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Monday, 15 November 2010

BLOG: Creative Juices!

Well, still no chapters however, I've made a start to some in my head and in Word! HOO-RAH!
So, looks like things are actually on the up been taking time out to think about things, read and stuff that genuinely passes the time; like procrastinating (what a lovely word) for an example of what I've been doing.

 However, these events have inspired me; I tell you what I thinks inspired me the most and I think it's the books I read; every bit children's literature but probably some of the best books I have ever actually read: These books are The Edge Chronicles filled with flying pirate ships, magic rocks, strange trees and even stranger creatures as a fabulous writer and a possibly even greater artist paint this magnificent world of "The Edge" before your eyes. I suppose it was just nostalgia that brought me to read these books (a collection of the full works only recently completed) but they are just amazing. From the smallest flitter-waif to the almighty Gloamglozer and the awesome characters and species remind me of why I want to be a writer and what the tool of my trade is. My imagination; I get inspiration but this is not what fuels my writing, it's just an aid.

 And maybe that's why I've been struggling, I'm in a rush now though in the eye of the storm of some newly returned creativity and I'm just going to ride it out until it ends to the point where I can laugh and smile and say "Well, better take the week off."

 So... what have I done?
Progress has been made on the 5th chapter of DRAWN TOGETHER more then anything and a new title I'm hoping to do a pilot chapter of tomorrow to get some feedback and response. HALO however, I'm keeping under wraps I'm  not going to tell you if I've made progress (yes Heathers, that's right I'm letting your imagination run wild.) I may have I may have not; am I lying or am I not?

 This my darlings is up to you but the definite truth is we shall see a chapter of SOMETHING up tomorrow hopefully but for now, I'm sorry chicks Black Ops calls...

Ciassou! x

P.S: A special thanks to my friend Thomas "Beans" Mackenzie for his awesome advice I'd really check this guy out at Girl Gamers Suck (a girl gaming website) his columns are awesome and Vanessa my Girlfriends Cousin whom also is an aspiring writer herself. Arrigatomas!

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