I’m sorry!”
“It’s fine.”

 I smiled and so did she. It was quite nice, her company as well as her smile. We just looked at each other occasionally meeting each others’ gaze and locking eyes if even for a split second. “Well, I was wondering if I could show my appreciation…” I said blushing slightly as I cam out with probably the cheesiest chat-up line ever. “Oh really?” she replied looking at me, our head naturally magnetising towards each other; leaning ever so slowly towards each other, eyes closing and lips pursing. My heart was racing, I couldn’t stop and she was getting oh so close, I could feel her there almost on top of me. My heart skipped a beat…

“HELLO!” yelled John laughing nastily as the two of us jumped away from one and other, heads turned in opposite directions and cursing him numerously. “Look at this!” he said almost excited as he brought up a large viewing screen depicting something that I recognised being lodged in my arm at one point; a crossbow blot. In fact, THE crossbow bolt. Johnathon was actually all a flutter with excitement over the revelation he was about to tell me. I looked at him rather blankly as MUSE COMPANY, Tartarus and Xiang all followed suit through the door “Some party I don’t know about?” I asked grumpily having just missed the chance of a lifetime.

“No, dick, shut up and listen!” yelled John pointing my attention back to the viewing screen “This, my friend, this is a beauty!” he was shrilling almost at the top of his voice as he played this delightful role of teacher to me “It’s made of an artificial super-resonating alloy that thanks to the continuous vibration causes the tip to spin like a drill and burrow deeper into the target. This is an awesome bit of kit, shield repellent and adjustable heads to give you a desired amount of effects. This crossbow weapon is something I’d like to use.” Tanja laughed and John stared viciously at her. I looked up “Any idea where it came from?”

 “I’m following up some leads,” came Xiang a dwarf among giants in the small hospital room; however, her aura was that of a giant “Nothing yet.” She turned and left briskly as if she was going back to the search. I looked at the others; I was already bored. “Hey,” yelled Xiang back at us “Let Orso rest, we’re going to need him if we find out Mallik and this “Renuku’s” whereabouts. Also, we have Noble team coming to visit…”

 There was a chorus of groans as every left but it wasn’t because of that. A Noble thing meant one thing, they were going to try and take control and if I knew Cyph3r it would end in a war. The same could’ve been said of T whom was the only one stood left, her helmet in hands “How about…” she murmured “After you’re out of here…”
“we go get something to eat?”
“Yeah sure,” she said “Why not?”
She spun around and left out the door, leaving me all alone…

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: So we've reached the end of one mission with Team Tartarus and if you're not into SPOILERs then look away now, you looking away? Good.Well, let's just say Team Tartarus aren't even up to full strength yet. There's still a few more additions, a couple more layers, like an onion and then the job's a good one and we can move on with the story. Also, must look at the next Chapter of Drawn Together and have a little bit of an Idea for a new project. I'll talk to you about that later. So where was it we left off...?)

Reach Time: 05:33
Date: January 13th 2552 (4 months and 4 days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC/ ONI Research Facility Outpost 4-Delta 5-0.5-Charlie's Command Centre 

 The Pelican engines screamed as they set down outside, blue shields erupting from them as they put a barrier between themselves and the ever constant thunder that plagued the valley. We were still in the Command Centre with my leaning on a console, the strange brown Spartan's crossbow bolt still stuck in my shoulder. It was as if it was still burrowing through my arm, a nagging constant pain coursing through my whole body. "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS THING OUT OF ME?" I screamed towards my team mates whom were all staring blankly at me trying to remove the bolt myself "HELLO!?" They all stood still, looking down at me. I'd forgotten how big us Spartans were until that moment even if I could see six of them (when there was only supposed to be 3.)

 I looked back at my helmet, which lay on the floor on it's side with the visor staring straight at me. "Someone, anyone?" I crowed as I watched the flowing red line that was emerging on my green armour. The team still stood looking around, it was Rodriguez who bent down and wiped my long brown hair out of my face and the masses of sweat off my brow. "John, you're the medic, do something." barked Rod viciously as he watched me intently but the sniper did nothing, nothing at all. It was then I smiled and laughed to myself. Rodriguez got more irate then I did. He was up and in the snipers face who still wasn't even doing anything; not flinching, not breathing. Then it happened and the rest of the team realised what I had known from a while, Rodriguez let out a swing of his huge paw like hands at the snipers head and it made no sound. There was no connection instead John's image distorted. Crackled and disappeared. "The bastard..." growled Rodriguez looking down at me...

 I growled myself, still wrenching at the arrow. "You have to be kidding that, pant, John is your fricking medic." Cyph3r laughed at me, also kneeling down beside me. "Find him." I ordered the two still pulling at the arrow. I was getting desperate to pull it out. It sending a wavelength of pain in and around my body and becoming unbearable, I swear I could feel it still burrowing into my shoulder. I could only watch the blood running down my body. I stared at my visor. "Corbett to Tartarus."
"Nice to hear your voice too, Kiddo."
"Piss off John! Get this damn arrow out of me!"
"No can do I'm afraid, Xiang's coming up."
"You what?"
 The remaining team members looked including myself looked at one and other. "Why is Xiang coming here? Why's she not picking us up? Where's the extraction team Cy?" asked Rodriguez picking me up and wrapping my arm round his shoulder. Even I was on the tip of my toes but the two were stunned when the door opened. I lifted my head, it ached and my face grew more and more pale. I could see it in the reflection on the polished consoles. My complexion fading fast, my slightly tanned skin now draining thanks to anaemia. 

"How comes we're always cleaning up your mess Commander Cyph3r?" said a feminine voice from the door. 

 "C-c-commander?" I whimpered, feeling sick "He's just a captain..." The purple female Spartan walked in, her hips swaying as she walked and laughed to herself as she saw Rod supporting me "If you hadn't of muted all the radio chatter my friends, you'd hear about all your promotions, c'mon in girls Tartarus's got the area secure, it's themselves that are in bits." Cyph3r whom had been staring out the window ever since Rod had lifted me; turned about "Tanja, good to see you and MUSE COMPANY as always..."
"Spare me you're shit Cyph3r, we again have been sent to clean up your mess, so what happened to him?"
"Can you help him?"
"Yes, Ellen, help the kid out."
Another tiny Spartan compared to the rest of us (bearing in mind she was probably six foot one or maybe two compared to the normal Spartan whom stood at seven foot and me and Rod who even exceeded that) She made Rod put me down and she looked at the arrow "It's pretty deep T," she said "Are you sure?" I was fading fast, my vision darkening but I could still see Ellen's hands quivering. "WILL YOU JUST PULL IT OUT!?" I screamed my own grip now slipping from the arrow and Ellen's now on it almost caressing the wound with cloth to clean it.

