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Monday, 31 January 2011

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Joint Operation SHEPARD TheOpening Play

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Told you today would be a busy day and my laziness would spawn productivity. I dunno what it's about at the moment. I like the new Punk Goes Pop album; check it out it has Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive and Woe is Me on it. It's a good bit of tuneage. Ok...
Let's start this off!)

Reach Time: 06:00 am
Date: January 21st 2552 (7 months and 10 days till Reach falls)
Location: Tartarus Tent, Camp HERD'S REST in Espoz Desert

 I was woken up with a start; Cyph3r held out a hand to help me up in my daze and as I looked around for my helmet my eyes began to adjust to the twilight that always accompanied the early hours of the morning. It was Rodriguez in the corner whom broke the silence: "Good morning." he said rubbing his own head.

 I looked around again after picking up my helmet; Johnathon was no where to be seen and my leader as if psychic answered my thoughts instantly. He tapped the side of his helmet "Sniper team left early this morning at the guard swap; they've ambushed and taken the positions they're now waiting on us." He exited the tent followed by Rodriguez. The earliness had made me forget again that I had a job to do but what was more worrying was that it was with Tanja, the gunfire I could stand but her presence made me feel... vulnerable. I had never liked feeling vulnerable. Yet, when I exited the tent now seeing the world through my helmets silver visor she just beckoned me forward. I took only small steps towards my new team, the two NOBLEs huddled together rather then standing with the new outsiders. I gulped...

"Right, Emile you'll be driving and as you and Kat are so attached she'll be your buddy," ordered Tanja in s soft but authorative tone "Orso's driving me, remember 25 minute delay and as soon as we get the green light. Hit it, don't stop, don't hesitate, don't even think and if you need to go toilet hold it because you slow me down and I'll shoot you myself!" It wasn't exactly the best motivational speech, it did more to scare me then raise my morale (if anything could this early in the morning) and Emile seemed more focused on me. I just glared back at him half in anger the other half in annoyance. Kat dragged him away to their mongoose leaving me and Tanja alone. I suddenly got all afraid again. She turned towards me with her hands on her hips and simply asked me "Are you going to stand around all day?"
"Well, no ma'am. Ladies first ma'am."
"How gentlemanly of you Orso." she retorted walking past me towards the quad bike; this new Tanja (well not new, it was her "leader persona") would take some getting used to compared to the gentle one I'd seen before but I knew she was in there as everytime she looked at me that same feeling of being seen through was still there. Like it had been in that awkward hospital moment. She hopped on the back of the quad bike and held onto one of my shoulders "You keeps doing that ma'am and you'll get me all a fluster." I joked.
"Keep your mind on the road, you filthy animal."

 I pulled back on the throttle and the bike lurched forward, The assault team were ahead being dropped off in  civilian vehicles rather then UNSC ones; in order to not draw attention to ourselves. As the road forked ahead they went their way and we went ours seperating once again into our small units. I felt uneasy with Emile's eyes constantly boring into the back of me (or Tanja as she was on the back) but I fought through it only being mildly scared when Cyph3r rang through my ear; "Orso, it's me on the Tartarus secure channel!" he yelled making me panic and swerve slightly "Xiang says keep this open and keep an eye on the NOBLEs she has a bad feeling." I didn't like working on a hunch but Xiang had proved to be a formidable person despite her sex and if Cyph3r trusted it; I would too. The only problem was I couldn't look at Emile for too long or I'd hit him. That wouldn't be very discreet at all. Tanja held on tighter to me as I sped up to reach our destination. I must admit I liked it but thanks to my visor the smile was a private one to myself.

"Stop it Orso, you're not here to play kiss chase." groaned Corbett high above me watching the valley like a hawk "We have a job to do."

 The Mongoose skidded to halt on a ridge that over looked the whole of the valley the facility was and which we would follow all the way to our entry point in the facilities service areas. While we were parked waiting eagerly, the Assault team could be seen moving faster towards the compound only speeding up. There was no sign of them attemtpting to stop but instead a mass exodus from both vehicles before they ram raided the front of the facility with a huge explosion probably from grenades and shook the whole area. Rocks fell from above us and the explosion could probably be heard from back at Storm Control. I could hear giggling over the comms as Cyph3r's voice rang out with a sarcastic "Knock Knock?"

"25 minutes starts now get used to the rest." growled Tanja from behind me "Ready?" We could see the Assault team falling back from the burning debris of the two vehicles and taking cover behind the rock formations littered around the area.  Alarms sounded and many militia members whom we'd chased out of Storm Control emerged from the facility; there was something not quite right about the weapons they held but the pointed them towards the Assault team, I squinted and zoomed but I couldn't make heads or tails of what they were carrying. I was just to far away. Tanja squeezed me from behind and I remembered we were on a timer. I waited patiently, revving the engine every now and then as the tension mounted.

 The guard edged ever closer to the debris putting out the falmes quickly; you could see Cyph3r give Rod the nod of approval and Thom and Nora followed suit they engaged the fire crew without mercy mowing down the unsuspecting team easily. It was when fire was returned at them that all hell broke loose. Pink spikes whizzed by Cyph3r's head and he swore prefusly "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON THEY HAVE COVENANT WEAPONS!?" Blue blobs stuck to the rocks that the team hide behind blowing the former boulders  into tiny grains of sand. I gulped and I'm sure the others who wanted to be in the Assault team suddenly retracted that wish. "Xiang," I asked my communicator "Is there something you aren't telling us because somehow, they have superior tech and they're monks and farmers?"

