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Monday, 22 November 2010

BLOG: Tonight we dine in hell, actually scratch that I'm feeling a kebab

 Today's blog is one of random going's on, I don't know what to do with my self since Halo needs doing but I'm shirking as you can tell.

 I don't feel it's right to do it yet, although a sesh on Halo with Heathers last night gave me some epic inspiration for the story so we'll have to see how that develops he probably knows what I mean as well we both just wet ourselves laughing pretty much. T'was awesome.

 Paul's back so me and him are about to blitz COD like the fish it's meant to be, batter it up and serve it with chips, cheesey chips maybe. So I also have a schedule:


  1. Ask Ryan when we're going his to practice next
  2. Do a review on Framing Hanley's A Promise To Burn Album
  3. HALO!
  4. Play Xbox with the lados
  5. Anything else which springs to mind
That's tomorrow sorted.

Anyway, gotta be off. 

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