 "He's a handsome one," I heard Tanja say as she mopped my brow "You Tartarus men are all pretty beautiful really."
"Not just me then?" laughed the newly appointed 'Commander' gleefully to himself, as Rod who had since the appearance of the wholly female MUSE COMPANY folded in on himself not saying a word. I chuckled myself, almost forgetting the situation I was in. "Orso, I need you to brace yourself, the arrow is lodged deep in your shoulder, this will without a doubt be excruciatingly painful." Ellen beckoned over Rod, who was told to pin me down. Without a word he obliged. It was then and only then that Ellen proceeded to without a second to lose yanked the arrow clean out of shoulder. I only winced slightly as it left me and Ellen put pressure on the newly formed hole in my arm. "The Spartan regenerative ability should see it healed and the blood replaced in a couple of days." The captain nodded at her medics words and knelt beside me removing the hair from my face. 

 Cyph3r was in the background with Rod, the girls surrounding me, giving me sympathy. I couldn't complain. "Is this what heaven looks like?" I asked the harem that had appeared around me "If so, can I stay, please?" there was a few giggles and the leader of the females again stroked my face "I'm Tanja," she said "Orso, was it?"
"Yes, yes it is."
"You're going to get through this."
"Yeah, I know." I said coolly feeling the regenerative ability my body harboured already taking effect, my vision stabilising and my body no longer numb.I grabbed her hand, her grip also tightened. I couldn't even see her eyes but they were boring down into me. 

Xiang then appeared. All the Spartans stood up to attention leaving me on the floor, clutching at the fresh bandage Ellen had put on me, I hadn't even noticed till I felt it.  Xiang, stared coldly as John followed her. "Well done Tartarus, it's a shame we lost so many ODSTs." she said. I groaned sitting up, still clutching my shoulder. "Welcome to newly christened 'STORM  CONTROL' this is now sole property of the UNSC and is now available to be our base of operations. I'm pleased. Good word Tartarus, MUSE COMPANY and the other army personnel from the Orchestral will also take residence here. Here comes the good news, I will be Base Commander." Rod laughed, Xiang shot him an evil look "We're looking into chasing Mallik and the Brown Spartan. For now we're going to let Bear rest."
"Bear?" asked Tanja
"Orso. It'll take two days is the estimate. That's how long you've got." Said Xiang sitting beside me "Hang in there big boy."
"Yes Ma'am."
"And Bear."
"Good work, says John and someone else is dying to say it too."
She walked out the door, I could here the personnel unloading and already beginning to work on restoring the base. I didn't know what Xiang meant at first but when Cyph3r and Rod walked up to me and sat beside me, i soon realised. Cypher ruffled my hair as he scratched his own helmet: "Well done, kiddo." 

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH: Meet Lt. Colonel Tanja

(Been having a lot of darn trouble with this; Blogger and me had to have a little chat. This is the first of a long line of Cameo characters; Tanja Pastor's. Check this girl out)

Name: Tanja A.K.A T
D.O.B: 15th July 2532
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Service Tag: T1P9 
Rank: LT. Colonel
Ability: Armour Lock
Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: M6G Pistol
Grenade: Fragmentation
Specialism: Espionage and Female Relations

Spartan T1P9 rose to fame shortly after joining the UNSC, a huge advocate for women’s rights within the UNSC and described as a “trouble-making feminist.” Her acceptance into the programme was to head up a batch of female Spartans called “Muse Company” as she was the best candidate in the pool for the job.

 Tanja was soon deployed into the field with MUSE COMPANY taking down two Covenant Super Carriers in orbit with no casualties thanks to her tactical prowess. Not only has she made the only all female Spartan squad one of the best in the UNSC; she is also the top female Spartan scouted both for Master Chief’s and Tartarus’s team rosters.

Apart from her High-Ranking Father whom raised her as he would a son, teaching her everything he knew she trusts no one but loves nothing more then flirting with the males on the bases she’s posted at and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her; using her feminine whiles  to get her way.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well, it's slightly strange starting on this again especially now I'm no longer working on Real Game. It's kind of really sad but at the same time relieving. Halo's now a major project, me and my mates working as a team. Like a real life Team Tartarus. It helps them being there and I try hard to do them justice; this is as much there's as it is mine. It's time to get Operation THUNDERSTUCK finished.)

Reach Time: 03:33
Date: January 13th 2552 (4 months and 4 days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC/ ONI Research Facility Outpost 4-Delta 5-0.5-Charlie's North Wing

The elevator whirred and four large robot looking men stood there waiting. My green armour almost glowed in the dark as we made our way to the higher levels of  the base. We were expecting many hostiles at the top of the shaft; there was two airs around the four of us. The first my own, an air of anxiety and nervousness that resulted in me shuddering and twitching on the elevator platform. The second though shared by the three others was one of excitement. They were twitching and tapping and fiddling but they seemed as if they were gagging for the action. They wanted to get into the thick of it, Rodriguez setting up the tripod on the bottom of his turret gun; John was primed and ready; and Cyph3r whom had finished tapping his helmet was now watching the large blue screen displaying the floor number almost dancing as he bobbed up and down in anticipation. I gulped. The platform ground to an uneasy halt...

 I drew my assault rifle to my shoulder, my eye down the barrel ready; John did the same and the huge blast doors vibrated. Cyph3r looked round "HELL YEAH!" he screamed as the doors began to open; I was shocked at the captain's apparent lack of awareness. If it was as we expected it was a massive risk to run straight out all guns blazing. I didn't know what to do. I just looked around and Rod, on his turret, simply patted me on the back probably feeling my unease. John scoffed at me "You okay there, kiddo?" he asked me as the doors opened and revealed a large corridor. We primed ourselves...

 It wasn't at all what we expected, not at all like we thought. The corridor was empty. No one, nothing. Just us on the platform, stepping off without resistance. The three men behind me let out a sigh of disappointment. "Well that was bollocks." yelled John punching a wall, frustrated. The other two looked as if they could do the same. However, they didn't and I looked around seeing still nothing. "Well boys," said the Captain sadly "Looks like we're still on 10-"
"Tartarus, come in?" came a female voice over the comm-link
"Xiang?" replied Cyph3r in a confused tone, tapping his helmet once again "Well, I can't seem to mute you can I babe?" There was a vast amount of cursing from the Field Commander but Cyph3r looked no more tense. He should've been. He wasn't though, he was just casual. "Ok, babe, give me it quick..." the captain groaned, making a sock puppet with his hand and mocking the Field Commander. He didn't expect the retort of Xiang though; we all had to laugh "Well you never take long anyway..."