 The colonel didn't reply but Holland took the time to gloat to all of us that he was superior in this moment "It's a research facility into Covenant tech; it has a weapons cache." Tanja growled at Holland and I thought about Xiang; it seemed as though they'd sent us into a trap knowingly. I grasped at my throttle "How long?"
"7?" Tanja answered confused
"5," gloated Kat in the same manner as Holland.
I growled and looked at the Assault team, Rod giving the enemy hell every time they decided to poke their heads up. Cyph3r and Carter were looking at each other in a heated exchange as well as blowing off a head or two when the need arose. It was only three minutes till the end of the opening play, the majority of the force was reported to be repositioning towards the front gate. We were drawing them in, the snipers picked off a head or two at their own leisure. It almost seemed lazy. John even let out a yawn and a cheeky comment "You know, I wish I was on the ground now."
"You really don't!" yelled back Cyph3r ducking "Orso, shouldn't you be moving by bloody now?" I looked down at my tactpad and without a second thought pulled back on the throttle and led the way to the back entrance. The opening play was over and it was time both sides made their best moves...

BLOG: Today's set to be a busy day...

As you can see today has been a day of... business. Is that even a word? Anyway, no one cares as today is a day that I have alot to do, alot of birds to kill with many stones. Or less stones? Dammit, I'm confusing myself all of a sudden it's because of the Monday Musings it's thrown me off. I hope you guys liked it but to tell the truth; I've in fact wrote two sets of Monday Musings. One for here on the Authorial the ORIGINAL home of my creative and blogtastic writings and for me and my friend Paul's project:

 And... I apologize now for the mass amount of self plugging that's about to happen but me and my mate Paul had an awesome idea; I recently if you remember went into gaming journalism with a site called GGS. I liked the work, I really did but I don't think I'm a writer for them anymore. Nevermind, it's not a massive deal. It wasn't my sort of place and not my sort of party; what I want to do now is with JAG. I want to write truthful gaming news, from my perspective, a gamer's perspective not some bullshit politically correct crap.That's what JAG's about.

So, what's JAG all about; well bearing in mind it's me it's probably going to be slightly funny, slightly awkward and involving alot of mixed media such as videos. It's going to fun and involve banter (in the correct context not this shit thing everyone uses wrong.) So I'd check it out in the next couple of weeks as we get it up and running. It'll be fun.

Here's the site:

 Apart from that I have homework to clear, conversations to have and all sorts.So, as you can see there may also be a POR up tonight; you see I'm in life's fast lane at the moment. So we'll see what happens tonight. HA HA!


MONDAY MUSING: The Nerd Triumphrant

Well, my friend Spyder has asked me to do a new Monday Musings section of the authorial so, here it is. The Adderson Authorial now has a Monday; now what are Monday Musings I hear you ask? Well basically what they are is my thoughts on a Monday. I dunno what's so special about my thoughts on a Monday but each to their own; I think all the time. Ok so I lied. I hardly think at all...

 Well this weeks Musing is to take the form of a "Nerd Triumphant" i.e three things that Nerds have to like in order to be part of the queue which is Nerd Culture. I was thinking that these three would be Gaming, Comics and Anime (as manga comes under comic). Well, you'd think it wouldn't you, because nerds take the time and get excited about these three things that it has to be the case. I love all three but don't consider myself a huge Nerd.

 What's more is you can see that I am an outsider from the rest of my peers because I talk about what excites me (in a non sexual way) like gaming news and new releases, or the fact Naruto's about to showdown with Sasuke in a winner takes all brawl in volume 123217321732179321 of Naruto. I dunno, it's just what I've observed these days. I think I'm a nerd, I'm not really bothered about the title; I play games, I read comics but I also listen to massive amounts of music which can be considered nerdy (i.e anything that isn't really said really fast by a black dude.)

 So, what do you do if you like these three things. I love all three and music. Is the SS going to come in the night, take me to a dark woods and shoot me. Doubt it, not because of recent reports of Balverine attacks but because the SS don't exist anymore. NO! What i meant to say was that it's not a bad thing to be nerdy, in fact it's better then being an asshole and face it people; we know thousands of them no need to add yourself to the list.

Well, this was my first Monday Musing. Hope you liked it.
Ciassou x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Joint Operation SHEPARD Briefing part 2

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: As promised a second helping of POR because of me being what can only be described as "a lazy bastard". I don't know what's been wrong with me, so I cannae answer any questions posed on me as to why. However, I will and I mean will make this a rather juicy chapter so all you fans can get those sharp fangs in. Anyway... TO THE BATMOB- oh shit I was pretending I'm Batman again...)

 Reach Time: 16:40pm
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location:  UNSC Camp HERD'S Rest in Espoz Desert

 Spyder walked off with his armour still confused as to how he was to run in the orange mass. The staff still gathered around the module were beginning to grow restless and unbeknown to the other two Spartan teams NOBLE were trying to get them to stand back. Cyph3r and me waded our way through the crowd towards the front watching Carter and Emile rudely bat back the scientists. Once we were opposite them though, there was an awkward stand off; Emile went for me but Carter (for his sake) called the skull faced Spartan to stand down. "Good boy." I mocked as he growled like the dog he was. Rodriguez came and stood between me and Cyph3r with Johnathon flanking on Carter's left. Our captain didn't look happy at all...
"What's going on here, Carter?" Cyph3r quizzed pushing his way past the two.

