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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

POETRY: It's Funny, huh?

(NOTES: Ok, so I was thinking of doing a little bit of soul searching in order to get HALO moving along and with my friend PAULIO and I's discussion yesterday it could be said it was hard not to but it seems, being ill and all, I'm not up for the task today and instead now I did a bit of poetry to kick start December on the authorial. For Jenni)

It's funny, huh?
That two cups not one,
Sit on my bedside table
But I sleep alone tonight
I guess it's alright for some

It's funny, huh?
How time flies by
Not one sign of slowing
Yet, I want to remember
Every bit of you and I

It's funny, huh?
That you're the only person,
Who hasn't wrote me off
And that in the grand lottery of life
I could say that I've won

It's funny, huh?
That love's done this,
Unclipped our wings
And that in all we've realised
How beautiful it is.

It's funny, huh?
That I've somehow got you
That I'm the lucky one
That you love me deeply
And I love you wholly too.

1 comment:

  1. Awwwh, this is so sweet. :)
    I love you. <3