 The Captain told us to be quiet but we still laughed. His body language had completely changed and Rod was almost keeled over but Xiang was in a grave mood. She was cursing and shouting down the comm-link at all four of us. "Get to that Command Tower now Tartarus, or I will personally kick you all straight in your tiny fucking balls!" the four of us all felt our crotch area and after my one on one time with Xiang, I didn't doubt her claim. "Alright!" yelled the captain "I'm on it, babe."
"So you better fucking be."
All four of us now gulped, probably the only thing that seemed to keep the four (I say four, these guys rubbed off on you quickly) of us in line. There was no hesitation. We stared just running, me at the head with the schematics inside my visor. I smiled to myself, I was feeling great. "We're not far off, let's make a move." is what I said as the others seemed to lag behind me. I looked at the schematics again, the image however, was soon replaced by that of a man. I stopped. The others did also all knocking into the back of me, knocking me forward onto my face. "Oi, what the hell-?"

"Welcome, my Spartan brothers." came a voice from over the base's announcement system "Welcome to New Jerusalem, it's nice to have you in the house of God." We all looked up as the blue screen showed the face of the man we were here to actually kill. The man whom called himself; "The Grand Father" or "The New Prophet" his real name however, was Tobias Mallik. He was there, pompous as all the new age religious people were, The Covenant, for example. Armageddon, the religious sect was totally a massive waste of time  in my eyes but Tobias ruled it with an iron fist. "Please, let's resolve this through talk brothers, please." he went on "I think that God could find it in his heart to forgive you, sirs?"

 "We ain't your Brothers you psycho bastard!" yelled Cyph3r towards the blue screen "You talk so much shit." The whole team, looked at the large blue screen. I laughed at Cyph3r's outburst and Rod looked totally up for it. John was gone. We all looked around "OH HELL HE DIDN'T!" yelled Cyph3r "OH NO! OH NO! WHAT A... I'LL KILL HIM!" The Holy Man looked at us on the blue screen. He looked really, confused was the only word I could use to describe it. "Where's O'hoolo?" asked Cyph3r to the New Prophet with an air of curiosity; I'd totally forgotten about the ANTIFAC leader, Smollan O'hoolo. The Prophet said nothing for a while. Then revealed blood covered hands. "He has been judged, as soon you shall be..." the blue screen disappeared and massive amounts of gunshots could be heard from where we'd just come from.

 "Don?" I asked, "Don? what's happening?"
"Fuck you Spartan!"
"Woah, a bit harsh there Donny boy." interjected the Captain
"I thought we said no friendly fire?"
"Well, tell the Brown Crossbow freak to stop firing at us!"
There was a tense moment then, we all looked at each other. I didn't remember a Spartan wielding a crossbow was unheard of even in my Tartarus briefing there was nothing on that. Cyph3r had to look at the other two. They denied the existence as well. Things suddenly got awkward then: "Don...?"
"Promise not to shout." I gulped, knowing the Captain's predicament
"He's not one of ours..."
The team all looked at one and other, I could hear The ODSTs dropping like flies. "What do you mean he's not ours?" yelled Donald making a massive fuss "He's fucked the guys at the door and now it's our turn, we're going to die." It was with that sudden realisation I felt a knot in my stomach "I tell you what Spartan Wankers..." said Donald in a hush voice "There's only 3 of us left, so you better fucking win..." He signed off and we knew that was it. The team's head ducked down and we just sprinted straight for the Command Tower.

 We took the stairs, spraying bullets at anything that moved, leaving a trail of death behind us, we had no idea what to do now. The game had taken a massive turn. "Xiang there's a damn hostile Spartan!" yelled John over the comms for the first time in a while "I've had to withdraw, I'm at the top of the Command Tower Stairs." The commander sounded alert, violent even in her approach to the news "Ok, Tartarus, do not engage!" yelled Xiang "We need him alive."
"He's not exactlly going to let us take him!" replied Rod
"Well work on it, Rodders!"

 The three of us met the sniper at the top of the stairs, "We're now on about 25 by the way."
"32." said Cyph3r
"There's no competition." I spat violently as I remembered that the ODSTs were gone, all of them. My stomach churned at the thought and the four of us looked at the door into the command centre. It was thick, not unbreachable though. I was able to do it, I just need the time. I kneeled by the terminal and  began to tap away at my tactpad. I just kept tapping. The two behind me getting all the more stressed, Cyph3r tapped his helmet. John, walked off. "FOR GOD SAKE JOHN!" yelled Cyph3r taking his shotgun and grabbing my shoulder "Move!"

 He pulled me away, unloaded his gun's shell into the terminal and the door opened again revealing John already on the other side, a look of total confusion painted in John's body language "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DO IT!?" the two looked at each other. The Prophet looked at us as we all entered, John's imprint left as shards of glass now along the floor thanks to the command tower window. That he'd smashed through. Cyph3r took his rifle to his eye and pointed it towards the Prophet. "Down Mallik," yelled Rod his turret set on the holy man "It's up."

 "Are you really Spartans?" asked Mallik as he observed us, his hands in the air as if delivering a sermon "I wish you were like brother Renuku. Oh well, goodbye Tartarus..." There was the sound of whistling as the Prophet escaped and what looked like arrows pierced the ground in front of us. The bolts had come from above. Then I felt a huge amount of pain, as something metallic pierced not just my shield but the MJOLNIR armour. A cold drip of blood around the metallic bolt now lodged in my left shoulder. I gripped at it and wrenched with all my might only to cause myself extreme amounts of pain. I looked at the guys who were also being barraged with the same treatment. Rod, gravved me and pulled me to cover before opening fire: "Fuck Xiang, this bastards going to die!"

 I shook, still trying to wrench the darn thing out of my arm, hearing more and more pierce the surfaces they came into contact with. Cyph3r, began to fade away using his active camouflage to try and get close to the brown Spartan. Rod looked down at me, with my back on the computer desk as I still attempted to remove the bolt from my arm only to pain myself. There was a huge crash and Cyph3r and the Brown Spartan came over the top of the desk wrestling with one and other. Cyph3r had got close to this Renuku and the bout had taken a massive toll, both the giants punches sending shock waves throughout the whole room as one connected after another. Blows to the head and body, racketed off the two as they slugged it out from start to finish, with neither having the clear advantage. It was a stalemate both Spartans just assaulting each other relentlessly, no mercy and no quarter just a pure massacre of punches charged with genetic modification. I sat and watched, doing nothing. Unable to do anything as both Spartans shuddered from the force. Both dropped to one knee with exhaustion.

 It was then beginning to white out due to the loss of blood, just in time for me to see the Brown Spartan hip toss the captain straight over his shoulder onto his back, pick up his cross bow and withdraw from the fight. He could see he was loosing John zeroing in on his head with every shot and Rodriguez now rampaging throughout the command centre in a hope to hit the "bastard" who'd hit me.

