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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


(Author's Notes: Dudes IT'S FINALLY HERE! We may not be going straight into it but finally all the creative blue printing is about to be unleashed on the screens of people and dude I hope people are going to love it as much as I'm oing to. So the story follows my Spartan Orso and the journey of Team Tartarus, it's first person so hope you're ready!)

Time: 17:52
Date: January 12th 2552 (4 months and 5 days before Reach falls)
Location: Aboard the UNSC Frigate U.S.S Orchestral, Field Commander Xiang's Office

 I looked at the office door, my huge shadow cast upon it and hand sreached for the intercom. The door opened before I even hit it and Field Commander Xiang was sat in her huge chair, her lips pursed and her eyes transfixed on me. She put her hands together as I came in and saluted. "Helmet off Spartan," she ordered signalling me to put it down on the glass table "I want to look into your eyes as I tell you this." She was Chinese, obvious from the name but her features were sharp and she radiated authority. I thought it best not to try my luck. So, I removed my helmet and watched it glow in the office's limelight a sea foam green hue. "Ma'am." I said proudly as she rose from her desk.

 "So you are the infamous Orso?" she asked me, circling like a tigress gauging her prey. I scoffed the "infamous" she had aded, I wasn't that bad. Well...
"I don't know about infamous Ma'am but I am Bear."
She looked up and down "At ease Spartan." she yelled and I followed the directive. She continued to circle me twice before returning to her desk and beginning her presentation an unfamiliar logo projected infront of her from her desk. "Spartan AH92 Orso, your skills are needed on a mission of grave importance, you're one of the best communication techs ever seen in the UNSC, so, we are re-assigning you." The slide changed slightly as the name 'Team Tartarus' appeared beneath the strange emblem "To Team Tartarus as Tartarus 4." I nodded my head and ran a hand through my long brown shabby hair, which was an uncommon trait for a Spartan. "May I have...some more details Ma'am?" I asked hesitantly, wishing not to over stretch myself into the predatory hands of Xiang "About both the Team and the mission?"

 She smiled, she could see there was sweat on my olive complexion. She was truly terrifying even for a Spartan "Tartarus, itself, is a classified team of specialists or 'renegades' whom handle black ops and U.R.Os: Under the Radar Operations." she changed the slide to a map of a valley on Reach, a small complex located at the western edge which thanks to x-ray now rendering on the image was shown to extend underground to almost the whole valley "at 27:50 hours Reach time a week a go, radios went black with Tartarus. This is not good." I nodded, a lost team of Spartans was never good, especially if her 'renegade' description was accurate "They'd been sent to this ONI facility to relieve it from a local militia coalition; a holy fanatic cult against Human Bio engineering and anti UNSC raided the facility a month before Tartarus went in."

 I coughed "Sounds hot." I replied as she took a sip of water. The slide again changed and she stood up, picked up my heavy helmet with a vast amount of tension in her upper-arms and handed it to me. "Tomorrow at Reach time 01:00, you and ODST troop will drop into the North end of the Valley and enter the facility via this secret hanger..." she pointed out the location now highlighted on the hologram and Tartarus' last known co-ordinates were also displayed "I want you to find Tartarus and re-establish comms with them as well as join the team. Are we understood?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said taking the helmet and putting it back on my green eyes now covered by my visor "Not meaning to be rude but..." I paused "What makes you think they're still alive?" The commander smiled and I looked shocked "Those boys are either skilled, stubborn or just lucky." she stopped and the presentation shut down "They're alive, I know it." she signalled me to leave and I was quick in doing so. I shook my head, I loved orbital dropping in. Just not into Suicide situations...

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #4 Sergeant Orso A.K.A Bear

Name: Orso A.K.A Bear
D.O.B: 3rd September 2531
Age: 21 
Ethnicity: British-Italian
Service Tag: AH92
Rank: Sergeant
Ability: Armour Lock-up
Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: DMR
Grenade Type: Fragmentation
Specialism: Communications Technology & Tech Support

Orso was sold to the Spartan III project by his desperate Mother whom was secretly dying of cancer incurable due to late diagnosis. On November 7th 2531 at two months old, Orso (which translates to “Bear” in Italian) was taken by ONI scientists out of the women’s care and to a secret laboratory.

 Years later, “Bear” as he became commonly known for his kind nature outside of battle and his grizzly nature in combat, showed great aptitude when privately tutored. His specialism became communications after he self taught himself the UNSC standard course in less then three weeks (standard course completion time 2 years) and corrected many mistakes enhancing it and then using his skills to spy on almost the whole of the base but most importantly the female populace including a video link in their showers. By the age of 9, as well as showing great prowess in active combat and having his communication talent discovered; Orso was set into the private tutelage of UNSC Black-ops communication specialists in order to enhance his skills. His abilities grew exponentially. Subjected to the pain-staking modifications now perfected by almost limitless ONI funds at 11, Orso was one of the youngest surviving Spartan III candidates…

 With continuous training and working as a consultant for all UNSC branches in Communications Technology. Bear was ready for active service by 16, the enhancements augmented further due to his body under-going puberty and still not even complete. Thanks to this Bear grew to be huge, even for a Spartan. He was in the field as soon as possible doing covert Black-ops work such as sabotage, setting up communication lines and quietly dealing with insurgent dens.

