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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

BLOG: See. Read. Believe.

 The Authorial has a new Maxim which I thought of recently while contemplating my writing as a whole. How I see my writing is very strange, I think I see it almost like the paper is in fact a stage and every story is a performance, every single piece is me on the line.

 So I needed to think of something meaningful; something serious almost but not unlike myself. I wanted to show people what writing means to me in a meaningful but non-alienating way and this is what I came up with:

I want people to SEE my work, hence why I post it and leave it in the firing lines for criticism, ridicule and even the odd bit of praise. A writer doesn't just have success overnight they have to put their work out there. If they don't nothing will ever become of what they do...

 It also needs people to READ it, without people reading my work, my work is in fact obsolete and meaningless. No artist, writer or musician wants their work ignored, they want it to be read, seen or heard. I want people to read through my work and enjoy it as much as I do writing it.

 Finally, I want people to BELIEVE as I believe that my work is worth the effort and that my efforts will one day see me somewhere I want to be; People who believe in you can be your greatest motivators and soon become very special in your life; whether it be in you as a writer, or in the project you're doing. It doesn't matter belief is a huge part of life and belief is the only thing that actually separates what happens from what doesn't.

And that's now my motto, my "Way of Writing" if you like. Like the Ninjas and Samurai's of old I can coin it as a code, live my creative life by it...

 I want to design a banner or header for the Authorial with The blog name and my new Maxim. I think it'd be nice and it would add that little thing that's missing.



  1. Methinks you could do with a design to your blog.

    I've always felt it's a bit... 'noobish'...

  2. I feel you, I'm working on it...