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Friday, 1 October 2010

SERIAL STORY: Real Game Level 3 - 1st Round Vs. Rudedude200

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: May as well do this now I can't play reach, it was scheduled for today so y'know. Anyway time to get this bad boy rolling down the hill properly.)

 Corey opened his eyes to a magical green canvas a flora and fauna, the cage unlocked and he stepped outside sluggishly; the tranquillizer still running through his veins. He got up and felt different, his whole body seemed like a new sensation as if he was experiencing it for the first time. He shook his head and made his way forward through the undergrowth and began to recollect his fate: "I've been put in a weapon testing program because I'm the best gamer in the world...right?" The trees around him began to rustle and the sunlight barely touched a surface under the canopy, yet, Corey trudged on thinking hard to himself. "So nano-machines, wow, that's weird maybe I can..."

 He stood still and looked around "Nano-bots!"
'Yes' came a voice inside his head which in all honesty freaked him out greatly. He surveyed the situation and in turn smiled to himself "I want to change the HUD."
'Yes, please specify your requirements.' It unnerved Corey to get a response but he was ready and he had thought hard about how he could adapt this weapon, maybe if he made it more game like it'd be easier for him, to make the choice. To make the choice whether to take a life to gain his freedom. "I would like a radar, motion based; a enemy status window to appear when i look at an enemy; a body damage meter to appear when I'm injured and show my own status," he paused swearing he could hear someone in the bush "and the abillity to place a marker on the nearest structure." He could feel his body tingling all over and without his authoirty it began to take control of itself, his eyes shut themselves and the unnerving voice came again: 'As you wish.'

 When he opened his eyes his requirements were there because an enemy status bar had appeared on the left side of his field of vision but not only that his vision seemed enhanced, for he could see the person whom had hid themselves as if there was nothing there at all, the shallowest of breathe gave him away and Colarrus stood ready...

"Rudedude200, I'd get out the bushes if I were you..." he said beckoning the stalker out and glaring at him as the young man stepped out of the bush a large stick in hand. Corey froze as the man poked him with it and proceeded to hit him in the chest, winding him. "Now that's not a way to speak to your elders, now, on your knees." Corey stood in defiance and held his stomach. The man growled at him before swinging again with his stick, Corey dodged, had the stick in his grip and with his left fist connected with his opponents jaw harder then he'd ever hit before.

 He knew his body was different because his left hand was not weak, he could see and feel his opponents jaw wrap around it as it shattered into dust almost with teeth flying past him. The man fell to the ground and Corey expecting more of a fight, beckoned the man to get up, waving his own hands towards him. The man stayed though, petrified as Corey descended on him. Corey's eyes looked like that of an animal...

 There were numerous whacks, numerous crunches but Corey now had the man's shirt in his hand, wiping the blood off his own hands and then throwing it other his face, the man must've been his elder by maybe 10 years, 26 was a young age to die but so was 16 and Corey didn't care to give mercy to those who were playing the sick game. He scoffed at the man now broken on the floor and smiled evilly to himself. This was not the same Corey that he had known, his whole body was being tickled by flame and shock both. His body burnt, yet felt like there was 1 million volts running through it. He enjoyed it.

Battle Experience earned, Nano Level up, upgrades available.
Colarrus didn't understand at first "Show me what you mean."
There it was, a vast network of things an intricate web of orbs in front of his face, still in the real world yet, somehow in cyber-space. He knew this was the Nano-bots at work. He looked around the web seeing abilities and weapons names written under the orbs. The network seemed to catalogue anything from fishing to Nuclear fusion. Corey's eyes blinked but the web didn't go away. This was totally unreal. He actually felt as if he was playing the best video game ever but he tried to repress the sick notion. Although he tried the more and more he saw the more and more he enjoyed it.

 He simply looked across the web until his gaze paused "Download." he ordered and a blue downloading bar actually appeared in front of his eyes...

SERIAL STORY: Drawn Together III - Answers

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sorry for the delay, my bad for putting all my effort into this Halo project because me and my mates are really excited for it man! RIGHT! TO D.T!)

 The eggs spurted and spat as Virgilio watched them cook quickly in the pan and began to scrap them onto plates, behind him was Love. Still slightly traumatised that the boy she'd drawn on a canvas last night had somehow leapt from it and into her kitchen. He laughed to himself. She frowned. The plates of egg and bacon and beans fell silently on the table.

 It was uneasy both of them sitting opposite each other, with Love still in disbelief ands taring hard at the boy whom casually continued on with his breakfast, noticing her gaze he gradually began to slow until he came to a stop and his green orb like eys met hers. She was the first to flinch away. There was no conversation but Virgilio was beginning to loose his mind, "It's hard to eat when you're staring at me like that y'know."
"It's hard to eat when a boy you painted appears in your house."
He cracked a smile, which eroded her defences until she did and they both burst out into laughter as they realised how stupid her statement sounded "Well, I'll give you that." said Virgilio taking his plate through to the kitchen "Not everyday you get a stud like me appear." He winked at her as he disappeared into the kitchen.

 Love in awe, followed him closely observing every single movement of his body taking in everything about him "Did my mother send you?" she asked watching him wash their plates in the sink. He shook his head, a look of hurt on his face, she just didn't believe in magic it seemed. "Nah, I'm not like that would rather be here just to see you, you are a beauty after all." His words sent a shiver down love's spine but she held fast not letting his compliment shake her from her goal "Then how did you get here?"

 There was an awkward silence...

"I don't know."
For the first moment sadness seemed to be in Virgilio's voice, he looked down at the washing up intensely not looking up at all. Until Love moved in closer and touched his arm gently "I'm sorry," she whispered ashamed she'd been so harsh with the poor boy who even though he wasn't showing it was just as confused as she was, it must've been traumatic being in a painting (if you're concious of the matter) and then suddenly being flesh and blood. He looked at her, his green eyes glowing brightly and her brown eyes locking with them "I never said Thank You. Thank you, Virgilio." She wrapped her arms around him tightly afraid to let go incase he disappeared. Even he seemed shocked at her sudden turn but still he embraced it all the same,turning towards her and folding his arms around her the same. "You're not alone any more, Love..." he whispered "I'm here for you."
"Thank you."
They stood in the kitchen, gripping tight onto their worlds.