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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

BLOG: A Week into the block...

Tomorrow is a week, huh?
Here, we are, still storyless on the Authorial, HALO: POR and DRAWN TOGETHER still chapterless and unfinished with ideas swirling around my head like a massive tumble-drier that won't really stop. Almost as if it's filled with fog, all the ideas are there but just silhouettes in my minds eye...

 Yeah, a week of a wall inside my head.
I feel grand.
I'm fine otherwise, it's just this, the one thing I thought I'd never be able to pin down; I didn't ever lose and I've lost it kind of sucks  and everyone's adding their theory to the problem; some blame stress, some say I'm not doing my school work so I have "subconscious" conflict and all other manner of things.

 I don't know but I'm looking for the best advice to beat it; Bean's gave me a good bit a mixture of things really; ranging from walking to drinking. The latter doesn't sound to bad. JOKING, I'M JOKING! I'm not an alcoholic (contrary to popular opinion).

 It's just the thing that's beginning to worry me is the block seems to be spreading to even the simplest of imaginative tasks that you'd think wouldn't even require that much. I feel as if I can barely throw a sentence together with the thunderstorm that is rolling around in my head. Still, it's not all bad. Work's coming on I think, my note taking has become second to none and soon I'm probably going to just walk out of school, into the big wide world of Uni okay... I hope anyway.

This is something that is deeply frustrating me, something that's rocking me more then I let on and something which I don't think many people I know will understand. Not really.

 I dunno, I'm just going to have to see how things play out and then wonder about the 'why' later. Sounds like a plan; actually that's not a plan that's an aim really, isn't it? Wing it? Is what I suppose I'm going to do, hope for the best, God bless the triers and all that.

 Anyway, tomorrow also marks mine and Jenni's 7th Month together (some people may thing it significant, some may say get a grip but when you're me you take what you get) and I'm glad really, she's been a big part of my life now. Seven months is a long time to waste with someone; lucky for me I'm not.

 Ciassou! x