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Sunday, 12 September 2010

BLOG: Release Dates!

ALRIGHT! IT'S HERRRRRRRE! (Yeah, that's what I'm going to say tomorrow when Halo: Reach comes and then I realise I can;t play because I'm busy *sigh*)

 Anyway, just here to tell you that I've set the release dates for the first two chapters of each of my serials, I think these are going to be wicked so please, go grab your planner and a pen; note these dates down. Also, note how this is so unlike me, this is how serious this is getting ha ha.

 Anyway, again straying off subject:

  • Chapter 1 of 'Drawn Together' (the one I have the more idea's for) is set for publishing on Tuesday 14th September
  • Chapter 2 of 'Real Game' (slight name change due to the lack of imagination in the previous I thought I'd go for abit of an oxymoron approach to the situation) is set for Thursday 16th September
Ok so, I'm abiding by those deadlines also toying with the idea of doing my own Journalism pieces as I'm now also toying with taking Journalism at Aberdeen in order to live with Beans. Ha ha. (my friend Mackenzie who we're seeing off tomorrow, I'm going to miss him) Check the last Blog 'Habit & Summaries' in order to have a look at the two serials rough summaries and make your minds up on them my chumly wums! Until those Serials then... CIASSOU!

Oh P.S; probably won't post tomorrow with Reach and Maccers' do tomorrow.