 My sight was blurring and the guys looked as if they were actually panicking. "They got away Xiang, Orso's hit." said the Captain seriously "Who the hell was that?" I took my helmet off and let me look upon the Captain with my own green eyes, gasping for breathe to stop the pain and running my only still functioning hand through the sweat laden brown mop of hair on my head. Rod was sat beside me, caring for me "It'll be Okay son!" I laughed. growling to myself as John pointed and laughed at me.

 I saw the pelicans landing outside, a shudder of relief running throughout my body "Thank fuck." was all I could manage through the pain.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

BLOG: Shocking News To The Authorial

Well, well, that time again. Another post. Seems like only yesterday I set this up and now the further I look back I realise that even though it's not a massive distance, it's still pretty big in its entirety.

 I hope you all enjoyed the first Poem that ever made it onto the Authorial called "Insomnia" some like it, they keep calling it "The Juliet Poem", never mind that'll do donkey, that'll do. Poetry is now going to play more of a part on the Authorial and I need your comments, not just on the poetry but on anything you like because it's pretty brave of me to open this sort of stuff on the net for people to steal and rob and rate and tear apart. This is something I usually do privately but now I want to share what some people have called "my talent" to you guys. So please, spare a thought to me and comment on the Authorial, not on any links you see actually on the Authorial because I need you guys. It's nice that I can say that. I want you guys to help me.

 Now, to the big news, I alerted you this was coming but just in case some people didn't notice; for a while now there's been a poll at the top of my page asking what series of mine you're enjoying the most. So, there wasn't a huge response but the Majority went with Halo; followed by Drawn Together. Real Game got no votes at all. So now, I've decided to abandon the Real Game project all together, I'm going to delete all the chapters from the Authorial. Focus on Halo, Drawn Together, Poetry and some other arty farty writing things and one day these will all be in my University portfolio (like one day very soon) I hope no one is disappointed about the loss of Real Game. I'm slightly down but y'know what. I'm having so much fun writing the other two I doubt I'll notice.

Anyway, nice talk guys. Ciassou! x

Monday, 18 October 2010

BLOG: Back to normal on the authorial.

 Wow, poetry. Ha ha, nice title.
 After a bit of a break from the authorial due to tiredness; I'm back and you know I can dance! After such a weird weekend, I need to write again and with all the University stuff I'm going through and all the inspiration I'm getting I need to start writing again. Maybe the problems have been due to the lack of creative output. Maybe, I needed to write again. I don't know. Stuff's getting  weird.

 Poor Paul with his insomnia though, sucks to be him. Tequila is the way to solve it though, exactly half a bottle and he's out like a light. Sounds fun. Okay.

Expect this week...

  1. HALO PRISONERS OF REACH 4 and Debrief
  2. A tale of the weekend
  3. POETRY (I have one prepared)
  4. Reviews

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BLOG: A Quiet Authorial

Meh, I don't know what's wrong with me. I really don't but I'm so tired all the time at the moment. Well, I just feel drained and ill so y'know what, I'm sitting back, I'm relaxing and there will be no chapters this week. I've been writing so much recently; I've written 8,000 words for HALO: Prisoners Of Reach. That's a bloody lot, don't you think?

 As well as this I've got a lot to do for English, I was proud I got 1000 words (so the tally's at 9000 written words so far) because I was going to shoot off and do 3000, however, it wasn't me. It didn't flow it just set out blocks and blocks and blocks of information; no comparison, no comment on the structure, I just have too much to write about and now I need to get on it. I need to get it done.

 So I'm chilling on the chapter front, It's slowly killing me so CIASSOU guys. I'm on Holiday ;) x

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BLOG: Google Vanity

I'm guessing it takes a special kind of vanity to Google one's self, however, don't tell me you have never done it because I know that when you're bored at school nothing better to do the first thing you do is click on google and smack it in your own name. It's fun, I'm not going to hold it against you.
 However, talking to the guys last night on Xbox live, I found out something, the Authorial has reached Google! You can search it and it's there boys like if you search me, I'm actually on quite a lot of google pages. Makes me feel a bit like I've been whoring myself out. He he.

Anyhoo, remember to Google The Authorial, vote in the poll and anything else you fancy doing which involves interacting with the Authorial (Not that boys...)


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(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well, late again, and again and again. What the hell is wrong with me, always late in some way or another. Late in posting, late getting, late for this, late for that. I've had a bad day and am so glad I had pre written this one otherwise it'd just not be working for me right now with all the rage etc. Well, Tartarus what ever will happen next?)

Reach Time: 02:18
Date: January 13th 2552 (4 months and 4 days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC/ ONI Research Facility Outpost 4-Delta 5-0.5-Charlies North Hanger

The captain was growing impatient, he still hadn’t told me the situation but he slide his hand up and down the top of his helmet briskly and frequently; I wasn’t sure of what to do and John and Rodriguez seemed content just to watch their captain at this all day. Me and the restless ODSTs weren’t, their eyes all staring at the four Spartans. The tension was so thick, I don’t even think a knife could’ve cut it…
“Look, are we just going to stand here all day?” yelled an ODST pushing his way to the front of the ten others and presenting himself “Or are we going to get something done?” There was a pause for a second until the ODST removed his helmet. Underneath was a beard and an aged man; scarred, like many soldiers, all about his face with burns and cuts and grazes but his gaze did not avert from the four giants infront of him, they just seemed to fuel the fire and drive within him. “You Spartans…tch… Aren’t you supposed to be the best there is and now all you can do is sit here and feel sorry for yourself?”

 It wasn’t my place to say anything but turning to the black visor of the captain, I couldn’t tell if he was paying attention or not, or even whether he’d noticed the ODST at all. This outspoken soldier, whom like the others only came because they were told had started something major. The other ODSTs got a shade braver and now they all stood in a line facing us four Spartans. It wasn’t a fair fight, for them. “Look, calm down,” I said trying to defuse the situation raising my hands to make some sort of barrier between the two sides hopefully and get the camaraderie we’d just displayed. It worked to no avail and Cyph3r now had his head tilted looking towards the ODST; four words creeping from behind his black visor “And your name was?”