 Noble team didn't move and I pushed my way past Thom to see Kat knelt by the module welding and hacking away at the circuitry. "We needed to clear an area for NOBLE 2 to work in peace." he said once again hammering back a scientist who was trying to help, it was then that Cyph3r grabbed Carter as he was about to bat down a second scientist. Carter, stunned turned back to the white Spartan who was looking down at him with an aura of intense hatred. "You touch another one of these people and we swear-"
"We?" asked Carter patronizingly shrugging off our Commander "Now, let Kat work, how long two?"

"About an hour, Sir." came a reply. I laughed and looked towards Cyph3r discreetly tapping at my own Tactpad. Rodriguez turned away, sensing trouble on the horizon and Cyph3r nodded giving me the go ahead to do what it is that I had to do. And so I did. Tapping away at my Tactpad the module began to whir with life, it wasn't a practical failure at all it was software that had become corrupt thanks to the impact of the crash. I continued to give the module my attention and Kat herself couldn't understand what was actually going on, I smiled to myself: "Are you actually a proper techie, or are you some sort of joke?" I laughed as Xiang appeared on screen.

 "Play nice children." called Holland from the screen "You're going to be working together real soon, so form up!" MUSE and NOBLE followed almost instantly, while we in TARTARUS straggled into line late. Not standing to attention; not bothered about the formality. Instead we just laughed. The rest thought took the time to look at us, shake their heads in disgust and turn back to the screen. An orange blur knocked me onto the floor...

"Wow, this is lighter then expected!" yelled Spyder offering me his hand "Get up now Orso, now's no time to be sitting."  He helped me up, continuing to run on the spot. I brushed myself down looking at the new golden visor that was staring at me. "Well, you knocked me over." I groaned to myself as Xiang began briefing us on what OPERATION SHEPARD had actually brought us here for. It reminded me of when I had first met, that night on the Orchestral. Her eyes this time seemed more nervous, her face looked pale and the presence of Holland seemed to grate on her as his team did on us...

"The facility we are about to siege is a research facility specialising in Covenant technology. Chetan Woot was posted here as a scientist," Xiang took a long drag on her cigarette and the smoke escpaing from her mouth seemed to calm her the more she blew out "That's why he's here. So in order to apprehend him and his accomplice Renuku; we are going to split into mixed teams who are best fitted for the jobs that they're about to be assigned. There will be a Sniper team which will focus on recon and protect the Assault team which will knock on the front door and draw the enemy to the front whilst the Covert team will sneak in the back eliminate anyone they find and defuse a hostage situation that we have only just found out about."

"Hostages? How many?" asked Tanja
"Not sure, total staff at the base is 170 so expect around that." replied Holland
The rest of us looked at each other, a lot of people wanted to be apart of the Assault team. You could see it. The look of anticipation in their body language, the fidgeting signalling both fear and excitement. The rush of combat we'd been "programmed" for. I shuffled I could guess what was happening next, Xiang was about to announce the teams and I wouldn't be on the Assault team, I knew I'd be in...

"The Cover Team will be lead by Tanja and consist of Orso from TARTARUS; Kat from NOBLE; and Emile from NOBLE." said Xiang watching all four of us group together. "Tech's will be important if you're going to get in, cover them." I looked at Kat who already hated me for fixing the module in the first place and Emile who was already growling at me. It was Tanja who caught my attention longest; she stroked my face gently and giggled "Keep your head in the game... Teddy." I laughed but Xiang hissed at us to be quite, biting her own lip. "Assault will be joint lead..." there was a shock in all the Spartans left because the only Commander classes left were "Carter and Cyph3r with Rod, Jorge, Thom and Nora of MUSE." 
"Fuck." groaned Cyph3r.

"Snipers from all teams will take the positions allocated on the map." Jun, Johnathon and the MUSE sniper who'd won them the paintball game all turned around to look at the map whilst Holland suddenly took over proceedings. "PUMA Mike Mitchell will serve as a general purpose team member floating between all three teams with intel and most importantly medic Ellen of MUSE." As all the Spartan's turned around to look at him Spyder stopped running and Ellen sheepishly moved towards him "Carry her on your back-"
"You what?"
"Carry her."
"I'm PUMA not HORSE! How come Rod isn't carrying her."
"Because I'm on the front-line Spyder."
"So? You're more built for it then I am!"
"Silence!" I'd never seen Xiang as she was acting now, she seemed genuinely worried, I wasn't sure if it was Holland or not but I knew I'd never find out. I had to let it lie. It was Cyph3r and Carter (who were already arguing) who broke the hush and Xiang finished were Holland had started. "Now, your commanders will be handed miniture briefing packs displaying important information and locations. Take heed and listen. Be safe." The screen went black as the two Colonel's disappeared...

 The four teams (if you included Spyder who already had Ellen on his back) split off to isolated corners. Tanja sat us around a fire, the lake water reflecting it's dancing glow. Emile grunted and Kat huffed as she turned her head from me. The sounds of Carter and Cyph3r already fighting was alot more appealing then the awkward silence I had to endure being part of my team. I would have traded in a second. "Right, whatever's happened ends now," yelled a passionate Tanja "Your mine now and I have a job to do got it!"

