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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

BLOG: CALLING ALL SPARTANS (I.e Reach playing wannabes)

Well, well, well another blog in such a short space of time? Madness I say! Nay, it is a ploy, a ploy, a ploy! No, it's just me sending out a shout actually to all the Halo: Reach players out there whom have taken a liking to my fan ficiton idea, I know you're out there...

The thing is a team of four or five Spartan's isn't going to be enough for my fan-fiction we're going to have to see more Spartans (or Spartan IIs) within the fan fiction with cameos from Noble Team, Keyes, Halsey and many other special guests. We need some more Spartans, it's fair enough to say. So all you Halo: reach players now have the opportunity to become a cameo character in my fan ficition.

 Here's all you have to do friends, fill in this form & leave it as a comment on the blog with your Spartan's picture (available from or send me the form and picture as a Facebook Message:
Service Tag:
Rank: (Can be any Rank or Live rank not too fussed)
Ability: (I.e jet pack etc. Sprint and Dodge are universal and do not count)
Primary Weapon: (Only one rule: can't be covenant weapons)
Secondary Weapon: (Only one rule: can't be covenant weapons)Grenade Type:
Specialism: (e.g: Communications, Recon, Close Quaters. You get it?)
Biography: (Totally up to you guys)

BLOG: Well, Well...

Hmmmmm, well it looks as though I got my dates wrong once again dearies; I got all excited for releasing a Serial and now... it's not till tomorrow nevermind, nothing to do tomorrow. Excited for tomorrow though, not only do I teach almost all day and especially with my gifted and talented year 10s on this awesome Drama piece but it also marks one day till I go see Yashin with my best friend Paul and my girlfriend Jenni. Good times.

Hmmmmm, well well and apologies dear people for not being around on Sunday, was very busy busy getting back from Paul's, Paper-round and the like y'know how it is nowadays. Places to go, people to see and life being ever so fast that one can never slow down.

 A good example is Paul actually the dude hardly sleeps, he's concerned he'll miss something (not that he's trying so hard to level up on Reach recently) which is fair enough but I'd die without my bed. Yum, bed.

 Anyway besides the point, well does this blog even have a point really? As in really? suppose I'm just wasting time, putting off work, reminding myself and you that this is here really. Need to network. May also write a story tonight as our own fictional ending to Measure For Measure by Shakespeare. Dave's taking the Zombie Apocalypse route. I'm thinking more Pokemon battle to the finish a bit of sex here and there (F'nah! F'nah! for you Drewster) and maybe the death of one or two people whom really annoy me (Isabella be ready villain!)

Anyway, Ciassou guys. Add's out until his works done! SKA-DOOOOOOSH!