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Thursday, 21 October 2010

BLOG: Shocking News To The Authorial

Well, well, that time again. Another post. Seems like only yesterday I set this up and now the further I look back I realise that even though it's not a massive distance, it's still pretty big in its entirety.

 I hope you all enjoyed the first Poem that ever made it onto the Authorial called "Insomnia" some like it, they keep calling it "The Juliet Poem", never mind that'll do donkey, that'll do. Poetry is now going to play more of a part on the Authorial and I need your comments, not just on the poetry but on anything you like because it's pretty brave of me to open this sort of stuff on the net for people to steal and rob and rate and tear apart. This is something I usually do privately but now I want to share what some people have called "my talent" to you guys. So please, spare a thought to me and comment on the Authorial, not on any links you see actually on the Authorial because I need you guys. It's nice that I can say that. I want you guys to help me.

 Now, to the big news, I alerted you this was coming but just in case some people didn't notice; for a while now there's been a poll at the top of my page asking what series of mine you're enjoying the most. So, there wasn't a huge response but the Majority went with Halo; followed by Drawn Together. Real Game got no votes at all. So now, I've decided to abandon the Real Game project all together, I'm going to delete all the chapters from the Authorial. Focus on Halo, Drawn Together, Poetry and some other arty farty writing things and one day these will all be in my University portfolio (like one day very soon) I hope no one is disappointed about the loss of Real Game. I'm slightly down but y'know what. I'm having so much fun writing the other two I doubt I'll notice.

Anyway, nice talk guys. Ciassou! x

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