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Monday, 27 September 2010

BLOG: Being ill is boring...

So I've been all this weekend and still am today, admittedly I feel better today then the previous days of infliction and I had a nice time with my girlfriend Jenni nursing me back to health. One thing about illness though, it's boring. I bloody hate being cooped up in bed all day, I can sleep all day (I don't choose to though) but sitting up in bed with all the blockages, the aches and stuff is not my definition of fun and you know it's gone bad if in such a state you can't play Halo: Reach on the Xbox and withdraw to doing your homework. 
 Oh how I've missed blogging these past couple of days been busy, then fell ill and my illness resulted in a late serial which is bad. Bad Adderson, I'll punish myself later. 

 So, I'm still bored, been going over my Halo Fan-Fic though with my friends who are getting involved too, seems we're gunna try and push this one further then any other before it. I already have the first two missions for our fictional team "Tartarus" planned.
 Oh yeah!
We renamed the team Tartarus after the Greek mythological prison for wicked souls; considering all these Spartans in particular are failed team-players or have some sort of problem it fitted and the teams almost done just need Leeroy to hurry, and then I'll post mine.

 The deadline for profiles is this Wednesday so if you still want to be involved get on my previous blog "Calling all Spartans" and fill out the profile we have two takers so far: a Jack Brooksby and Tommy Turner now making cameos so, just a few more should do. 

Anyway, I suppose the boredom I felt from being ill has fuelled alot of productivity. I've done a few bits of homework too as well as blogging stuff. Meh, I'm not coming down with anything any time soon though; Ciassou! x