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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH: Meet Lt. Colonel Tanja

(Been having a lot of darn trouble with this; Blogger and me had to have a little chat. This is the first of a long line of Cameo characters; Tanja Pastor's. Check this girl out)

Name: Tanja A.K.A T
D.O.B: 15th July 2532
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Service Tag: T1P9 
Rank: LT. Colonel
Ability: Armour Lock
Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: M6G Pistol
Grenade: Fragmentation
Specialism: Espionage and Female Relations

Spartan T1P9 rose to fame shortly after joining the UNSC, a huge advocate for women’s rights within the UNSC and described as a “trouble-making feminist.” Her acceptance into the programme was to head up a batch of female Spartans called “Muse Company” as she was the best candidate in the pool for the job.

 Tanja was soon deployed into the field with MUSE COMPANY taking down two Covenant Super Carriers in orbit with no casualties thanks to her tactical prowess. Not only has she made the only all female Spartan squad one of the best in the UNSC; she is also the top female Spartan scouted both for Master Chief’s and Tartarus’s team rosters.

Apart from her High-Ranking Father whom raised her as he would a son, teaching her everything he knew she trusts no one but loves nothing more then flirting with the males on the bases she’s posted at and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her; using her feminine whiles  to get her way.


  1. I'll play paint snipers with her ;P

  2. I bet you'll repaint something ;D