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Sunday, 10 October 2010


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: This stories been broken down into 4 parts now. I'm really stoked for this, seems to be getting a lot of good press. I'm happy for it, those who support me are awesome; I need them really so keep on going!)

Reach Time: 02:00 am
Date: January 13th 2552
Location: UNSC/ ONI Research Facility Outpost 4-Delta 5-0.5-Charlies North Hanger

 It'd been almost an hour since drop and the ODSTs were on edge, taking point behind two Spartans. I looked at Johnathon, he didn't seem to care we were even following him but he was sneaking around for some reason and the ODSTs from the entrance radioed in.
"Orso, sir, we have a small problem-"
"Sir, there's a mass amount of chatter on the radio, there's a firefight somewhere within the Bunker, careful now."
I looked at Johnathon, he still wasn't looking at me nor acknowledging the existence of his 'rescuers'. I tapped him on the shoulder to which the barrel of his rifle came straight towards my face. "What do you want kid?" he growled his hands not even quivering with the massive amount of weight that came with holding that rifle. "I just want to know what the hell is going on here, buddy." John, dropped the rifle butt from his shoulder and nodded: "Well, it's...complicated..." he said looking forward. I waited patiently for the reply. It never came. I just watched his back and hoped to god he had mine if the size of this fire fight was as large as the ODSTs at the entrance were making out. There was an awkward silence.
"bzzt...O.....bzzt...Y....ah!" came over the radio, broken but it sent John into some sort of Frenzy, he was suddenly on Spartan double time as the patchy message rung through our ears. "John? John!" I shouted after him as he disappeared into the darkness without as much as a word. Me and the ODSTs were all alone again and our one VIP was now back to zero.

 ""  I wasn't sure, but I crouched down and began touch the blue screen on my Tact pad trying to tune into, it and make the signal stronger. The ODSTs looked around with weapons primed and ready for action. "Hello, is anyone out there."
"Kiddo? Where the hell did you go?" came Johnathon's voice over the com-link. I sighed, as he barraged me with questions as to why he had lost me. "John, you ran off mate."
"Yeah, you were getting boring... no action seems like Rod's got some for me though.
"Rod?" I asked, trying desperately to make sense of the broken-up messages he kept receiving. There had been no answer from John and the ODSTs had started shuffling with unease as the motion sensors had began to go hay wire once again, they were apparently surrounded by red-dots and the only yellow dot apart from them was also surrounded by the same sight. I hadn't started to panic yet, it was coming though. "Hold it together, aren't you lot supposed to be the best-?"
"Well, yes!" cried one ODST
"Apart from us Spartans." They'd of seen the wink under my visor, however they all groaned at my arrogance and I needed them on side if we were to win the day, find the VIPs and get the hell out of this place. I was still at a loss as to why the hangar was completely shut down when the schematics said it had direct access into the main Facility. Hence why Tartarus had been sent through here and why I was now chasing their tails. "Bzzzt...R...Bzzzt...?"

 That was them! I was on it, tapping away at my tact pad to fix their communication signal on my motion sensor to get some sort of clue as to where they were. I needed to get a move on, needed to get my objective completed and my men out safely. I say "my men" they're only following me because they were being told to. It made me nervous, the dagger like eyes in my back, the disgruntled moans every time I issued an ordered. It was beginning to get to me and as if matters couldn't get any worse John reappeared out of the darkness; "What have you been doing, Kiddo? Bloody hell." He nudged me, and signalled me to follow "Tell the ODSTs to fall back..." he said with a great amount of strain in his voice.It was obvious the ODSTs were making him as uncomfortable as me, however, there was no sending them back so they came with us. John again did his best quiet routine. Not a word, or even a sound as we advanced forward. It looked as if we were going into the heart of the fire fight, I could hear the bullets flying, the rattle as their empty cases hit the floor and more and more broken radio chatter.
"I think that's for you Corbett?" I said sarcastically as he seemed to ignore the call, even broken it was obviously his name, he still did nothing and suddenly I could feel an intense heat. A mass amount of noise barraged my ear drums, bullets, there were bullets everywhere but John didn't move, he stayed in cover round the corner, pinning me against the wall also. "Don't do it Kiddo." I looked at him with a posture of unease, desperate to get into the fight "We have to help them!" The snipers arm kept me tight to the wall and he looked back at me shaking his head.
"He doesn't need it."
"Yeah it's Rod, it's best to stay out the way!"
The bullets flew continuously past use and it was then I saw him, he was screaming to himself, a huge orange Spartan that dwarfed even me, turrent in hands firing away "COME ON!" he yelled "OHHHH YEAAAAAH!" he looked across to me, John and the ODSTs staring in amazement as he sent the insurgents running back to whether they came. He turned and nodded at John "Took your time, John, He's up there." John hurried off and I just walked past the orange Spartan staring, open mouthed (if he could see) at him. "Rodriguez, you the new Number 4?" he asked patting me on the head "Sweet, the captain's up there taking on some more people, buggers are everywhere." He looked at the ODSTs "Hey, take care."

