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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

BLOG: The Authorial Evolves

So, I went to Sheffield and now the games about to get harder, I need a portfolio so I need to keep writing and evolve my style so that means the authorial's going to have to change slightly too. It's not going to be anything drastic it's just a few little tweaks like:

  1. Due to the fact that I need to show a broad range of skills in my portfolio there will be new Genres of post coming to the authorial (oh how professional I sound) these will include both CD & DVD reviews; Scripts; Poetry and some more article or essay like posts not sure what to call them yet. These will be labelled as all the others have in the title so don't worry your pretty heads off about being confused.
  2. I NEED YOU TO COMMENT ON THE BLOG; it's for evidence, you don't need to sign up or anything you can comment freely it's really important I have this sort of stuff at the moment
  3. And maybe a layout change thinking about it.
Anyway, as well it's the girlfriends birthday tomorrow my dear Jenni turns 18, I'm sooooo excited! Anyway, due to that there'll be no posts tomorrow. Also as well Halo is not finished for this week just due to size is being broken down into multiple posts. We're going to see some developements soon in everything and maybe even some new serials. 

He he he Ciassou! xxx


  1. *applauds person above*

    Looking forward to it Mr Add ;)

  2. You spanner Tommy I'd hit you right now with a spatula, Oh Tommy though, I have great things in store for you!