"I'm going to get fucking killed..." I groaned.
"Not with me around Teddy!"
"Why do you keep calling me that."
"Well, Bear. You know."
"When you two are quite finished." coughed Kat, checking her tools "So Captain what's the plan?" With that Tanja opened the brown envelope she'd been handed and smiled as she spread two diagrams and a letter out on the floor. The first diagram was of the structure with a red line showing our route and a green star which was our goal that looked straight forward. The other was the route of how we needed to get to the back ventilation system in which we would enter. Tanja found the letter more interesting though. She read it out to us even though Emile wasn't paying attention.

Covert Team,
                       Your mission is to use the two routes described in these diagrams to defuse the hostage situation within the structure. You will flank round on mongooses 25 minutes after the Assault team engages the enemy. The sniper team will keep you covered. Be warned that a SPARTAN presence is indicated in the hostage facility. Treat as hostile.

Good luck.

"What no kisses?" groaned Emile "Kat, let's get out of here. We'll meet you tomorrow." As he went to leave a menacing tone came into Tanja's voice. "You better Emile, or I'm coming for you myself." I shuddered and Emile left. Nothing was said until Tanja turned and looked at me "Rest up, I would if I were you. We're going to need you."
"Yeah, Kat is pretty bad."
Tanja then left before I could ask her to stay. I looked down at the floor, removing my helmet and allowing my brown hair to flow down towards the floor too. I didn't move. nor stir until Spyder and Ellen sat either side of me with Cyph3r across from me. "She talks about you all the time." said Ellen cheerfully "She's glad she's got you."

Spyder and Cyph3r both pointed towards their crotches and I pretended to throw up. Ellen looked confused, she obviously didn't get the "male talk"...

BLOG: Censorship 0 - Adderson 1! FTW!

Well, I said at the top of my last volume of POR that Facebook had blocked the authorial for racy and inappropriate content. Someone had reported the authorial; a bit sad when you see the stuff that's said on Facebook itself in the form of statuses and stuff.

 So, yesterday they unblocked it after I appealed. SO, I WIN! HA HA HA HA!

 Censorship has got nothing on me; I mean, there's nothing really wrong with what I'm talking about. If I was posting hardcore pornography or stuff of a obvious sexual nature then yes, I would understand peoples concern. The odd swear word here and there though is not a massive deal. Surely?

 Well, all I know is I have WON! The authorial's back on facebook and we're all good to go!

Also, before I go, Sorry about delays. I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment. Seems as though I don't want to do anything! So as penance, watch this space POR fans...


Friday, 28 January 2011

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Joint Operation SHEPARD The Courier Conundrum

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well, well, my work has been deemed to racy for Facebook - hang on - all I do is swear have you seen kiddies on FaceyB chatting to one and other? I mean, dang nabit! It's more racy then any language I've ever used! WHAT IS THIS ANGEL WINGS!? Anyway... to the story!) 

Reach Time: 16:30pm
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location:  UNSC Camp HERD'S Rest in Espoz Desert

 The tent was stifling as everyone began to leave the tent, Spyder first and quickly retuning. He seemed to babble uncontrollably on his quick return but I didn't actually catch any of it. Instead I stared intently at Johnathon still silent after the crash. The sniper lost in his own self did not notice my prying eyes, my stare went unnoticed and as I went to leave he did not even attempt to move. I couldn't leave him, while the two of us were alone I felt an uneasy knot in my stomach. I gulped. I moved towards my team mate, a trembling hand outstretched. "John... John..." I prompted "John, we need to move..."

 The blue Spartan sat frozen. Still no one had come for us; just me and Corbett still in the tent. There were a few noises outside, I felt unsteady as I continued to edge forward. Not that it stopped me at all. I was almost touching him and he was still blissfully unaware of my existence. Not a sound, nor shudder came from him. It was me who gulped and shuddered. Me whom stared from behind my silver visor and hoped to God that this strange phenomenon with Corbett would end. Then it happened, all too quick...

 The blue Spartan snapped from his daze had me in his grip, not allowing me to move from the tent. I gripped his hands but he said nothing instead looked at me and all of a sudden yelled: "I've done it" I've bloody done it?" I let him go on, unsure of what he meant and still he shook me to the point where I may actually hit him. "I bloody did it!"
"Well," went on the sniper; a sudden calm to his voice and his hands still gripped onto me despite my struggle to leave the tent "The first shot I should've ejected you guys because-"
"Well, it was a 99.9% chance of a hit. So ejection should've happened but I dodged it."
My face behind my visor lost all feeling and possibly went ghost white. I pushed the pilot off me, growling as I did so "Then what the hell happened the second time? What have you done!?" Corbett sighed and sat down looking at me, rooted to the spot in a fear that I didn't have till a few seconds ago. I could've died flying. That's why I hate flying.

"Well, I grew complacent but threw my calculations involving: wind, our position, predictions, possible positions, possible weapons and-"
"For fu-!"
"So they must be having rocket teams on mongooses!"
"You heard."
"Screw this." I stormed out slightly annoyed at Johnathon, I didn't quite know what for though; was it the fact I almost died up there or the fact the reason a key member of our team had turned mute was because he was too busy trying to think up excuses as to why he got shot down. I'd never know but on the river side, it was quiet except the buzzing crowd around the module that Spyder had managed to salvage from our falcon. I could hear it buzzing and fizzing and many a shouts. I could see the Spartans all standing to the side casually from all the camp staff. I walked towards them, only to see a confused courier circling around a cylindrical container...

