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Thursday, 18 November 2010

BLOG: Aim for the sky to get even higher!

Well, well it seems as though the blocks beginning to lift however I am going to take the night of tonight and play some Black Ops don't see why not, I did a good job yesterday.; I personally believe I deserve it for fighting the block to bring you some awesome Halo action. It's all a bit exciting now, as if I haven't been doing this for what... two months now?

 Anyway, I was talking to my friend Tanja and I've been thinking; I set myself some targets. Well more like A target: to have 100 posts by the beginning of 2011 as 2012 is apparently the end of the world thought I might as well hit my centenary before the end of the world...

But there's something else too, I want more poetry and more reviews on the Authorial but most of all... I would like more followers...

So guys out there whom have Google Accounts like Youtube, etc. Please follow the Authorial to help me out and make me look good. Let's not lie about it these two things make me look good. But I like this, I enjoy entertaining you so... help me out.

However, I also a few other things I want to do like start a new project and start getting it rolling within the Halo story like... major like Covenant major. So... this is just an update a bit of an ask. Self endorsed vanity and advertisement.

Thanks, CIASSOU! x


  1. So would like to do and story line within Halo POR about eh covenant such as Covenants strike team that touches down or am i getting the wrong idea?

  2. I do really want the covenant featuring soon, it's driving me insane waiting but we have to build up story. You have the sort of right idea but you'll see how the covenant tie into the story is a massive thing and I need to think carefully first...