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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

BLOG: A New Year, A New Apology Regarding POR

Yeah, it's a New Year. It says so In my archive list; there's now a little 2011 section and if you click on that it says January and if you click on that it then it has a little bit that says 5 and well that's all the proof you need. That however, is not the reason I am here writing this. I'm writing because I have something to say or admit rather; that I know I spell crummy and I often get things wrong and that sometimes you guys find it hard to believe I'm actually a good writer but...

 I messed up big time on Reach, in fact the whole time line I was going for is now screwed! There, I said it. The destruction of reach begins on the 30th of August.
That's not three months from January so now there maybe some delays in POR as I try and sort the problem out by thinking of new ways to extend the story and so on because 8 months is ALOT of bloody time!

Sheesh, well... CIASSOU!


  1. Erm, I noticed that at the end of every post you mention Reborn's little saying. :) I don't suppose you could blog about katekyo hitman reborn? Sorry If I made you feel pressured.

  2. To blog about KHR wouldn't be a problem really...
    Just have alot on my mind at the moment with different writing commitment. So, you may have to wait.