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Sunday, 19 December 2010

BLOG: Christmas Time!

Well hello everyone, all the cool cats who have advent calendars would be able to tell you it's now only six days till Christmas and now it'd time to get busy busy as the climatic day approaches.

I have some big tasks set before me during this holiday and will probably in all senses of the word be; "Shattered" after this holiday but there's one thing about this Christmas that's very very special to me. It's the fact I'm actual legal to drink this Christmas and that oit's the first Christmas with my girlfriend. Which always makes things very exciting.

 Anway, to you though Christamas also means that things will be going into hibernation for a while; football clubs, other activities etc. I'm afraid the same's to be said of the Authorial after this post I'll be on Hiatus till DECEMBER 30th to recover from my Christmas Holiday wounds (in the forms of a hangover and other stupid things) as well as just to have a slight rest.

 I wish you all a very merry Christmas.