  Even with this impressive record, Bear soon became a liability. Chauvinistic, loud and with confidence mostly taken for arrogance Orso found himself being transferred to a Team called Tartarus which even with his skills was nothing but a void…

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #3 Lieutenant Johnathon Corbet

Name: Johnathan “John” Corbet
D.O.B: 10/07/2512
Age: 40
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Service Tag: H463
Rank: Lieutenant
Ability: Hologram
Primary Weapon: DMR 
Secondary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Grenade Type: Frag
Specialism: Marksman, Pilot, Covenant Tech Support

Karen Corbet (Johnathan's Mother) died at child birth. Johnathan's Father was a UNSC officer who was KIA (Sgt. Erik Corbet). Sgt. Corbet's Best friend Sgt. Keyes was with Karen at the birth as Erik Could not be there. Keyes then decided rather then make the boy another war orphan to take him to Catherine Halsey. Halsey let John be taken aged 5 to be part of the SPARTAN II Program.

 Johnathan (now H463) excelled greatly in the training exercise Capture The Flag against Tango Company, Despite that fact he was quickly exiled by most other Spartans as his efforts would have cost the team many casualties had that not been a training exercise. Now Exiled by most of the others, Johnathan was only interested in being the most revered marksman in the squad.

Johnathan was one of the 33 to survive the SPARTAN enhancements and now with 30 Spartans dead; Johnathan had lost nearly all of his few friends and after that he went off the rails making him near impossible to work with from then on.

After disciplinary action for “dissent” Johnathon was moved to the Underground team called Tartarus; John became their new marksman and his suicidal tendencies fit in well on their covert missions. He was automatically instated as second in command because of his rank but this is not a task he actually enjoys nor indulges in. 

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #2 Sergeant Rodriguez

Name: Rodriguez (A.K.A Rod)
D.O.B: Unknown
Age: Mid to Late 20’s Unknown
Service Tag: M24
Rank: Sergeant
Ability: Jet Pack
Primary Weapon: Portable Chain Turret
Secondary Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Grenade Type: Standard Fragmentation
Specialism: Heavy Weaponry 

Rodriguez has grown up on Reach, his parents were scientists involved in the Spartan project and submitted their own son to become a Spartan. It was pride that drove them, the prospect to be proud of both their son and their own work. So Rod aged five was subjected to the pain of the Human Genetic Modification that came with becoming a Spartan. 

 In training Rod's preferences always lay within something big and what did lots of damage so he was put into the Spartan: Heavy Armour Unit and trained to wield heavy weapons and demolitions with proficiency. He was a natural and he became a leader within the Unit sought on for both personal and strategic advice. He was respected and he himself respectful. He had become the perfect heavy armour soldier...

 However, while Heavy Armour Unit (H.A.U) was out on patrol after chat over the comms indicated a large, anti-Spartan militia gathering at the beachhead; Rod would see true horror unfold before his very eyes. The chat was a trap, H.A.U had been fooled into going on patrol and by the time they came back Heavy Base was gone and Rad's parents whom were also at the station to not only monitor him but the rest of the H.A.U Spartans were found among the blaze almost burnt beyond recognition. Rod snapped. He became a renegade lone wolf psychopath bent on revenge. He began modifying his own armour and weaponry and was soon out on the field sporting a brand new motto "If I start spraying you better start preying that I don't hit you." And that was to his allies!

 Rodriguez's suicidal and reckless tendencies earned him a one way ticket to top secret Black-Ops outfit Team Tartarus and is now the longest serving member in the "cursed" team as well as becoming the teams Heavy Weapons specialist thanks to his old experience at H.A.U.

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Tartarus #1Captain Cyph3r

Name: Cyph3r
D.O.B: Unknown
Age: Late 30’s to Early 40’s Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Service Tag: WOLF
Rank: Specialist Captain
Ability: Active Camoflauge
Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun & Machete

Grenade Type: Fragmentation
Specialism: Close Quarter combat

Abandoned as a child, Cyph3r never knew his parents and grew up on Reach alone on Swordbase. It wasn't until a local militia attacked the base and they found the boy. The rebels trained him and gave him the name Wolf for his ability to work both alone and as a team member. He became the militia's secret weapon: The ultimate boy soldier. However, it wasn't destined to last as the UNSC was sent to intervene in the militia's activities and Cyph3r was taken as a prisoner of war...

 Now Wolf didn't care much for authority but after losing a huge amount of friends and calculating that all he'd ever done was fought, he couldn't handle civilian life. So he defected and was put into the Spartan Project and was genetically modified to become one of the best Spartans to ever exist. With a lofty battle record: including serving alongside the infamous Master Chief.

 In combat though, Wolf was still a militia man with no respect for rules, authority and a want to get the job done no matter what. Wolf was soon in military prison for disobedience. He thought personally, that he was never going to get out. It was in this prison that Wolf was visited by top brass and handed the captaincy of a new top secret team for "psychos and misfits" like himself as they said. 

 Apart from this vague description of his life not much else is known about Captain Cyph3r/ Wolf...

BLOG: Spartan Conscription has ended! It's time to get busy!

Hola, well it's time to say this now: SPARTAN CONSCRIPTION HAS ENDED!
Dude, man, holmes that's so relieving and quite exciting at the same time, it means I can start right now with a lot of posts tonight. Revised profiles, plot over view and the pilot chapter are bound to be up tonight; it's now REACH DAY! So much work to be done, I'm well up for it man!
 So, to start this is just the heads up then the profiles are up with an awesome pilot chapter man!
Anyway.... that's all I have to say out of Halo: Prisoners of Reach context just now to do one thing:

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