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Friday, 8 October 2010

SERIAL STORY: Drawn Together IV - School

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: He he he, more and more we stumble through life with accidents and mishaps. Might as well write this chapter today too as I'm focusing on HALO Saturday, Sunday & Monday. No more delays from now on I'll try and be on time but with homework and stuff getting tough and the inability to start my English Essay it seems as though this maybe a bad fix. Also small question, if the guy/girl of your dreams appeared in your house what would you do? leave a comment on the blog!)

 Love's grip on Virgilio tightened as they held each other in the kitchen "We're going to be late for school you know." the brown haired boy said, smiling and handing Love he bag. She looked at him as he also put on a school bag and swiped his hair to the side. "We?" she asked
"Yes, 'we' Love"
She looked confused and she backed away from him "Are you mad? Are you crazy? You can't just turn up to my school?" she paced around the breakfast bar and Virgilio once again laughed at her as she stormed around the place like a whirlwind. There was no look of worry in his eyes he just opened the front door and grabbed the spare key "Mine." he said placing it in his pocket and beckoning the hysterical Love to exit the flat: "If it pleases you, I'm already registered." Love stopped, looked at him and marched out the door quickly towards her car fumbling with her keys as she tried desperately to stop shaking. She couldn't and as Virgilio slid into the seat next to her, she only got worse.

 The car journey remained silent, not a word uttered between the two whom had been so close in the itchen and now estranged outside their 'bubble'. "Why did you register at my school?" asked Love viciously picking up speed, "Why not?" replied Virgilio teasingly, sticking his tongue out at her "I'd be bored at home, I'm taking Music, Drama and Creative Writing. It's going to be fun." He moved a piece of her hair behind her ear and smiled, looking back out the window as she shrugged him off. "You don't get this do you? How am I supposed to explain you Virg?" asked Love nervously parking her car in the School car park "What am I supposed to say?" Virgilio got out the car, Love doing the same as he was grabbing his bag "Well?"
"Why not tell them I'm your boyfriend?" he yelled as if angry at her "Isn't that what I was supposed to be?"
"No, No you were supposed to be paint on a canvas! Not my room mate!" Both door slammed violently, shaking the car. Faces were now pointed at the pair and the whispers started as they attempted to go their separate ways...

However, Love stopped and so did Virgilio. The two looked back at one and other and as their eyes met Love's world began to spin again, her heart melted and her worries seemed to vanish. "I don't know where anything is..." whimpered Virgilio after he saw he was going the wrong way and he started walking back towards Love, a cute sad expression on his face in an attempt to charm Love who even though she'd already been won over was trying to mask it behind a serious visage. The two met half way. There was a pause.

 Love held out her hand for the tall, tanned boy to take which without a word he did and she smiled "Come on Virg, this way." She guided him through the crowd of the school rush to outside his lesson. The two stared at each other as Love tired to edge Virgilio into the room but he clung desperately onto her hand "I didn't think it'd be this scary." he whispered to her as he looked in the door to the teacher who was already addressing the class. There was a warm feeling on his cheek and Love's lips brushed tenderly on his cheek as she pushed him through the door "Go get 'em paint boy!"
The door swung shut and the teacher's voice could be heard reeling with excitement as Virgilio had obviously made his introductions; two girls hung around in the corridor beaming at Love with eyes of hatred. They split off from each other and surrounded Love, one on either side and they both began their barrage. Question upon question about the tall long haired boy Love had just escorted, including name. "It's Italian, how dreamy..." sighed one, whilst the other continued her probe into the identity of the mysterious boy. However, love couldn't give her everything because she only knew what she'd painted on the canvas but didn't actually know about the person who had materialised from it. The girls, desperate looked Love in the eye "He's single right?"

 Love froze, she herself wasn't sure. Was he? or were they? The confusion made her sick but the image was also warming, there was just two rather strange girls asking for 'her perfect man' and she wasn't having any of it. She was going to stand up for herself, she had to, she wanted to. She wanted him to herself. "Well, yeah, But I'm working on it." Love giggled as she left the two girls, with their mouths wide open in the corridor alone as she went to her lesson.

 She felt great and this was only the beginning...

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