 Cyph3r was laughing hysterically as Spyder wandered around the container, a look a sheer bewilderment on his face. Rod shrugged and Johnathon came moments after me and did the same. Spyder though, just circled like a hungry lion. "What am I supposed to do?" he asked us "What, is this?" I walked forward and saw that the package itself was actually addressed to Spyder. I looked around me at the Oother Tartarus members and Cyph3r tapped his helmet. I was now confused too.

 The courier proceeded to pace until I thought he'd make paths in the floor, he murmured to himself in and out like Cyph3r would and the rest of us looked on half bemused. "I never receive packages." he said to himself checking the tag once again "But it's mine, so, what am I supposed to do with it? I can't deliver it to myself... can I?" with that he picked the box up and began to delivery process; to himself. He'd swap sides of the container as to the giver and receiver of the package. I watched and deduced that when he was on the left he was giving the package and when on the right he was receiving. A warped conversation soon followed...

"Hey Spyder! This is for you."
"Why thank you Spyder, on time as usual."
"No problem Spyder, hope it's something good."
"Yeah me too."
"Well, lots of work to do. See you around Spyder!"
"Yeah, thanks again Spyder."

"Bloody hell," Spyder groaned putting the case down "This better be worth all the fucking hassle I tell you!" I looked back at Cyph3r who was still crying with laughter: "So, it's not just you then is it WOLF." The captain shook his head and simply replied "I guess not BEAR."

 The courier tapped on the containers access panel and it began to open, from inside there was a white glow and MUSE now joined TARTARUS to see what Spyder had received. He watched most intently like the rest of us as smoke actually bellowed from the package and small fireworks, confetti and party noises erupted from it. Inside was a note. What this note was attached to though was a brand new set of MJOLNIR armour. It was orange with a gold visor and whistles rang out from the expectant crowd. It was Spyder though who broke the silence and took the note in hand. He looked the armour up and down before reading the letter out loud. "Dear Spyder... yadda yadda... for your efforts... bullshit's some of that new fancy armour stuff... yadda bull yadda... you are now the honorary TARTARUS 7."

 Seven? I thought to myself, I was only four. There was only four of us but I guessed if Spyder was only an Honourary member they just gave him that number. I clapped, Cyph3r still laughed and Rod and John seemed indifferent. If this mission was going to be as hard as everyone was making out it was a good thing to have an extra pair of hands. Especially Spartan hands. Tanja nodded at me and went towards the crowd. Cyph3r was busy congratulating Spyder who's new service tag was PUMA. We were all animals now, it figured. The occasion almost made us forget that we had a job to do but silence fell as conversations ran dry.

 Spyder looked at the armour again before pacing backward from it. He looked it up and down and up and down. I didn't understand what he was doing. It was only when he turned around to me that I finally understand "One question," he asked me nicely "How the fuck am I supposed to run in that?"

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

BLOG: Addition's to the Authorial - The Monday Musings!

 In honour of Mike Mitchell, our friend Spyder. I'm going to start doing a MUSINGS every Monday. Just a bit of a thoughts and feelings article that can range from Women in the kitchen to Barack Obama. I just think it would be a bit of a nice change of pace, something to put on this Blog save POR and some nice bonding time between me and the public.

 Apart, from that expect a review of Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief and more POR. Should be fun fun fun!

Poetry too.


P.s: Going Gym today so if I dont post for a while I'm ever paralysed or dead. Bad times.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well with all this, it's time to set up, the interlude seems cool, so now now it's time to move on! Well, well... HERE WE GO!

Reach Time: 15:51pm
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location: Espoz Desert (En Route in WARTHOGS to UNSC "Camp HERD'S Rest")

 I didn't look at Tanja as she focused on the road, I was too busy trying to brush off the black ash and soot that blemished my green armour. Cyph3r, who was next to me was also patting himself down. The Warthog behind us had a silent Corbett, he hadn't spoken since the incident and without being able to see behind his visor we couldn't tell if he was in shock or not. Rod though towered his arms over the windscreen frame and his helmet was off, letting the wind whistle through his hair. He'd steal a glimpse at poor John, but still neither said a word.

 I looked back, Cyph3r too and Carter quickly decided that the most appropriate greeting to Cyph3r's attention was a middle finger. Cyph3r turned his head back at me "Did that mother-?"
"Yes, yes he did." groaned Tanja, watching in her mirror "Will you two sit still?" I suddenly felt embarrassed. Her  armour caught glimpses of the sunlight and kept reflecting into the mirrors. A problem when you you have bright coloured armour. The same even happened to my silver visor, so I took it off, the helmet sweltering still from the crash. My eyes aching at the now unrestricted sunlight. "Darn it's bright," I groaned towards Cyph3r who was now asleep beside me, snoring. It was enough to make my ears bleed. However, Tanja, ever on her guard noticed me. She was extremely aware. Probably something that earned her, her Captaincy. She laughed. "I don't know if you've noticed big guy but... you're bleeding."

