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Thursday, 14 October 2010

BLOG: Google Vanity

I'm guessing it takes a special kind of vanity to Google one's self, however, don't tell me you have never done it because I know that when you're bored at school nothing better to do the first thing you do is click on google and smack it in your own name. It's fun, I'm not going to hold it against you.
 However, talking to the guys last night on Xbox live, I found out something, the Authorial has reached Google! You can search it and it's there boys like if you search me, I'm actually on quite a lot of google pages. Makes me feel a bit like I've been whoring myself out. He he.

Anyhoo, remember to Google The Authorial, vote in the poll and anything else you fancy doing which involves interacting with the Authorial (Not that boys...)



  1. Doesn't take much. Searching 'A Slightly Freaky Blog', May blog's the first result.

    Searching EliteFreq leads to numerous profile pages and forum posts that I've posted.

    It's kind of a googlewhack thing I suppose.

  2. My*
    Well yeah, searching my name takes you to medal tables, youtube videos and all sorts
    ;) S y'know what chill