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Sunday, 28 November 2010

ADDERSON'S VERDICT: BEYBLADE the Video Game (Playstation)

Name: Beyblade
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: 22 Aug 2003

Well, something's been nagging at me recently with my little brother has been talking about BEYBLADEs; which were in fact not his generation but mine. I was just thinking about BEYBLADEs when I was a kid. They were like the biggest thing and we used to find places to battle almost anywhere and everywhere. It was like, the life I think not a care in the world as we were kids and some media endorsed violence; it was so much fun but you could basically take them anywhere, so they were very very easy to lose. I digress, reminiscing about my violent childhood with plastic and metal spinning tops who won being determined by strength.

This is you, if you're lucky...
 Then Atari and Namco brought the battle to the Playstation. Wow! As a kid I was buzzing two things I loved BEYBLADE and Playsation smashed together in a car crash to combine and actually bring us the first ever BEYBLADE game to hit our UK shores. It kind of took the form of an RPG with the player taking their own 2D form as a female or male Beyblader and fully customizable blades that had stats with every single piece. Attack Rings, Bases and all the other parts that were involved in the BEYBLADE made all the difference as you battled your way through tournament mode to earn enough "bey-points" to makes your ultimate BEYBLADE.

The Shops always useful... when you have the money.
 Bearing in mind we're talking about the Playstation and all the BEYBLADE games from then until now's newer ones have been panned by the press. I can see why, the game is basic and long winded only earning 10 bey points every time you win with prices starting at 50 bey points. You kind of feel like this is going to be an arduous task. And winning wasn't easy, not only did you have to get through all the 2D dialogue text and probably have to sacrifice stats to fix your crumbling Bey; the fact was winning didn't actually involve any skill, the control system was so erratic and unusable that you just had to leave it to fate.

 It wasn't just that though, the graphics were poor, 2D blurry images seemed to just rattle ones cage as those with big TVs would receive a rubbish quality picture but we are talking about the Playstation 1 in a HD world filled with vibrancy and definition beyond our wildest dreams. So, if we think back these graphics were cracking especially with spinning tops moving as fast as they were in that game, it's only now in our time with HD that they aren't up to scratch...

Meet D.J. He soon gets all too familiar and annoying...
The only other thing amusing about BEYBLADE is the multiplayer aspect, sure to divide households as you shout frantically at the telly for you spinning top to keep going and not give up. I remember playing with my brother and often getting passionate about the fact, almost making it a real battle with our cheering and jeering. It seems all too long ago now but the multiplayer was rather amusing in some ways.

Cheering on your bey is common with this game.
 BEYBLADE saw out the end of an era, bridging the gap form PS1 to PS2 and retro gamers won't have it in their collection now because most people only ever keep FINAL FANTASY from the PS1; however, rubbish BEYBLADE may appear it was actually quite a good game and playing it recently to do this review showed me its addictiveness and made me reminisce about the bringing together of two colossal things in my life. However, the game was repetitive and  lacked skill and was totally comprised of luck and half understanding. It had the potential to be a lot in the future but I see no signs of this happening. So, it gets a 3A rating, around average because not only these three things but in the world we live in now... it's just obsolete but cool to come back to every now and again if you want to be retro.