It was true, on both counts. I hadn't noticed but once I ran my gloved hand over my face a ruby substance was now present upon my finger tips. It was like a sick sparkle on a dark hand. "Ouch." I groaned again still slightly dazed from the crash. Tanja though, managed to keep her eyes on the road as she passed me the medical kit from the passenger side. "Clean yourself up, don't want to go messing up that pretty face now..."
"Excuse me?" I replied
"Oh, nothing." she chuckled watching me dab myself with the cloths. It was all to obvious that I had no idea what I was doing and Cyph3r snoring next to me made it all the more harder to concentrate on my wounds. It was also beginning to become a bumpy ride. "You want me to come kiss it better for you Orso?"
"No thank you." I said sarcastically. It was then Cyph3r decided to wake up, I thought that it was because kisses were now up for grabs. He took no time to think of something: "If you're offering I have this throbbing pain on my crotch area!" Tanja stopped the car suddenly making the both of us lunge forward. I hit my head and Cyph3r somehow (and ironically) his crotch. "No Cyph3r, just no." The two of us were rubbing our injuries (Cyph3r's a little more unsettling then mine) and looked around us. "We need to get out now anyway."

 The driver leapt out and left us to ourselves and I was tempted to follow but I couldn't leave my Commander wailing in the back seats holding his balls. So I helped Cyph3r up and Rod and a silent John came and stood beside me. "What happened?" asked Rod, sceptically pointing at the white wailing Spartan. The two of us laughed and we dragged him to a tent. Spyder was already waiting...

 "What the fuck happened to you lot?" He asked, feet up and a mug in his hand "Tea anyone, oh yeah you guys have another letter." Taking a slurp of his tea he threw me the letter and somehow, I caught it. Cyph3r was still wailing so I took it upon myself (with Johnathon still playing Mute) to open it myself. Rod had kicked back and relaxed, while I read the letter wrote in exceptional handwriting:

               Due to new confidential classifications now surrounding the team, new service tags are to be put into immediate effect. From now on you will be known:
Cyph3r = WOLF (to remain the same)
Rodriguez = BULL (From M24)
Orso = BEAR (From AH92)
Corbett = RAM (From H463)
this service tags will prevent back searching and links to yourself. Immediately effective.  Have fun.

- Xiang 

I looked at the piece of paper and repeated it back to the squad. The three nodded and I just looked at my name "My name means Bear..." I pondered.
"No one knows that." Said Rod.
"No one gives a shit." yelled Cyph3r getting up. We all looked at one and other. It was Carter who interrupted the silence "The teams have been announced, better go look."

Thursday, 13 January 2011


(Author's Notes: So let's get it on. Damn you fillers, just damn you!)

Reach Time: 15:30pm
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location: Espoz Desert

 The blades of the falcon where picking up speed and the green plains  just continued to flow past like a mighty river. I had a great view from my seat but it was hard to concentrate when I realised something, Mike or "Sypder" as we'd come to know him as was twitching repeatedly. His leg just seemed to bop up and down continuously and so quickly that it blurred. I thought I was the only one to notice. However, Cyph3r himself leant forward towards the courier and grunted "Dude, are you ok?"

"Me?" replied Spyder.
"Yes you."
The courier looked as nervous as me almost but he wasn't nervous but instead like Cyph3r he was just rather bored. They both exchanged a look, a troublesome look, then turned to me. I gulped. A sense of great delight emitting from the two as they shimmied closer to my side of the Falcon. I closed my eyes, nervously thinking the great soaring vehicle would tilt with so much weight on one side. Opening my eyes though, I saw it was steady and looked towards my commander. "Anything I can help you with Boss?" The white Spartan tapped his helmet furiously as the courier prompted him on. Whatever it was they were planning was going to mean a lot of trouble on my part. Although what Cyph3r asked me was easier said then done. "I'm bored." he groaned Spyder still prompting heavily "And an in flight movie may help us out so we were wondering if..."
"If I could hack the command module to pick up TV signal...?"
The commander nodded at me "Good work Orso. You'll make a good team member yet."
"You what?"

 When I agreed I didn't quite know that they wanted it done instantly, I thought I'd at least be able to ask Johnathon to land but instead, hundreds of feet above the ground; unfastened and in an open-sided vehicle I would have to do it myself. There was a long unsettling pause as I made my way to the terminal from my seat, not a word seemed to be spoken. They watched me expectingly as I dropped onto one knee, sweating. I hated flying anyway, this was a huge leap in facing my fear. As I worked away; I felt every twist, every turn and every shudder that hit the Falcon. Rod said nothing but shook his head at me as sparks flew from the module. "This....there... blue wire..." I commented to myself as I worked. I kept going rearranging wires and tapping away at my tact pad until Spyder gave a huge shout of excitement "IT WORKS!"

 I'd never moved so fast, before they could even thank me I was back in my seat at the gun tightly fastened and holding on for dear life once again. "Thanks Orso." was all I could hear around me as I tightly shut my eyes. Get me the fuck out of this death trap! was all I could think. The program buzzed and made a racket in the back of the Falcon and eventually everyone did turn to watch it. Corbett may have been watching it too, if the same principle for the briefing applied to the TV. But the buzzing sound that pierced the whole teams ear drums soon drowned it out and the screens flashed red with ALERT and ATTENTION. "John, what the fuck is going on i was watching that!?" yelled Cyph3r grasping on as John manoeuvred wildly. I gripped onto the gun, shaking as the Falcon bucked and dived. "JOHNATHON!"

