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Friday, 17 December 2010

BLOG: Grease was the word and signals an end of an era...

Ok, so you meet me in the street and look at me?
What's the last thing that goes through your mind?
That I do musicals, dancing and singing; I doubt you'd be the first to think that as I am probably not the stereotypical person whom would do such an event. Yet, I auditioned for Grease got the part of Vince Fontaine (Who seems to be paedophile extrordinaire, is this a comment on me?) anyway and I practised and practised until the three shows we had to do (four if you count the one to year 6's which in my eyes was probably the worst idea ever.) The end of Grease signals more then the end of what seemed to be a great show but an end to an era, us Year 13's, this was our last chance and seems as if now; it's time for us to take the final bow.

 I hadn't realised till now the impact of this showing being my last at the Rushden Community College; 7 years in the same place seeing it grow and evolve are also coming to an end. Scary, huh?

 Us Year 13's have had our last chance to do something great on that School's stage and next year it seems that we'll all be going are separate ways and giving our old hats to the newer up and comers of Year 12; we've become a bygone era/ generation already...

 And although it's sad to think that way, but not untrue at all. I've done my part sung my last song and had my last curtain call and what fine ones they were. The end isn't really the end but the start of something new and exciting I suppose; new place, new people, new face. University isn't as far off as I thought it was and that realisation isn't just coming to me now I believe, I think that evidence of that spawned tonight when we realised like Michael Jackson before us that THIS IS IT! This is us, this is our swan song and personally you're going to bloody hear it, every fibre, every sweat drop poured into something spectacular spectacular!

 Like, I said; It's sad to think that I'm now old news and that someone else will soon fill the hole I'm going to leave but I'm not going to complain because at least I've left a hole and I'm going to leave whole myself.

All I gotta say really...


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