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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: So we've reached the end of one mission with Team Tartarus and if you're not into SPOILERs then look away now, you looking away? Good.Well, let's just say Team Tartarus aren't even up to full strength yet. There's still a few more additions, a couple more layers, like an onion and then the job's a good one and we can move on with the story. Also, must look at the next Chapter of Drawn Together and have a little bit of an Idea for a new project. I'll talk to you about that later. So where was it we left off...?)

Reach Time: 05:33
Date: January 13th 2552 (4 months and 4 days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC/ ONI Research Facility Outpost 4-Delta 5-0.5-Charlie's Command Centre 

 The Pelican engines screamed as they set down outside, blue shields erupting from them as they put a barrier between themselves and the ever constant thunder that plagued the valley. We were still in the Command Centre with my leaning on a console, the strange brown Spartan's crossbow bolt still stuck in my shoulder. It was as if it was still burrowing through my arm, a nagging constant pain coursing through my whole body. "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS THING OUT OF ME?" I screamed towards my team mates whom were all staring blankly at me trying to remove the bolt myself "HELLO!?" They all stood still, looking down at me. I'd forgotten how big us Spartans were until that moment even if I could see six of them (when there was only supposed to be 3.)

 I looked back at my helmet, which lay on the floor on it's side with the visor staring straight at me. "Someone, anyone?" I crowed as I watched the flowing red line that was emerging on my green armour. The team still stood looking around, it was Rodriguez who bent down and wiped my long brown hair out of my face and the masses of sweat off my brow. "John, you're the medic, do something." barked Rod viciously as he watched me intently but the sniper did nothing, nothing at all. It was then I smiled and laughed to myself. Rodriguez got more irate then I did. He was up and in the snipers face who still wasn't even doing anything; not flinching, not breathing. Then it happened and the rest of the team realised what I had known from a while, Rodriguez let out a swing of his huge paw like hands at the snipers head and it made no sound. There was no connection instead John's image distorted. Crackled and disappeared. "The bastard..." growled Rodriguez looking down at me...

 I growled myself, still wrenching at the arrow. "You have to be kidding that, pant, John is your fricking medic." Cyph3r laughed at me, also kneeling down beside me. "Find him." I ordered the two still pulling at the arrow. I was getting desperate to pull it out. It sending a wavelength of pain in and around my body and becoming unbearable, I swear I could feel it still burrowing into my shoulder. I could only watch the blood running down my body. I stared at my visor. "Corbett to Tartarus."
"Nice to hear your voice too, Kiddo."
"Piss off John! Get this damn arrow out of me!"
"No can do I'm afraid, Xiang's coming up."
"You what?"
 The remaining team members looked including myself looked at one and other. "Why is Xiang coming here? Why's she not picking us up? Where's the extraction team Cy?" asked Rodriguez picking me up and wrapping my arm round his shoulder. Even I was on the tip of my toes but the two were stunned when the door opened. I lifted my head, it ached and my face grew more and more pale. I could see it in the reflection on the polished consoles. My complexion fading fast, my slightly tanned skin now draining thanks to anaemia. 

"How comes we're always cleaning up your mess Commander Cyph3r?" said a feminine voice from the door. 

 "C-c-commander?" I whimpered, feeling sick "He's just a captain..." The purple female Spartan walked in, her hips swaying as she walked and laughed to herself as she saw Rod supporting me "If you hadn't of muted all the radio chatter my friends, you'd hear about all your promotions, c'mon in girls Tartarus's got the area secure, it's themselves that are in bits." Cyph3r whom had been staring out the window ever since Rod had lifted me; turned about "Tanja, good to see you and MUSE COMPANY as always..."
"Spare me you're shit Cyph3r, we again have been sent to clean up your mess, so what happened to him?"
"Can you help him?"
"Yes, Ellen, help the kid out."
Another tiny Spartan compared to the rest of us (bearing in mind she was probably six foot one or maybe two compared to the normal Spartan whom stood at seven foot and me and Rod who even exceeded that) She made Rod put me down and she looked at the arrow "It's pretty deep T," she said "Are you sure?" I was fading fast, my vision darkening but I could still see Ellen's hands quivering. "WILL YOU JUST PULL IT OUT!?" I screamed my own grip now slipping from the arrow and Ellen's now on it almost caressing the wound with cloth to clean it.

