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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

BLOG: Spartan Roll Call Ends Wednesday

Due to everything else I've got on, the search fir new Spartans will end TOMORROW! So, I need you all to fill out the profile requirements on my old post and send them to me if you want to be in it to win it. Ha Ha!
We have two takers on cameos:

  • Turner (Tommy Turner)
  • Jonesy (Jack Brooksby)

A pilot Chapter will be released on the Wednesday for Halo: Prisoners of Reach, (with the team being called Tartarus which is the Greek prison in the underworld, the title only makes sense) a small little briefing on everything that's going to happen within my new project. I'm quite excited really and I'm quite excited thanks to the help I'm getting of people like my Xbox buddy Michael Heath, who's going to do a lot of artwork for the whole thing (I owe him a drink, if I'm honest the boy volunteered and everything) so if you see Michael give him a pat on the back.

 OK! Now, Let's talk serials! The release dates for this weeks serials are Thursday 30th for Drawn Together  and Fridat 1st October for Real Game; sweet, huh? I'm going to start putting the next issues date on the bottom of the current issue just to remind everyone and so it's more presentable. Hmmmmm, now anything else dear friends?
AH! Yes! Also as well quick question to you Reach players as well does the Grenadier Helmet have a camera attatchment?? Comment this with your answers, please it's important for the story... Thanks! CIASSOU X!