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Saturday, 20 November 2010

BLOG: People and creativity?

Hey there, another little article here about something that is in fact very important for people who do this sort of thing; by "this sort of thing" I mean like creative subjects. You need inspiration and I wrote a blog about how I take a lot of inspiration from the visual aspects of life and the enviroment around me which is true; indeed, very true.

 However, there's also something very important to me that makes a large some of my inspiration: people. People are a huge part of my life, I try hard to keep people in my life to try and please many of them but there are those few people who I want to immortalise in my writing and immortalise the things I love about them. There's a short list of people:

Jennifer Andrews, my girlfriend who inspires me to great romantic heights.
Paul Graham, Tom Mackenzie, Leeroy Rhodes, Tommy Turner, Michael Heath who are in fact the real life Team Tartarus.
Tanja Pastor who supports me often.
Mat Towers whom without I probably would never of discovered writing.
And a truck load of others like Ryan Barnes, Tom Percy, Arran Macdonald and the lot at school whom you can see parts of.

 These people influence my life, acknowledge my existence and in turn make me who I am. I am actually eternally grateful. For these lot, I mean, YOU lot are my inspiration, motivation and my greatest possessions.

Thanks you guys, CIASSOU! x

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