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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Recovery Day 2 Part 1 Noble Team Arrives

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, I've been stuck but I'm back now; hopefully better then ever. Hopefully. I need to get this story back under way!  There's still lots of stuff to do!)

Reach Time: 09:05
Date: January 15th 2552 (4 months and 2 days before Reach falls)
Location: UNSC Stronghold Storm Control Medical Wing

I sat up in my bed, bored after many hours bedridden. Ellen and others would come in and out and visit me but when they left they took the warmth with them; so against Ellen's wishes and my best interests I put my feet down on the cold grey floor. 

 A surge went through my body and I ran a large hand through my rugged brown mop of hair; I felt light and exposed without my MJOLONIR armour weighing me down and the diet of what seemed to be regurgitated food. I looked around. There was nobody not a soul around and Ellen hadn't come to check me in a while, so I lifted myself up onto my feet and stood in the room observing all around me and taking in all the things that I hadn't noticed despite spending so much time in the environment

 I looked towards the shower first and promptly washed, a thing I hadn't done for a while and embraced the refreshing warm sensation that pounded my skin. When I got out though it was cold and rather merciless. I had to quickly dry in order to stop myself from turning into some sort of giant ice sculpture. There was some clothes already available at the dresser at the foot of my bed: a set of formal wear for the ODSTs memorial; and a set of more casual garments which were what I chose. I put on the baggy shirt, trousers and shoes admiring myself in any reflective surface that caught my gaze. I liked how I looked but was still surprised they found clothes for me. They probably had to make them. I flexed my shoulder only to feel a minor twinge, annoying but more then bearable. I stopped dead as I comprehended what to do next, I was supposed to be staying in bed but I'd already disobeyed Ellen once and was still curious to this 'Storm Control'. So I thought it would be best if I went for a walk...

 I walked a giant amongst men as a made all the other people in the base look like ants; I gazed around in wonder and amazement at the huge machine that was developing in the form of Storm Control. Although surprised I could even walk, I was more surprised at the fact that this whole base had turned into a thriving nest of activity buzzing with noise and excitement as screens displayed all sorts of things and teams marched through the corridors. I laughed to myself once again shuffling my hair. My throat was dry and throbbing and I could hardly believe it was so early in the morning with the amount of people up and about the corridors. 

 I just kept exploring getting lost until I eventually saw signs for the Mess Hall and thought it time to go get a drink, I appeared almost touching the top of the door and looked into the Mess. I smiled to myself. There were so many people already around and Rodriguez shouted across to me in his orange armour, waving madly "Shouldn't you be in bed?" Cyph3r also at the table turned around and Corbett just continued to eat as if I didn't exist. I walked over exchanged a few playful blows with Rod and then turning towards the captain. "So, when do you want me Captain?"
"Commander, remember." sighed Cyph3r as if not impressed with his new rank.
"Ok, Commander."
Ellen ran across the Mess towards me and whacked me in the arm; the bad arm. I let out a yelp and the guys found it hilarious "YOU SHOULD BE IN BED!" yelled the small medic Spartan waving her hands about and again poking me in the bad shoulder.
"But Ellen, I feel fine!"
"Really?" She asked "Prove it!"

I looked around lost for a second before a voice broke the silence "I can probably help you there." said a voice I could actually recognise, I hadn't heard it in a long time but the same tones still rendered the face I was now looking at in my memory to this day. "Jason?" I asked the stranged stood in Shock armour and beaming a smile towards me. "Yes, sir." he replied "Staff Sergeant Jason K at your service." The two of us grabbed each other's hand and smiled. Jason was a very old friend, "Man, I haven't seen you since..."
"Training, after your augmentation you were away really"
"Still need your hair cut though!" he said stretching to ruffle my hair, we both laughed but I was unprepared for what was about to come next, Johnathon, got up and looked towards the trooper silently. I felt that same aura that you always did with Corbett he felt like he was about to get in trouble and the trooper had no idea what was going on but all he said was "Kelly?"