“Peterson, Sergeant Donald Peterson.” Replied the ODST arrogantly. The captain nodded, Rod turned away and John leaned against a wall. I didn’t know whether to band my head against the wall to be honest, no one seemed to listen to me now. It was just beyond annoying and as Peterson and the Captain met each other’s stare, the gravity of the situation intensified. “So you’re the great Donald Peterson? Three times Purple Heart winner, Accommodated for bravery on several occasions and also for your initiative? Hmmmmm, for some reason I expected a younger man.” Peterson’s eyes widened but the Captain continued “You’ve lead countless ODST squads, completed numerous missions, what for to impress us Spartans?”
“I don’t need to impress Spartans!” Spat Peterson viciously
“Oh lookie boys I hit a nerve.” Goaded the Captain speaking to the rest of us Spartan’s whom had only sat back and observed so far, it just wasn’t fair, as abnormal as the Captain was, his intellect was far beyond that of anyone I’d ever met. When he got serious you could almost feel his brain matter working. The ODST didn’t really stand a chance. “You gained you latest injury alongside Noble Team on a routine patrol, they drew their fire didn’t they, it was the Spartans they wanted. But don’t worry, I think Carter’s a dick too-”

“I don’t need your approval, us ODSTs need nothing from Spartans,” yelled Peterson, cutting off the Captain “We could wipe the floor with you, good old non GM human is as good as you!” The Captain laughed “Really?” I went to step forward but Rodriguez’s massive hand grasped and squeezed on my shoulder, a warning to stay away, I did as I was told. I was glad I did. “Ok, if your so good my friend…how about some friendly competition? Kill count.” John gave a snigger to himself and Rod again patted me on the head. Kill count, simple, the team who kills the most people wins and Tartarus was probably more then good at it if you could go only by their Captains performance; with Rod it just seemed rigged. I wasn’t to bad either of course, I just wasn’t one to blow my own trumpet.

 Peterson, now smiling, rubbed his own hands together; the rest of the ODSTs began cheering behind him “Spartans vs. ODST?”
“Yes Peterson, that exactly.” Mocked the captain; “Us four vs. you ten? Fair enough for you sir?”
“I like them odds.” Said Peterson holding out his hand, Cyph3r quickly grabbing it. Deal done. There was no going back from then on with us four versus a squad much bigger then our own. Cyph3r almost too cocky. I looked up at Rod, whom actually hadn’t stopped patting my head and had given me a bit of a head ache. “Rules: Ok! Rule one, you have to find your own way out of here. Rule two, no friendly fire.”

 The ODSTs seemed to agree to those terms because apart from that anything else went, kill stealing, Communication tapping and all on our allies. It almost made it hard to keep track which side you were on but the others didn’t look disheartened, so I didn’t either. Peterson looked towards his ODSTs and began to get them chanting “Thunder from above!” as they did, we however, were gone; straight into the fight: no plan and now no back up just the four of us versus about two-hundred to maybe two-thousand angry militants. I felt the rush of excitement and the others sprinting with me did too, The Captain at the head, Rod and John on the flanks and me on point. Tartarus was on the move.

 “So, Bear, was it?” asked the Captain over the comm turning his head only slightly to give me a hint he was talking to me. “Yeah, that’s me sir.” I stammered trying hard to keep up, the team speeding through corridors and rooms. “Situation is kiddo, that we’ve been locked out the rest of the complex, they found out we were here aand we’ve been trying to find a way out, nothing yet though. Yet, they can send people to kill us. What the fuck is going on?” I could feel his frustration, he’d been held up for a week in that hanger, he wanted to get his mission done. He wanted that complex back in UNSC hands. “Got any ideas?” I looked around as he ran and pulled up the schematics on my HUD. I focused on the hanger and looked closely for some in particular; I squinted behind my visor struggling to find what I was looking for. “We need to get to the Hanger control tower!”

 I skidded to a halt and watched the others speed off straight ahead. I didn’t know what to do, so I just waited a couple of seconds and as expected they returned looking at me rather baffled “Uh, yeah; it’s that way.” In unison they all began nodding their heads and realising why I’d stopped. A chorus of “Oh’s” rang out “Take the head, kid.” I did, straight away again we were blitzing through the corridors like a storm or lightning bolt. I’d never pushed myself to move so fast but I was and I could feel a slight throbbing within my legs and was only to glad to see the Tower elevator. We all skidded to a stop: Cyph3r stopping perfectly; John the same; but Rod sliding into the back of me and sending me flying across onto the elevator shaking the framing violently. “Oops.” Said Rod as he heard me moan “Next time, I’m…driving.” I felt like I’d just been run over by a Scorpion tank.

 The team looked around clueless as I got up, Cyph3r staring at the large hypnotic call-button on the elevator control panel “So, going up?” he asked me as I clambered to my feet, brushing myself off and shaking off the impact. I looked at Rod, he looked down at me. We both just randomly burst out laughing, John just staring at all three of us each in some sort of strange endeavour. “Will you wankers focus?” John’s sombre tone broke the moment and all three of us snapped out of our “stupid” moments. “So what’s the plan, newbie?”

 “Well, this elevator’s still working,” I explained “That means there are emergency service elevators somewhere most likely here and here.” The schematics of the building appeared on the inside of all their visors and two green areas were where the elevators were. We all nodded. There was one problem: “They’re operated from top side meaning, we’re going to have to get our friends to send it down to us…” There was an awkward pause, nothing.

 “Alright then,” said Cyph3r “Let’s do it, don’t want Peterson and his ODSBitches getting ahead now do we, they won’t figure this out for a while, and so we have an advantage-“
“Oh do you?”
It was Peterson’s voice, I’d forgotten to isolate our signal but no matter he’d already heard and even though he didn’t know the location of the elevators, he soon would. So time was now our biggest enemy as well as rivalry. “Ok Tartarus, double time and Bear…”
“What, sir?”
“I’m almost impressed.”
I didn’t quite know whether to take this as a compliment but considering who it was saying it, I thought it best to. I nodded and followed the others towards the elevator with the continuous cheer of “ODST! Thunder from above!” ringing through our helmets. The rest of the team looks at me and I knew what to do quickly jabbing at my tact pad the rumble stopped and the ODST’s roar was gone. Peace and quiet at last or so I thought, I’d never expected what was coming next but it came and I didn’t even know what the hell to do in the situation that was unfolding in front of me…

 We’d been approaching the elevator from the left for a while, but the corridor was narrow and not ideal, we’d managed to get through undetected by anyone. Cyph3r had commented how they must be “running out of bad-guys” to throw at us which got a laugh from Rod. Yet, we were the bad guys to them. I looked down. It was a shame, I hadn’t thought that I’d have to take many human lives as an active duty Spartan, reality soon washed away my naivety. I’d killed many people. It was then I heard it “BEAR DROP!” I didn’t think twice, I dropped straight onto my stomach as a whistling sound began and the loud roar of bullets came from the end of the corridor. They were headed straight for us and the gunner whom had obviously been waiting for us had soon realised we’d dropped to the floor and was moving the gun downwards. John gasped, holding his breathe. With his scope to his eye and his rifle plugged into the back of his helmet. It happened almost in an instant, blurring all into one event…

