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Saturday, 27 November 2010

BLOG: The Return of the Almighty BEANS MACKENZIE!

 When you have a bunch of friends like ours, it's hard to point out a sane one. Especially when it comes to that time of the night when the boxes go on and the party chat begins. However, even with the variety we are lucky to have in our colourful group of gamers and drinking buddies; one has been missing a rather long time. We could blame him for not checking out his accommodation when he buggered off to Scotland to go to Uni to have the time of his life leaving us down here or you could blame his Uni for being a bit stupid to think that someone like him wouldn't want X box live in his room. I mean, really?

  So, there we are waiting for him to arrive, at first he says he cannot get connection so the mood in the party changes a bit the excitement disappears all except for mine because I've taken my internet timer off and for a little while feel like a hardcore rebel. We play the Split/second demo, which takes ages to load, ages to get into a game and is genuinely probably one of the few most frustrating things in this world (especially in my pent-up state).

 Then something happens, something you know means that a night of excitement is going to follow; the little grey panel appears on the screen and says one thing: "Beans Mackenzie is online."

 And so he was, he joined the party and his voice rang out like a chorus of angels to the ears (Ok, not really he was really quiet cause his Nan was asleep but let's not be picky) and with that we played on Black-ops a game you could just tell he'd been desperate to play online but because of his unonline state back at Aberdeen University has not been able to.

 It was so funny, a few matches and Tom was already "kicking ass and taking names" (yes that is a direct quote) and it seemed as if he hadn't actually been gone for as long as he had. We had such a good time playing betting matches and a bit of zombies which I must apologize for being on the phone to him and my friend Pezza (some may know him as Carl Perry).

 But in all fairness, it's hard not to miss Tom really because although the loudest voice in our collection he's also the most reasonable (except for a stoned Renuku) so it's good to have him back making us laugh and just being a genuinely lad again. He's coming back on the 18th of December, so my bags already packed. The beer maybe flowing (depending on my financial state) and I can't wait for my good friend to come back and have a laugh with us. It's going to be awesome.

Anyway, that's me done. Halo tomorrow.

p.s: Before you ask I do like using brackets (alot.)