 I nodded and ran after John, I could hear Rodriguez shouting at the ODSTs to do something rather then stand around, it was then I began to hear music, a massive amount of noise, over the comes clearly I'd fixed the comm links and everything was clear. I was wishing it wasn't as guitar ripped through my ears and the carnage became unbearable. I could hear people screaming, slicing and the distinctive boom of a shotgun. I heard bones crunch and screaming as we got closer and closer to where ‘the Captain’ apparently was, I could just make out the flashes from gunfire in the door to the room he’d been backed into. The shotgun shells rung like church bells until that fateful click meant a reload and a break in the barrage. I gasped, not sure what to really do if the Captain was truly out numbered and out of ammo. I pressed my back on the left side of the door frame, John did the same on the right and he signalled he would take point. I gulped again. I was shaking, the shells had began to fly again and the room was like a box, flack from the shells hit the door frame and the floor outside of it. There was no time to think, just time for action and as I leapt into the doorframe, an insurgent whom must’ve just taken a full shotgun shell to the chest came flying towards me out the door and knocking me to the floor. John held out his hand and helped me off the floor as I pushed the bloody body off me, blood dripping onto my armour.  We moved inside guns primed and ready only to discover a white Spartan sat on a camping stool who stared at John and then towards me...

"A new, recruit." he said looking away from me and towards the floor "Well, he must be a comms specialist as Xiang's shouting at me again and we're back out the dark. Hmmm well?"
"Oh sorry, yeah." He came back to his senses and got up from his stool "Oh no you didn't!" he yelled "You did not run off again John! FOR GOD SAKE WILL YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME!"
"Sir, who gives a flying-"
"I DO!"
I sat watching the two argue music still blaring over my communicator and stayed out the way, until both of their attentions fixed onto me once again, I stepped forward over the vast amounts of bodies on the floor both shocked and amazed at the captain's skills, I almost stumbled but kept myself straight to present myself "Hi, I'm Orso call me Bear... I'm you're new number-!?" I hadn't even seen him move but suddenly the captain had me against the wall machete in hand and towards my neck. "You aren't my four till I say you are, got it?"
"Yes sir."
He put me down and paced the machete back in it's case. I was dazed and Rodriguez and the ODSTs soon followed from the path we'd just come from "Nothing sir," said Rod rather gracefully "They're gone."  The captain kicked the stool other "Little fuckers!"

 The three Spartans and ODSTs looked at him, there was silence as he muttered to himself, cursing "Where the fuck, what the hell? Why can't we get moving, this is annoying!" he smacked the side of his helmet multiple times before turning at me and looking up and down at me said "Shit!"

 I, stood forward unlike the others alone as John and Rod kept their distance, maybe they were smarter, they did know him better after all. I didn't see the risk. "What the hell is going on sir?"
"Why don't you just sit down and shut the hell up a second!?"
"Why don't you shut up and listen to me! Tell me what's going on, I fixed the communicators right?"
"I don't believe I introduced myself properly," said the captain all prim and proper suddenly "I'm Tartarus leader; Cyph3r or Wolf, take your pick." He patted me on the head just as Rod did "You're fucking big for a techie..." I laughed, so did he but suddenly he got serious again as he got back to thinking. He looked back around at me, Rod and Johnathon both shaking their heads.
 "Ok, then 'Bear' what have you got in mind? A hug?"


  1. Ashley Bullen-Cutting10 October 2010 at 22:34

    If there was one small thing I would nitpick it would be the possible lack of development in the secondary characters, I mean don't get me wrong I like the addition of the new SPARTAN's but I think the lack of a singular major voice in the ODST squad is keeping the momentum back.
    Everyone knows there is real rivalry between the two ranks, maybe one ODST could be given a name and a voice...?

  2. Yeah, I get you there B.C remember this is only 2 of 4 we're going to see this rivalry now now that there are many Spartans I've been trying to build it up with every Spartan that joined, so now we have a group the tension's going to hit a peek dear ginge ;)

  3. Point taken.
    Now perhaps some all out covenant face mashing?

  4. Gotta wait Look at the date, still got a while to go till covenant appear on Reach it's Human on Human at the momento ;) All in due time

  5. I'm liking it so far i still thought you should have had like something happen at the end which made me go like "omg no whats gunna happen!!!" :P
    Hmmmm i guessing you've started to write the part 3 but i was thinking for that maybe now theres 4 spartans now they go for a full on assault where all of tartarus are doing what they do best and then orso gotta try and make his mark

  6. You and me are on the same page Heather's ;) Now there's 4 it's going to turn into a massacre, gotta solve the problem at hand though, answer some questions. Where have Tartarus been for a week, why are they trapped in the hangar and all that. It's on it's way.