"Lieutenant Corbett Sir?" asked Jason squinting as he tried to look through the Spartan's cracked visor. "It's you isn't it?" The Spartan nodded and Jason flung his arms around him "TEACHER!" he yelled like a child at Christmas "Where have you been?" I wasn't the only one standing confused, Cyph3r was banging the side of his helmet looking lost whilst Rod looked on transfixed. "He's like my disciple." said Corbett as he pushed Jason off him.
"What are you Jesus all of a sudden?" laughed Cyph3r
"No I tutored him."
"Oh. Well that's boring." moaned Cyph3r getting up and walking towards Jason "And you know Orso because he used to train with you?"
"Pretty much sir."

The commander tapped his helmet and signalled to me "Get your armour!" he yelled flapping his arms around and so I went to put my armour back on. It stood suspended as if it was alive in a creepy glow. I looked into my visor which I noticed was now Silver. "Wow," i gasped as I noticed a few minor edits like a CHOBHAM on my leg for extra armour and the visor colour and the fact I now had more pockets "Sweet..."

 I hadn't noticed Tanja creeping up behind me as I put the inner suit on and she sat an watched me put all my armour on before saying anything "You okay?" she asked me grabbing my helmet and putting it on. "Ummm, yes." I replied nervously her tapping my helmet with her lips. "Follow me."

 I followed not taking my eyes off her. There was nothing more prominent in my vision until she led me to a huge set of blast doors; we stood in front on of them and she waited for them to open. I waited too and what was behind them was just plain awesome. Behind the double doors was a lush green expanse of trees and lakes and grass in the middle of this huge mechanical beast of a base. I walked in the room with Tanja staring upwards at the large white dome above our heads. "Just... Wow..." I whispered as Jason waved us over.

 "This is my turf, the training Forge." he smiled "It was Terra-formed here for our purposes by us for training the next generation. You guys are going to be playing the world's most glorified game...of... paint ball..."

We all looked at one and other putting our helmets on, Jason putting the paint ball guns in our hands and smiling at us as his tutor Johnathon once again called him "Kelly". It was banter for them. We looked as MUSE COMPANY formed up and also were handed guns. I gulped as Tanja took one. "MUSE COMPANY!?" yelled Johnathon almost in disgust "You're kidding right?" he fiddled with his "paint sniper rifle" and Jason turned around and smiled "No, not just them-"

"Us too." A blue Spartan stepped out the shadows and smiled, followed by five more Spartans all in MJOLONIR armour and looking straight at us, one's helmet bearing a skull on the front. "Noble Team are in the game." Tartarus all looked at one and other it was two squads of six versus a squad of four; Cyph3r tapped his helmet that and we could tell he was now psyched "HA HA THE GAME JUST GOT INTERESTING MOFOS!" he screamed pointing his gun at Carter already. You heard everyone lock and load with Jason in the middle. 
"BRING IT!" yelled the skull faced Spartan
"Yeah right, MUSE all the way..." chirped one of Tanja's squad and suddenly I stepped foreward with Cyph3r, Rod and Corbett and we all looked at our 12 opponents "You lot just argue about who's coming second, alright?"


Name: Jason K (Full last name: Kelly)
D.O.B: 26th October 2526
Age: 26
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Service Tag: TG32
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Ability: Drop Shield
Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Grenade: Fragmentation 
Specialism: Tactics & Training

Jason K was one of the first Spartan to be part of the Spartan Outreach Programme (S.O.P.) Jason is one of the first known cases of a Spartan who had dyslexia. This was very noticeable when he was younger as it was unusual for a Spartans balance to be "off". This was a case of finding his strengths and pushing them as hard as possible. 

Jason was posted at the same training camp as Spartan AH92 – Orso and also treated as special case. Maybe not in the prodigal way that Orso was but special none the less. After months one to one verbal communications teaching and practical one to one weapons control. Jason found himself being trained as a marksman under the guidance of newly promoted Lieutenant Corbet. Being trained by one of the most prestigious marksman known on Reach was a great help to Jason in boosting his confidence, after 2 years of training Lieutenant Corbet was mysteriously removed from action by a higher authority. Leaving Jason’s training unfinished but with what he had learnt he began to instruct and train new Spartans.

Recent news: January 14th 2552 being relocated to UNSC Stronghold Storm Control.