 It was then that a force smacked me me straight in the face, a rocket screeched through the air and exploded only a few metres away from us. The light blinded me and the heat baked me in my green metallic suit. "Shit!" I yelled trying to find our attackers. Nothing, I couldn't see anything and Rod as well could not lay an eye on our ghostly attackers. "JOHN FUCKING MOVE FOR FUCK-!"

 I felt another vault forward and saw smoke on my side. The rocket had hit our engine and we like in all my worst nightmares about flying were about to crash into the hard earth below. We hadn't seen them coming and as we nose dived towards the ground Cyph3r and Spyder were screaming at me to jump. I was frozen in terror though. I didn't move and I didn't reply. There was a huge metallic thud, a long skidding sound as we tumbled upside down and rolled leaving parts of the downed Falcon behind. Then suddenly... my world was black....

 I knew I wasn't dead because being dead wouldn't hurt as much as this did, my eyes adjusted and my head spun wildly. I could hear flames and voices in the distance; I looked up. Cyph3r stood over me black marks all over his armour, his visor had my reflection in and he offered me a hand up. Standing up proved easier then expected and as I stretched out my wounds I saw Cyph3r and Rod had both made it out. Johnathon kicked his way out of the cock-pit behind us but Spyder was nowhere to be seen. "You OK Kiddo?" asked Rod putting a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at the giant Spartan "Yeah, yeah sure." I picked up my rifle. Cyph3r had Corbett on his shoulder but still surveyed the wreckage for himself.

"Oh," muttered the Commander to himself "He had potential as well, I mean he was a good guy." Cyph3r then dropped Corbett onto the floor and tapped his helmet. The wreckage moved...
It moved again...
And then a third time...
The fourth through it burst open revealing a very angry courier holding the mobile commander module under one arm. He was growling to himself as he looked at us. "You fuckers!" he growled "That is the last time I ever get in ANY vehicle, EVER!" He didn't notice how bewildered we were as he ranted; not that he was alive but that he had the module under his arm. We continued as we should to listen but in the end Rod had to stop him. "Why have you got the module under your arm?" he asked politely.
The courier shrugged "What, this?"
"Yes, that."
"Oh well... it's nice. Isn't it?"

 All four of us laughed loudly; "Bloody hell Corbett." was all that seemed to come out of my mouth laughing proved too painful. Cyph3r though looked at his tact-pad and then at us. "Not far to go, stop kissing each other's boo boos and start making some tracks. We're on a mission." Johnathon got himself up, he seemed quiet. Rod just brushed himself down and grabbed his beloved turret whilst Spyder was gone. He'd obviously gone ahead. I knew he was speedy but I didn't even notice him leave, I felt quite odd. I hadn't even noticed. "Orso, you coming?"

 Rifle in hand I just scuttled forward towards the team and began marching with them, the sun was going down. You could say it would be a bad idea to go on through the night but Cyph3r though, looked determined. We'd been walking for hours before he finally stopped, sat down himself and then started tapping his helmet repeatedly. The others all went about their own business but me, I was curious. The commander had hardly said anything, nobody had. It could've been the shock from the crash or the fact he was up to something and I was prepared to think the latter. 

"Tartarus, it's Spyder!" came a voice through the comms.
"Spyder!?" I yelled back at the voice.
"Yeah! I'm at camp now, I told them the situation. Warthogs are on route now. See I'm good to you!"

Cyph3r laughed "That makes my smoke signals idea redundant then!"
We looked at each other for a second and then laughed along. I think we were just glad we survived really. Brushing ourselves down. We waited and waited. It was a while before the warthog lights interrupted our conversation and Tanja stepped out with Carter. "Anyone call for a lift?" she joked helping me up and also brushing some dust off. "Hey," I said sheepishly "You ok?"
"Me?" she asked "I'm fine it's you who's a state."
We both laughed until I winced with pain and she escorted me back to the warthog. Cyph3r was already there and in unison we both took our helmets off and looked at one and other.
"Is it always going to be like this Cy?"
"I bloody hope so!"

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

BLOG: Well...

Hmmmm, I'm getting a lot of pressure for stuff. Prisoners of Reach may take some time to get up because I'm too busy thinking of stuff and the fact that I have alot of other writing commitments at the moment with my position with GGS and school. It kind of sucks cause I miss the authorial. I have too much to do man...

Anyway, there will be some HALO up this week (it's just when that's the actual question.) Anyway, if anyone's looking for tunes to listen to the get your ass on youtube and check out City and Colour - Home. It's good chilling music, I like it and listening to it right now is kind of nice.

Anyway Ciassou... x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

BLOG: A New Year, A New Apology Regarding POR

Yeah, it's a New Year. It says so In my archive list; there's now a little 2011 section and if you click on that it says January and if you click on that it then it has a little bit that says 5 and well that's all the proof you need. That however, is not the reason I am here writing this. I'm writing because I have something to say or admit rather; that I know I spell crummy and I often get things wrong and that sometimes you guys find it hard to believe I'm actually a good writer but...

