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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Name: Jason K (Full last name: Kelly)
D.O.B: 26th October 2526
Age: 26
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Service Tag: TG32
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Ability: Drop Shield
Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Grenade: Fragmentation 
Specialism: Tactics & Training

Jason K was one of the first Spartan to be part of the Spartan Outreach Programme (S.O.P.) Jason is one of the first known cases of a Spartan who had dyslexia. This was very noticeable when he was younger as it was unusual for a Spartans balance to be "off". This was a case of finding his strengths and pushing them as hard as possible. 

Jason was posted at the same training camp as Spartan AH92 – Orso and also treated as special case. Maybe not in the prodigal way that Orso was but special none the less. After months one to one verbal communications teaching and practical one to one weapons control. Jason found himself being trained as a marksman under the guidance of newly promoted Lieutenant Corbet. Being trained by one of the most prestigious marksman known on Reach was a great help to Jason in boosting his confidence, after 2 years of training Lieutenant Corbet was mysteriously removed from action by a higher authority. Leaving Jason’s training unfinished but with what he had learnt he began to instruct and train new Spartans.

Recent news: January 14th 2552 being relocated to UNSC Stronghold Storm Control.

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