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Friday, 10 September 2010

BLOG: Knowing one's limit!

Hi, Adderson again no stories as of yet to post just all the set up stuff and information for you; the adoring public and so I can just nimble up my fingers (Te he) to the keyboard.
 So, I've been doing a lot of thinking concerning this blog like the stories, the layout, the post content and indeed about my self and my own limitations. You see with A level homework and the like I can't exactly post willy nilly now. I can only post when I can, as I also have Halo: Reach on pre-order! So, calculating all of this into the equation related to my blogging; I've taken a leaf out of my mate Maccers' book and decided that setting myself a target is probably the best option.
 Ok, so my blog is archived weekly so my target must also be weekly.
So... here goes, this is it; my promise to you is...

"I will try to post at least two parts of a serial story a week, with a proper release date (no pressure) and everything. One-off stories will be at least once a week due to the fact I'll be concentrating on the serial and I'll BLOG whenever I'm feeling it."

That fair enough chums??
Comment and stuff if you want to with any ideas and the like cause I'm really interested in your feedback :)
So, till next time my friends... CIASSOU!