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Saturday, 11 December 2010

POETRY: We kids move on pretty quick.

Don't say you miss me
If you don't make the effort
Because we kids aren't waiting around
We're onto the next thrill pretty quickly
Not waiting for you to come to your senses
And me, oh me, am hurt the most by your betrayal

 Cause we're growing up
In all different ways
And If you're missing it
I'm sorry but remember
You crowbarred us apart
And you're missing the best bits

So when you see us again
And You don't recognise us
Through old eyes and reminiscence
You'll be sorry
Because we weren't going to wait around
And I'm sorry

We missed you,
Then we lost you,
All our promises mean little now
I smile now because of one thing
I'm moving on now
And I soon realised.

We kids move on pretty quick.

1 comment:

  1. I really like it, I do. :)
    Growing up is a common theme, my dear brother. :P