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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


As soon as Halo: Reach came I phoned my buddy Paul (represented by the white Spartan on the far right) and we got so excited. Paul was bummed because his hadn't come but it's a fricking awesome game the graphics are stunning, forge world is immense and the customizable Spartans are a god send. Who hasn't wanted to design a fricking Spartan since playing Halo!?
 So you have me in the green, Maccers orange and Paul white as always. Addz, Mack & Wolf if you follow the service tags, now I'm loving Reach so far and I haven't even played that much but what's getting to me is how hard the fricking game actually is! It's so damn hard! Like MAJOR HARD! Legendary is impossible in some scenarios and there's parts of you that want to scream and die and in the words of the great Maccers himself scream "OOOOOH YEEEEEAH!" at the top of your voice cause as soon as you respawn, facing A.I. So, the games frustrating awesome but frustrating and now I can't get my limited edition content because Halo: Waypoint crashed on me and now I can't get my elite armour or my Falcon Avatar accessory what a douche. 
 However, I'm not slating the game it's epic and with a bit of training (and less lag cause everyone in the world's playing) I think me and my two good friends are going to OWN on this game. Like the ultimate team of Yipeekaiyay! Me the rookie; Maccers spraying and praying; and Paul's lone wolf crazy stuff. I think it's going to be a gaming experience to remember!

SERIAL STORY: Drawn Together I - Love

(Author's Notes: Wow, dude... this is big. If you haven't experience my writing style before you should be informed that I like to start out with a tiny passage called "Author's notes" just some explantions into where I get my ideas maybe a little anecdote or two but hey-ho! This is my FIRST story on the Authorial, not just any story but the DEBUT of one of my first serials Drawn Together, this story is a bit of a play on words really I just hope you enjoy reading it as much as I'm bound to enjoy writing it. :] Ciassou!)

 She sat down at the table, with her phone by her ear chatting away to whom ever was down the line. It was a bright, sunny day that day at school, the sun shone and it's rays tickled the bare skin of those who ventured out into it's embrace. However, the girl still sat poised, on the phone chatting away occasionally flicking the ginger fringe of her two-toned hair out the way of her eyes and laughed to the phone. She stared out across the landscape of the school, watching the other members of the student body and sighed to herself as she bade farewell to whoever was on the and put it in her pocket.

 She looked around, ruffled her hair and then stood up picking up her bag. She preferred solitude greatly to the jungle that was the school grounds and often found empty classrooms to seek comfort and asylum in but as she explored the school for a sanctuary, people cowered from her, hurled abuse at her and none ever came to stand by her side as her friend. The fact was, in plain terms the girl was a loner and she didn't really seem to care. she just flicked her hair at them and laughed in their face. For she feigned strength when lack of companionship was actually what upset her most in the world. She had no one to turn to, no one to love or love her. She was a pure lone-wolf in a school where loners were put down and abused for the fun of it.

 Her name, ironically was Love. She was against the social norm: strange coloured hair, clothes that made her comfy not cool; a lover of heavy music; a lover of allegorical poetry; and in fact a lover of video games and all manner of alternate things. She however, like her names sake was loving and kind and pretty but fear of the different motivates teenagers. Teenagers never like change. it also didn't help she was the new kid on the block, just fresh in from down south on the coast to the hustle and bustle of the big city. She sighed as she put her headphones in to drown out the abuse...

"You dirty greb!"
"Same old shit on a different day," she groaned barging her way past her tormentors, in a soft uncaring voice. She just wanted somewhere, somewhere to herself. Somewhere which was what she was used to before class started. So she could think, she turned into a room which by the looks of it was empty, creeping in to inspect it before finally crossing the boundary and becoming an intruder. There was a pause, nothing and then Love felt a large force crash into the back of her and send her forward past the boundary: "HEY! WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT YOU-?"
"Miss Erskiss! Ever so sorry!" came a young voice from behind the tall pile of books that somebody was suspending in mid-air "Very sorry, could you please give me aid?" Love took some books, so the poor man could see where he was going and Mr. Thurwell, Love's theatre studies teacher looked at her strangely "It's not often I get Upper Sixth girls bumping into me you know, are you alright?" Love laughed to her slightly, she looked around and the room was empty apart from the two "Please excuse me sir but I believe it was you who did the bumping." she shot him a cold stare and sat down.  The teacher laughed "Looking for a sanctuary are we?" and left Love to ponder the thought, she did and the bell rang. Time for art.

 Love sat alone in art, at the back, out of the way and just did as she did best, sketch, doodle you name it and the girl could do it a natural with creativity. she never listened just got on with her projects mostly based on her own poems or that of her favourite poets. She looked around as the music once again screeched in her ears and she smiled. She was enjoying herself ever so slightly, the end of the lesson was getting nearer and with every second her canvas became more and more her imagination. A step closer to completion. 

 The teacher had other plans though, she stopped the class of 10 and made them look towards the front SMART board. Written in huge letters was the word "PERFECT" Miss Gameandwatch smiled to her students and began in her usualhigh pitched dramatic manner: "Class can any of you tell me what 'Perfect' is?" No one put their hand up and Love not bothered with her teachers dramatics just carried on with her work, her and Miss Gameandwatch were not the best of friends "Miss Erskiss?" Love took one headphone out of her ear and looked toward the teacher paint brush in hand, she looked around for help but no one came to her aid "What's Perfect Miss Erskiss?" 
"Something without flaw or blemish, something lovable and never dislikeable."
"Very well explained Love, very poetic and this notion is going to be your independent project.-"
"All our projects are independent." sneered Love.
"Well Miss Erskiss, your new project is about PERFECTION! I WANT IT BY NEXT WEEK YOUR DEFINITION OF PERFECTION ON CANVAS!" Miss Gameandwatch danced out the classroom after that and Love pulled a face that could only spell confusion. She'd never thought about what could be perfect in her life, she'd like to not be alone. For her, that would be perfect...