 I messed up big time on Reach, in fact the whole time line I was going for is now screwed! There, I said it. The destruction of reach begins on the 30th of August.
That's not three months from January so now there maybe some delays in POR as I try and sort the problem out by thinking of new ways to extend the story and so on because 8 months is ALOT of bloody time!

Sheesh, well... CIASSOU!

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Joint Operation SHEPARD Briefing part 1

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: The first new post of a new years, sounds pretty tight and now it's time to get back to the action with the Tartarus boys! Also after this... I have an apology. So, here goes...)

Reach Time: 13:30
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location: Sword Base, Helipad

 Corbett was still shaken as me and Cyph3r made our way across the helipad towards the giant and the shivering pilot. I looked at the floor. Not a word to the others. Although Cyph3r was in high hopes and it wasn't until he spoke that we also noticed Sypderman had joined our party: "Why, Hello again..."

 It was when he looked towards me, I looked up "You really have to stop following us." was the only response I could muster and the courier simply brought out his package. It was a large piece of machinery with a large, flat screen. I recognized it. Cyph3r however, had no idea as he circled the device swearing as he tried to figure out what it was. "What the fuck..." the commander groaned "I don't understand what the hell this is...?" Rod scratched his helmet. Johnathon began making the preparations to leave and Mitchell, the courier, handed me a clip board and pen. "Xiang addressed it to you said you'd have to fit it." I took the pen and signed the pad watching Cyph3r through my silver visor still pacing around the machine. "So you know what this is?"

"I do sir, yes."
"Well, what is it?"
 I surveyed it myself, tracing my fingers around the screen before answering my superior "It's a mobile command unit. You fir it into most UNSC vehicles, save Mongoose quad bikes... that would just be awkward." Rodriguez laughed and Cyph3r too, sniggered to himself but he was still more interested in the shiny new toy we were about to install. He danced around as I took it apart, giggled gleefully as I fit the pilot module in the cockpit and then once I installed the screen in the back; purred with delight. "Do you think we could get TV signal on this, pimp my Falcon style?" I laughed. Cyph3r though was deadly serious and even our courier acquaintance was interested in the possibility. I, however, could not actually grant their wish. I had to shatter their dreams and actually explain what the module did. "It's for communicating with base, i.e Xiang, while in transit. It can be used for..."
"For?" beckoned Cyph3r
"Briefing... videos."

 Johnathon let out a small "yipee" from the cockpit over the newly reinstalled PA system. The fact we had this meant that we were about to be sent on a new mission; the fact we had this meant that the briefing was actually imminent. It was. The screen flickered on before I even gave it the go ahead, Xiang's face on screen but not alone, with her was Colonel Holland. Noble Team's babysitter. 

 "Tartarus, meet Holland. He'll also be helping during this joint operation."
The colonel said nothing, only nodded at us and we weren't at all impressed. A simple "Hello" would've been nice but apparently, Holland, was not much different from his team at all. Instead, he was just a normal person in a fancy white uniform. Xiang looked nervous with him present on screen and we watched her light her cigarette to calm her nerves. Cyph3r growled uneasily at the screen. "Orso, if you'd please upload those disk into the drive..."
instructed Xiang "Halsey, wanted me to have them." I wasn't sure how she even knew about the two discs but I followed her orders inserting the tiny squares into the slots on the terminal. The console whirred, it then ejected the extra two screens that the module contained and Johnathon, in delight laughed as all three screens were now displayed holographically on his pilot's HUD.

 Xiang surveyed the data she was receiving; scanning relentlessly. The whole of Tartarus looked towards the screens and Spyder who was only supposed to be a temporary addition to the group had copped a seat for himself. "I love movies, what is it? A horror? A comedy?" Scowls met his questions but not answers and Xiang after looking at the data herself began her briefing...

 "As you can see, we have two sheep missing from the flock that's why this mission is called JOINT OPERATION SHEPARD-"
"Oooo! Metaphors now."
"Be quiet Cyph3r!" Xiang replied to the cheeky comment form the Commander. Holland just rolled his eyes at us, coughing suggestively as he did. It ground my gears. Xiang though continued: "We will be teaming up with MUSE and NOBLE to capture these two Spartans and return them to Storm Control," our carrier sighed taking a long drag of her dwindling cigarette and looked at me, I wasn't actually sure if she was looking at me but her eyes buried behind my visor looking at me, naked, bare and alone. "You will be assigned mixed teams and briefed by your team leaders on your team's individual mission. Now, take Sypderman with you and go to this area... Camp has been set up there for you with Muse and Noble waiting."

 The third screen held a location in the Espoz Wasteland. A small, run down facility had Mallik's men posted all around it and they worked hard like bees for their Queen buzzing with activity. I just surveyed the picture. Thought to myself and clambered onto the Falcon's gunner seat as I was before; Rodriguez copied me and Cyph3r and Sypder both mirrored one and other leaning back, rifles on their lap and their legs spread out almost filling the whole of the passenger area. It was then suddenly that Cyph3r, almost jumping out of his seat looked towards the courier suspiciously and asked a question that none of us had thought of.
"How did you eve get here?"
"I ran?"
"Well, yeah..."

 The propeller blades began to spin quickly kicking up dust and blinding the workers littered around the area. We just looked around and I hardly said anything. 

"Hey Orso." whispered Rod, nudging me "Cheer up. That Tanja bird's going to be there at least. You dirty boy." I laughed to myself: "Yeah, I suppose."