 "He's a handsome one," I heard Tanja say as she mopped my brow "You Tartarus men are all pretty beautiful really."
"Not just me then?" laughed the newly appointed 'Commander' gleefully to himself, as Rod who had since the appearance of the wholly female MUSE COMPANY folded in on himself not saying a word. I chuckled myself, almost forgetting the situation I was in. "Orso, I need you to brace yourself, the arrow is lodged deep in your shoulder, this will without a doubt be excruciatingly painful." Ellen beckoned over Rod, who was told to pin me down. Without a word he obliged. It was then and only then that Ellen proceeded to without a second to lose yanked the arrow clean out of shoulder. I only winced slightly as it left me and Ellen put pressure on the newly formed hole in my arm. "The Spartan regenerative ability should see it healed and the blood replaced in a couple of days." The captain nodded at her medics words and knelt beside me removing the hair from my face. 

 Cyph3r was in the background with Rod, the girls surrounding me, giving me sympathy. I couldn't complain. "Is this what heaven looks like?" I asked the harem that had appeared around me "If so, can I stay, please?" there was a few giggles and the leader of the females again stroked my face "I'm Tanja," she said "Orso, was it?"
"Yes, yes it is."
"You're going to get through this."
"Yeah, I know." I said coolly feeling the regenerative ability my body harboured already taking effect, my vision stabilising and my body no longer numb.I grabbed her hand, her grip also tightened. I couldn't even see her eyes but they were boring down into me. 

Xiang then appeared. All the Spartans stood up to attention leaving me on the floor, clutching at the fresh bandage Ellen had put on me, I hadn't even noticed till I felt it.  Xiang, stared coldly as John followed her. "Well done Tartarus, it's a shame we lost so many ODSTs." she said. I groaned sitting up, still clutching my shoulder. "Welcome to newly christened 'STORM  CONTROL' this is now sole property of the UNSC and is now available to be our base of operations. I'm pleased. Good word Tartarus, MUSE COMPANY and the other army personnel from the Orchestral will also take residence here. Here comes the good news, I will be Base Commander." Rod laughed, Xiang shot him an evil look "We're looking into chasing Mallik and the Brown Spartan. For now we're going to let Bear rest."
"Bear?" asked Tanja
"Orso. It'll take two days is the estimate. That's how long you've got." Said Xiang sitting beside me "Hang in there big boy."
"Yes Ma'am."
"And Bear."
"Good work, says John and someone else is dying to say it too."
She walked out the door, I could here the personnel unloading and already beginning to work on restoring the base. I didn't know what Xiang meant at first but when Cyph3r and Rod walked up to me and sat beside me, i soon realised. Cypher ruffled my hair as he scratched his own helmet: "Well done, kiddo." 

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH: Meet Lt. Colonel Tanja

(Been having a lot of darn trouble with this; Blogger and me had to have a little chat. This is the first of a long line of Cameo characters; Tanja Pastor's. Check this girl out)

Name: Tanja A.K.A T
D.O.B: 15th July 2532
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Service Tag: T1P9 
Rank: LT. Colonel
Ability: Armour Lock
Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: M6G Pistol
Grenade: Fragmentation
Specialism: Espionage and Female Relations

Spartan T1P9 rose to fame shortly after joining the UNSC, a huge advocate for women’s rights within the UNSC and described as a “trouble-making feminist.” Her acceptance into the programme was to head up a batch of female Spartans called “Muse Company” as she was the best candidate in the pool for the job.

 Tanja was soon deployed into the field with MUSE COMPANY taking down two Covenant Super Carriers in orbit with no casualties thanks to her tactical prowess. Not only has she made the only all female Spartan squad one of the best in the UNSC; she is also the top female Spartan scouted both for Master Chief’s and Tartarus’s team rosters.

Apart from her High-Ranking Father whom raised her as he would a son, teaching her everything he knew she trusts no one but loves nothing more then flirting with the males on the bases she’s posted at and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her; using her feminine whiles  to get her way.