 John squeezed the trigger, he hadn’t prepped like a normal sniper would need, and a roar as loud as that of thunder echoed in the corridor as the bullet flew from the barrel of his gun travelling down the corridor. The gunner too pre-occupied by his targets didn’t even see it coming, the large calibre bullet coming straight at him. Nothing, he didn’t even attempt to dodge, I just saw it bury its self right between his eyes and emerge from the back of his head redecorating the wall red with his blood, the body slump over the gun. “One.” Said Johnathon quietly as we all got up cautiously. However, the crack of the ballet and the spray of blood had awaited the others within the lift room waiting for us, so it wasn’t long before the dead soldier’s body was removed from the turret and the turret was re-manned and we were back to square one: stuck in a sardine can. I looked at John, still in awe of his skill and precision, the turret once again beginning to whistle, getting ready to fire again.  It was a rash thing to do, but I threw down my over shield as the bullets flew again, buying us time as the bullets just bounced off the shield…

“Good shout Kiddo.” Said the captain, all four of us squeezed under the blue protective translucent canopy “What you got planned now though?” I sighed, I didn’t actually know. I was just hoping that I could pull it off; I looked at who I had with me. John couldn’t get a shot off fast enough and even if he did they’d just re-man the gun. I could see about ten to fifteen people in the elevator room and that was without the dead body. I wasn’t sure what to do at all and suddenly It began to feel hopeless, we’d be stuck here being pummelled with bullets and eventually the shield would give way and we’d be torn asunder. “I have an idea…” said Rod suddenly.

  I looked towards Rodriguez, he nodded and it was then he explained his plan; I could only listen to every single detail in amazement. It seemed flawless, we just had to wait and listen to the whistle of turret as steam bellowed from both sides of the barrel. We had to just wait, keep waiting, for the gap, the sizzling sound of the gun beginning to overheat and the metal beginning to creak. I had to look at Rod who was looking at John. The gun over-heated. Our time was now “JOHN!” yelled Rod and the Sniper stood up and an almost identical image of himself separated from his body. It always freaked me out when someone used a hologram. The copy made the enemy panic, so I could only imagine his face when Rod threw me at the turret nest at the end of the corridor. I hurtled towards the gunner, through the hologram and landed on the turret its self…

 I was crouched on the turret my visor only a couple of inches from the gunners face, he couldn’t do anything and I soon realised the darkening of his trousers as he emptied his bladder at an inappropriate time. I laughed, pulled my fist back and let it fly almost as fast and hard as I could; feeling air resistance build on my hand. It connected with the gunners jaw and my stomach knotted as his face literally bent around my fist, the impact so hard the blood vessels in his eyes burst making his eyes now just red bloody circles in his head. I removed my hand from the inside of the crushed skull of the poor gunner and instinctively without even realising said: “Two.” There was an awkward moment as nine other angry militants stared back at me and I was stuck on the turret.

 I stared, waiting counting in my head the time to elapse before the second part of the plan started, I had to keep to the time. It was either life or death, the last play in the enemy half. So I did as I was told, the pissed off militants quickly turning their rifles about on me crouched on the turret. There was nothing until I felt a huge weight on my back. It was time to go. I bent down till my back served almost as tabletop, revealing Rod’s turret gun on my back now pointing towards the militants. I smiled as the awkward moment passed before Rod opened fire, spraying bullets all over the room and filling the air with a mist of red. Rod the stepped back as his work was done, the bulk of the enemies were dealt with leaving only two. I chuckled as Rod’s turret weight left my back, I felt slightly sick due to the kickback from it vibrating my whole body and the heat almost burning me in my armour. But I had to stay still the Captain now sprinting towards my flat back using Rod as a step to run over me into the room, machete in hand…

“My turn to say hello!” yelled the captain as he sliced at one of the survivors’ leg, dropping him to his knees and then with his shotgun removed his head clean from his shoulders. He cocked the Shotgun once again, turning it on the last survivor; they just dropped to their knees and began praying. Cyph3r scratched his helmet in confusion “What do I do now?” he asked looking towards Rod to provide him with an answer; “Uh, well how am I supposed to know?” replied Rod also scratching the top of his helmet. I watched the two exchange ideas and John walk towards the empty elevator shaft. “Well, I can’t kill a guy preying!”
“Well interrogate him them?” replied Rod to the Captain
“But he’s praying…?”
“Guys…” said Johnathon.
“Maybe I should cap him?”
“You just said you couldn’t because he was praying!”
“Guys?” said Johnathon again
“Well… y’know no one needs to know.”
“GUYS!” yelled Johnathon at the top of his voice, feeding back the microphone in his helmet due to his voice echoing. He pointed down to the empty shaft that housed no elevator platform to actually ascend on. The huge orange Spartan turned to me and the Captain pushed the hostage to the wall his gun still in the poor praying man’s face “This guys is seriously beginning to piss me off!”

 I moved towards John; the elevator, designed for emergency services such as fire and rescue teams had to be sent from the top. He looked at me and then I looked towards the hostage. “Give me a second,” I said “I’ll hack it and impersonate him.” I was pointing at the praying man now, moving towards him. He was shaking and I felt kind of felt sorry for the poor bugger. I put my hand on the Captain’s gun, lowering it from the man’s face. “You got a name, mate?” I asked him. He looked up at me, he didn’t wet himself though, he could probably see I was trying to help him and stroking his grey tinted hair he only replied “Father Bryden.” I looked at the Captain, he nodded at me before he even knew what I was going to ask. “Then get out of here, there are ODSTs posted at the entrance, you’re a civilian hostage. Go.”

 I didn’t need to say it twice, the vicar was gone. I looked back towards the squad finger to my lips (well to where my lips would be on the helmet) as my communicator connected to the team at the top of the elevator “This is Father Bryden requesting the elevator to be sent down, we need to fall back,” I said “ODSTs are pushing us back, reinforcements would just be a waste, we can hold them off and hold the elevator.” I clicked off, silence following. I looked towards the rest of my anxious team mates but didn’t let on myself that I felt exactly the same as they did. I couldn’t. Knowing the crazy stuff these guys could do; it wouldn’t have surprised me if they could smell fear too. I waited, kept waiting. There was still no reply. I shook my head as a click sounded in my ears.

