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Sunday, 26 September 2010

SERIAL STORY: Real Game Level 2 - Tutorial Level

(Author's Notes: Dudes sorry it's late, I know it was due out yesterday but I'm ill, still am ill. It's horrible, there was orange snot involved and my head is pounding so if you don't like this chapter or think qualities gone down please forgive me. I love you all and don't mean to upset anyone.)

 Corey's head spun rapidly still as he began to wake, he could feel the cold embrace of metal against his skin and the roar of some sort of engine all around him. His eyes took a while to even open and then they began to adapt to the black, he looked at the frame which surrounded him; it was some sort of cage and he could not find evidence of anyone else within the strange room. "Hello...?" was the only word he could muster his body still lead thanks to the tranquillizer, he tried to move but the frame kept him in check. He was trapped.

 However, Corey could now hear whirring of sorts coming from the darkness. The big mechanical sounds got louder and louder, making Corey feel more and more on edge until he realised that the floor was actually moving. It had split in half and was separating let light fill the chamber and blinding the boy. When he once again opened his eyes, his heart began to race as he realised he was flying through the air! He screamed, cried for help but nothing came to him. He quietened down. It was here that Corey Larrs' life seemed as if it was going to end trapped in some metal framework after being dropped out of some sort of flying vehicle after being abducted from his home after being made to wet himself. "How lame..." he said to himself with a blank look in his eyes "Still a virgin too..." He began to make peace with himself, no prayers just a small recap of everything he'd ever done.
"Welcome to System Test 5.0"
Corey's head rose to meet the voice "What?"
"Corey Larrs' A.K.A Xbox Live Gamertag Collarus, Gamerscore 90,000 now candidate 7654231 apart of System Test 5.0. You have been chosen to test the most advanced weapon on the planet called the system; you've been injected with 3 highly concentrated doses of A.I capable Nano-bots which are now synchronizing with your body," the voice was coming from all around the room and had a robotic feel to it. Corey tried to free himself but the voice continued "Please do not struggle you are a precious commodity the F11 Corporation, the system will allow you to download abilities once out of your reach and allow you to construct things out in the field. These features will only be available once your Nano-bots have enough experience..."
"So like, once they've levelled up?"
"Yes, very much so 7654231. You will soon be shock dropped onto F11 Corp's testing facility were your primary objective is to kill the other 21 testers."
"Yes, kill Mr.Larrs."
"and if I don't?"
"You'll be trapped on the Island forever or the nano-bots will kill you themselves. It is the only way to earn your freedom."
Corey looked down at the jungle that was sailing by his feet, it was taking him a while to process what was happening around him, he gulped and continued to think on it. Although, the more he did, the more he realised he'd been dragged into a real life Xbox live player match. "Mr. Larrs are you ready?" asked the computer rather politely as the cage began to lower itself obviously preparing for "Shock-Drop" Corey closed his eyes, took a breathe and sighed "I believe so."
 The cage shook violently and then there was the sound of clamps being removed and before he himself knew it, COrey LArrs was hurtling through the air down towards the ground...