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Sunday, 3 October 2010

BLOG: Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)

Not many people want to get up in the morning; let alone get out of bed when you're girlfriend's there with you. However, today I had to in order to go explore the University of Sheffield Hallam.
So, I get up have a shower and get some cereal and then hop into the old MARTIN MOBILE (Tom's Dad's Car) for the two hour drive to Sheffield itself. So first things first, half way through the Journey we stop at the services because Martin needs one of his dodgy cigars and we're in need of a coffee because of it being so darn early in the morning man. And the Coffee was just huge...

Ever had a well of coffee?
Like it was the hugest coffee ever seen in the most expensive shops ever seen, you do have to love Costa and once done in there with a Balti Ginster's Pastie, we got back into the throws of the journey. It was kind've fun, Martin's dodgy Cigar's giving me a headache and us doing our best comedy routines to past the time. It was only to spell disaster when he bloody handed me the map; oh, dear. Oh, dear.

  So within a couple of moments, we were lost. The signs all disappeared and we were hunting for swings and roundabouts to find this university me, Tom, Lizzy and poor old Martin. So, we had to stop and ask some yokels. They looked shocked, when I just shouted out my window at them and they got us there, me bursting for a wee and 15 minutes till my English talk. I was bricking my pants. I mean, if I missed this talk we'd have to wait around, so to the Univesity! WARP FACTOR NINE ENGAGED MAN! I was running up the parking complex stairs, towards any person with a red Sheffield Hallam T-shirt to get my bearings and get me towards the nearest toilet. My bladder was on the rupture path and I wasn't going to last long...

Say "Hi." to the competition
 Then I saw it, the queue; all the students in the north of England had come and descended upon the university and were having to line up to check-in, me doing my little happy dance desperate for the toilet with the team behind me laughing as I reiterate my violent desire to urinate. So Tom stepped forward. He'd registered but I hadn't. Still desperate, with 10 minutes till my talk. Things were beginning to look grim as I was sitting registering and bouncing up and down. Then it finished and I was left alone after Tom showed me where I needed to go. I WAS OFF!

 Running, finding a student rep and asking where that bog was. I've never been so relieved, running through the canteen towards the toilet and dropping my trousers to expel. Oh dear, five minutes. Running again to the lecture theatre. I was lucky it was running late, I had to wipe the sweat off me brow, have a quick peek around at the other candidates (mostly girls) and then listen intently as he began...

Have you seen these people?
 Now, the man presenting was the Creating Writing lecturer, awesome, my wanted course tutor and he did a good job. He stammered and started, a few "ummmms" and "aaaahhhs" but he sold the course well to me, he excited my Creative Writing passion, he's seriously made me consider SHU; and now, I was ready for it. I wanted to just get a portfolio done now. I just needed 280 UCAS points with 100 points (a B) from English literature, so now it's on. I need the drive, the courage. I need to do it. So it finished, I asked him a few questions and I got some good answers; I'm so impressed with SHU at the moment so... Now, my course talk is over what now?Halls of course.

What a beautiful chocolate girl :)
 Not before I find the others, had to find Tom and Liz after all and go check out a tour. I went for the jugular, the best rooms there were and at about £95 a week (as calculated by Tom, so I wasn't going to argue) why not? They were called Trigon and we were at 12.15pm. So a little break, we'd been going for a while, we met this beautiful chocolate woman (she was a cardboard cut out but who cares?) and sat down until our time waiting for the Martin man. Filled out a questionnaire mentioning the "Martin Mobile" and the getting it sent off with my real name. Score.

Where's Paul when you need him?
  So we got off, saw Gary Small an old Rushdener who recommended us to do the open days if we ever had the opportunity because it was easy money. Thanks Gaz.  To Trigon, walked up the road seeing a recording studio down the road from the Uni, the cool Student Union called "The Hub" and many other weird and wondeful sights that Sheffield had to offer. I was mesmerized even more so when we actually got to trigon it was really nice, small bedroom but a decent kitchen, a nice city view and of course had to ask if the Xbox would work and OF COURSE IT DOES! Everything even comes with instructions so idiots like me and Tom whom have no idea with the in's and out's of life (due to the fact we have mothers) can work it. The common room was nice too actually pool table, spacious not bad at all. Even the laundrette had instructions. Indeed, another score.

Not so Common a Common Room actually 

  Walking back we checked out the student Union rather then head straight back to the Uni, we hadn't much left to look at really and the Union is a big part of university and although it looked like "something about to take off" as Martin quite aptly put it, it could've been rubbish on the inside. We couldn't be more wrong, it looked so cool with two bars and a shop. Four "pods" all doing different things a stage, a dance studio, a lounge and such but the best thing about the Student Union which my friend Paulio would agree on whole heartedly is that they had a Jaeger Machine and Budweiser on Tap. DEFINITELY SCORE! I couldn't believe it, epic or what?
Nothing worse then a dry bar
Thoughts anyone?


Probably the best game of hide and seek waiting to happen?
 The library was a bit of a maze man, it was all signed up and everything but took you all about the shop. It was huge man, massive, you had to search stuff on a computer just to find the LEVEL you're supposed to be on! It's crazy.

 That was it really, the car journey home wasn't exciting we were all shattered poor Martin stuck with a bunch of sleeping teens, my goody bag at my feet; his son and his bird cuddled up in the back. Ha, pretty funny really when he woke us all up by driving through a massive puddle and let it splash up the windscreen almost leapt out the sun roof being half asleep and all that. Got home had curry, good day really. Had a long chat with the parents about the future, about effort and stuff. Story of my life really.
Goody Bag

 What it was about Sheffield I think is that it was right in the middle of the City, right in the heart where I wanted to be. It sold the course well and the place was just magical, the place had Xbox and Jaeger what else could a guy need, so, I suppose Paul will be moving to Sheffield with me then won't you Paul? It'd be good it's an awesome place and I just can't wait to start making my portfolio for it.

Well, now to South Bank CIASSOU!


  1. SOunds perfect. SHeffield is pretty amazing. I will enjoy visiting.