“Bryden the lift’s coming down to you. God speed to you sir!” said a young voice into my helmet and with that the sounds of mechanical movement could be heard from above. The team began nodding and the Captain himself came up to me and clasped his hand on my shoulder “Good one, Bear.” I smiled behind my visor and the elevator docked; the team got on and Cyph3r stood with us in the line as it began moving. “Good job team,” he said looking either side of him to Rod on his left and me and John on his right “However, I do hope you’re keeping score, can’t let the ODSTs win, now.” With that I recollected the poor gunner, his skull folding around my fist. I almost vomited but kept it down as it was a bad idea while you were wearing a helmet. “One.” Was my reply
“One.” Said John
“Seven!” yelled Rod excited at his own prowess pounding on his chest, his gun hanging loosely in his other arm. “One.” Said Cyph3r patting John’s arm “A ten total, not bad for the four of us-“

“Captain Cyph3r? Are you there, do you copy?” came a signal inside all of our helmets
“Yes Donald, Cyph3r’s not here right now, leave a message?”
“This is no time to be funny shit for brains; we’re pinned down on our way to our elevator, we need aid!” Peterson groaned as we could here bullet fire close by, similar to that of the turret we just took out on the way to our elevator but Cyph3r only replied in a sickeningly sweet tone of voice, seeming to take pleasure in the ODSTs misfortune “You heard the rules Donald, you have to make your own way up and we’re on our lift so, unfortunately, for you, you’re in the shit. Don’t keep us waiting Don.”
“CYPH3R- <click>”

I looked up the elevator shaft, then towards the team “Be ready for it lads, lock and load, weapons free.” There was the unified sound of clicking as we checked all our weapons…

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(AUTHOR'S NOTES: This stories been broken down into 4 parts now. I'm really stoked for this, seems to be getting a lot of good press. I'm happy for it, those who support me are awesome; I need them really so keep on going!)

Reach Time: 02:00 am
Date: January 13th 2552
Location: UNSC/ ONI Research Facility Outpost 4-Delta 5-0.5-Charlies North Hanger

 It'd been almost an hour since drop and the ODSTs were on edge, taking point behind two Spartans. I looked at Johnathon, he didn't seem to care we were even following him but he was sneaking around for some reason and the ODSTs from the entrance radioed in.
"Orso, sir, we have a small problem-"
"Sir, there's a mass amount of chatter on the radio, there's a firefight somewhere within the Bunker, careful now."
I looked at Johnathon, he still wasn't looking at me nor acknowledging the existence of his 'rescuers'. I tapped him on the shoulder to which the barrel of his rifle came straight towards my face. "What do you want kid?" he growled his hands not even quivering with the massive amount of weight that came with holding that rifle. "I just want to know what the hell is going on here, buddy." John, dropped the rifle butt from his shoulder and nodded: "Well, it's...complicated..." he said looking forward. I waited patiently for the reply. It never came. I just watched his back and hoped to god he had mine if the size of this fire fight was as large as the ODSTs at the entrance were making out. There was an awkward silence.
"bzzt...O.....bzzt...Y....ah!" came over the radio, broken but it sent John into some sort of Frenzy, he was suddenly on Spartan double time as the patchy message rung through our ears. "John? John!" I shouted after him as he disappeared into the darkness without as much as a word. Me and the ODSTs were all alone again and our one VIP was now back to zero.

 ""  I wasn't sure, but I crouched down and began touch the blue screen on my Tact pad trying to tune into, it and make the signal stronger. The ODSTs looked around with weapons primed and ready for action. "Hello, is anyone out there."
"Kiddo? Where the hell did you go?" came Johnathon's voice over the com-link. I sighed, as he barraged me with questions as to why he had lost me. "John, you ran off mate."
"Yeah, you were getting boring... no action seems like Rod's got some for me though.
"Rod?" I asked, trying desperately to make sense of the broken-up messages he kept receiving. There had been no answer from John and the ODSTs had started shuffling with unease as the motion sensors had began to go hay wire once again, they were apparently surrounded by red-dots and the only yellow dot apart from them was also surrounded by the same sight. I hadn't started to panic yet, it was coming though. "Hold it together, aren't you lot supposed to be the best-?"
"Well, yes!" cried one ODST
"Apart from us Spartans." They'd of seen the wink under my visor, however they all groaned at my arrogance and I needed them on side if we were to win the day, find the VIPs and get the hell out of this place. I was still at a loss as to why the hangar was completely shut down when the schematics said it had direct access into the main Facility. Hence why Tartarus had been sent through here and why I was now chasing their tails. "Bzzzt...R...Bzzzt...?"

 That was them! I was on it, tapping away at my tact pad to fix their communication signal on my motion sensor to get some sort of clue as to where they were. I needed to get a move on, needed to get my objective completed and my men out safely. I say "my men" they're only following me because they were being told to. It made me nervous, the dagger like eyes in my back, the disgruntled moans every time I issued an ordered. It was beginning to get to me and as if matters couldn't get any worse John reappeared out of the darkness; "What have you been doing, Kiddo? Bloody hell." He nudged me, and signalled me to follow "Tell the ODSTs to fall back..." he said with a great amount of strain in his voice.It was obvious the ODSTs were making him as uncomfortable as me, however, there was no sending them back so they came with us. John again did his best quiet routine. Not a word, or even a sound as we advanced forward. It looked as if we were going into the heart of the fire fight, I could hear the bullets flying, the rattle as their empty cases hit the floor and more and more broken radio chatter.
"I think that's for you Corbett?" I said sarcastically as he seemed to ignore the call, even broken it was obviously his name, he still did nothing and suddenly I could feel an intense heat. A mass amount of noise barraged my ear drums, bullets, there were bullets everywhere but John didn't move, he stayed in cover round the corner, pinning me against the wall also. "Don't do it Kiddo." I looked at him with a posture of unease, desperate to get into the fight "We have to help them!" The snipers arm kept me tight to the wall and he looked back at me shaking his head.
"He doesn't need it."
"Yeah it's Rod, it's best to stay out the way!"
The bullets flew continuously past use and it was then I saw him, he was screaming to himself, a huge orange Spartan that dwarfed even me, turrent in hands firing away "COME ON!" he yelled "OHHHH YEAAAAAH!" he looked across to me, John and the ODSTs staring in amazement as he sent the insurgents running back to whether they came. He turned and nodded at John "Took your time, John, He's up there." John hurried off and I just walked past the orange Spartan staring, open mouthed (if he could see) at him. "Rodriguez, you the new Number 4?" he asked patting me on the head "Sweet, the captain's up there taking on some more people, buggers are everywhere." He looked at the ODSTs "Hey, take care."

 I nodded and ran after John, I could hear Rodriguez shouting at the ODSTs to do something rather then stand around, it was then I began to hear music, a massive amount of noise, over the comes clearly I'd fixed the comm links and everything was clear. I was wishing it wasn't as guitar ripped through my ears and the carnage became unbearable. I could hear people screaming, slicing and the distinctive boom of a shotgun. I heard bones crunch and screaming as we got closer and closer to where ‘the Captain’ apparently was, I could just make out the flashes from gunfire in the door to the room he’d been backed into. The shotgun shells rung like church bells until that fateful click meant a reload and a break in the barrage. I gasped, not sure what to really do if the Captain was truly out numbered and out of ammo. I pressed my back on the left side of the door frame, John did the same on the right and he signalled he would take point. I gulped again. I was shaking, the shells had began to fly again and the room was like a box, flack from the shells hit the door frame and the floor outside of it. There was no time to think, just time for action and as I leapt into the doorframe, an insurgent whom must’ve just taken a full shotgun shell to the chest came flying towards me out the door and knocking me to the floor. John held out his hand and helped me off the floor as I pushed the bloody body off me, blood dripping onto my armour.  We moved inside guns primed and ready only to discover a white Spartan sat on a camping stool who stared at John and then towards me...

"A new, recruit." he said looking away from me and towards the floor "Well, he must be a comms specialist as Xiang's shouting at me again and we're back out the dark. Hmmm well?"
"Oh sorry, yeah." He came back to his senses and got up from his stool "Oh no you didn't!" he yelled "You did not run off again John! FOR GOD SAKE WILL YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME!"
"Sir, who gives a flying-"
"I DO!"
I sat watching the two argue music still blaring over my communicator and stayed out the way, until both of their attentions fixed onto me once again, I stepped forward over the vast amounts of bodies on the floor both shocked and amazed at the captain's skills, I almost stumbled but kept myself straight to present myself "Hi, I'm Orso call me Bear... I'm you're new number-!?" I hadn't even seen him move but suddenly the captain had me against the wall machete in hand and towards my neck. "You aren't my four till I say you are, got it?"
"Yes sir."
He put me down and paced the machete back in it's case. I was dazed and Rodriguez and the ODSTs soon followed from the path we'd just come from "Nothing sir," said Rod rather gracefully "They're gone."  The captain kicked the stool other "Little fuckers!"

 The three Spartans and ODSTs looked at him, there was silence as he muttered to himself, cursing "Where the fuck, what the hell? Why can't we get moving, this is annoying!" he smacked the side of his helmet multiple times before turning at me and looking up and down at me said "Shit!"

 I, stood forward unlike the others alone as John and Rod kept their distance, maybe they were smarter, they did know him better after all. I didn't see the risk. "What the hell is going on sir?"
"Why don't you just sit down and shut the hell up a second!?"
"Why don't you shut up and listen to me! Tell me what's going on, I fixed the communicators right?"
"I don't believe I introduced myself properly," said the captain all prim and proper suddenly "I'm Tartarus leader; Cyph3r or Wolf, take your pick." He patted me on the head just as Rod did "You're fucking big for a techie..." I laughed, so did he but suddenly he got serious again as he got back to thinking. He looked back around at me, Rod and Johnathon both shaking their heads.
 "Ok, then 'Bear' what have you got in mind? A hug?"

Friday, 8 October 2010

SERIAL STORY: Drawn Together IV - School

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: He he he, more and more we stumble through life with accidents and mishaps. Might as well write this chapter today too as I'm focusing on HALO Saturday, Sunday & Monday. No more delays from now on I'll try and be on time but with homework and stuff getting tough and the inability to start my English Essay it seems as though this maybe a bad fix. Also small question, if the guy/girl of your dreams appeared in your house what would you do? leave a comment on the blog!)

 Love's grip on Virgilio tightened as they held each other in the kitchen "We're going to be late for school you know." the brown haired boy said, smiling and handing Love he bag. She looked at him as he also put on a school bag and swiped his hair to the side. "We?" she asked
"Yes, 'we' Love"
She looked confused and she backed away from him "Are you mad? Are you crazy? You can't just turn up to my school?" she paced around the breakfast bar and Virgilio once again laughed at her as she stormed around the place like a whirlwind. There was no look of worry in his eyes he just opened the front door and grabbed the spare key "Mine." he said placing it in his pocket and beckoning the hysterical Love to exit the flat: "If it pleases you, I'm already registered." Love stopped, looked at him and marched out the door quickly towards her car fumbling with her keys as she tried desperately to stop shaking. She couldn't and as Virgilio slid into the seat next to her, she only got worse.

 The car journey remained silent, not a word uttered between the two whom had been so close in the itchen and now estranged outside their 'bubble'. "Why did you register at my school?" asked Love viciously picking up speed, "Why not?" replied Virgilio teasingly, sticking his tongue out at her "I'd be bored at home, I'm taking Music, Drama and Creative Writing. It's going to be fun." He moved a piece of her hair behind her ear and smiled, looking back out the window as she shrugged him off. "You don't get this do you? How am I supposed to explain you Virg?" asked Love nervously parking her car in the School car park "What am I supposed to say?" Virgilio got out the car, Love doing the same as he was grabbing his bag "Well?"
"Why not tell them I'm your boyfriend?" he yelled as if angry at her "Isn't that what I was supposed to be?"
"No, No you were supposed to be paint on a canvas! Not my room mate!" Both door slammed violently, shaking the car. Faces were now pointed at the pair and the whispers started as they attempted to go their separate ways...

However, Love stopped and so did Virgilio. The two looked back at one and other and as their eyes met Love's world began to spin again, her heart melted and her worries seemed to vanish. "I don't know where anything is..." whimpered Virgilio after he saw he was going the wrong way and he started walking back towards Love, a cute sad expression on his face in an attempt to charm Love who even though she'd already been won over was trying to mask it behind a serious visage. The two met half way. There was a pause.

 Love held out her hand for the tall, tanned boy to take which without a word he did and she smiled "Come on Virg, this way." She guided him through the crowd of the school rush to outside his lesson. The two stared at each other as Love tired to edge Virgilio into the room but he clung desperately onto her hand "I didn't think it'd be this scary." he whispered to her as he looked in the door to the teacher who was already addressing the class. There was a warm feeling on his cheek and Love's lips brushed tenderly on his cheek as she pushed him through the door "Go get 'em paint boy!"
The door swung shut and the teacher's voice could be heard reeling with excitement as Virgilio had obviously made his introductions; two girls hung around in the corridor beaming at Love with eyes of hatred. They split off from each other and surrounded Love, one on either side and they both began their barrage. Question upon question about the tall long haired boy Love had just escorted, including name. "It's Italian, how dreamy..." sighed one, whilst the other continued her probe into the identity of the mysterious boy. However, love couldn't give her everything because she only knew what she'd painted on the canvas but didn't actually know about the person who had materialised from it. The girls, desperate looked Love in the eye "He's single right?"

 Love froze, she herself wasn't sure. Was he? or were they? The confusion made her sick but the image was also warming, there was just two rather strange girls asking for 'her perfect man' and she wasn't having any of it. She was going to stand up for herself, she had to, she wanted to. She wanted him to herself. "Well, yeah, But I'm working on it." Love giggled as she left the two girls, with their mouths wide open in the corridor alone as she went to her lesson.

 She felt great and this was only the beginning...